How to Get Your Content In Front of the Right Decision Makers

How to Get Your Content In Front of the Right Decision Makers 1024 576 C-Suite Network

How to Get Your Content In Front of the Right Decision Makers

With Guest

Steven Amiel

Founder at SD Media

Look, you already know the bad news, because you deal with it every day. Live events are dead, trade shows have dried up, and the virtual ones have a long way to go. For consultants, service companies, and speakers, it means networking and lead gen opportunities are all but gone and what’s left is filtered through Google and Facebook. For retail-dependent businesses, it means fewer employees, shorter hours, and less customers. The effects of the pandemic are everywhere, and its impact can be felt at every level. The way buyers and sellers engage for research and buy services isn’t changing, it has already changed. It goes without saying that you need a stronger digital engagement to make up for all that lost in-person time, and you need a better digital strategy now, not later. But the question is, how do you do that?

Luckily for you, that’s where the good news comes in.

Join Steve Amiel to learn about a powerful program available to you that can supercharge your online presence, re-ignite your lead generation, and help you focus on producing instead of prospecting. It’s called C-Suite SEO+, and it was created to help our membership mitigate the pandemic’s impact on their marketing channels and sales. How does it work? For every advisor and C-Suite contributor with their own digital advisors page, your landing page will be optimized for SEO and for conversion. For Hero Club and C-Suite members with websites, we’ll enhance your efficiency in capturing and converting digital leads. C-Suite SEO+ is a customized digital marketing solution designed to help you sell and execute instead of spending valuable time on marketing. And since C-Suite SEO+ leverages the power of our digital expertise and the C-Suite Network’s strength in the number of members, it’s a uniquely cost-effective lead generation engine. We’re raising the bar of the SEO whether organic, technical or paid, and helping members leverage their current digital assets and relationships.