Executive Toolkit: Delta Payment Solutions

Executive Toolkit: Delta Payment Solutions 150 150 C-Suite Network
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Executive Toolkit: Delta Payment Solutions

With Guest

Irwin Grossman,

Chief Executive Officer at Delta Payment Solutions LLC and Delta Payment Copperative Inc

Business as we know it has forever changed as a result of the global pandemic we are facing; COVID-19. Small to mid-sized businesses have been hit the hardest, especially those having to adapt to selling differently than they ever had, transforming their brick-and-mortar operations to eCommerce, telephone and mail/internet order operations. These changes can and will impact a business’ credit card processing fees, even in today’s unsettling climate.
Delta Payment Solutions could help your business during these trying times by supporting your evolution to card-not-present payments, reducing your company’s credit card processing fees by over 50% (not including Interchange rates) and improving the level of transparency and customer support your business receives.
Delta can easily and quickly provide you with an analysis of your current credit card processing, customer financing and accounts payable management situation (at no cost) and come back to you with a suggested approach for improving your structure and the amount of money they can save your operation – both monthly and annually. The C-Suite Network took this path, and it was eye-opening, causing us to implement their suggestions quickly and save tens of thousands of dollars.