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Optimizing Your Linkedin Presence with Clickedin

With Guest

Frank Ieraci

Founder of Clickedin

LinkedIn is fascinating. It has over 575 million registered users and 303 million active monthly users.  40% visit the site daily, 90 million are senior-level influencers, 63 million are decision-makers. Everyone you want to work with is on that platform and reaching them all has never been easier.

C-Suite Network has partnered with Clickedin – who will go get them for you!

You don’t need any extra ad money, no extra marketing budget, no copywriter… to generate high-quality leads and referrals. You’ll learn how Clickedin can get you the MAXIMUM amount of connections LinkedIn allows per month, (2700) and this number resets every 30 days. And these aren’t just random connections, these are your exact target audience, people that you want to do business with and who need your services.

What’s more, Clickedin will automatically reach out to connect with those leads and when they have agreed to connect back, the software responds just like if you or someone on your team was personally writing direct messages to each of those individual people.