[DIGITAL DISCUSSION] What’s So ‘Famous’ About Famous Dave’s?

[DIGITAL DISCUSSION] What’s So ‘Famous’ About Famous Dave’s? 1024 576 C-Suite Network

What’s So ‘Famous’ About Famous Dave’s?

How does one become ‘famous,’ a BBQ Hall of Fame Inductee and America’s Rib King? That’s what we asked ‘famous’ Dave Anderson, the founder of the national Bar-B-Que chain, Famous Dave’s.

Dave is ‘royalty’ in the BBQ business and he understands how to succeed even when the odds are against you. He’s had a lifelong quest to find the best and a 50-year obsession with one purpose: to delight his guests with the most enjoyable and authentic BBQ experience possible.

Tune into this Digital Discussion to learn:

  • How Famous Dave’s got its name (spoiler: it was a typo on a business card)
  • The journey from humble origins in Hayward, WI to a national chain
  • Creating a winning formula with food and business
  • Creating memorable experiences for guests
  • Going from Pitmaster to Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs