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Digital Executive Roundtable: From Technology Leadership to Ultimate Business Leadership – 3 Critical Keys to IT Leadership Success Today

With Guest

Steve Lishansky

Founder of the CIO Leadership Council, Strategic Mentor & Executive Coach at Optimize International

The most successful, respected, recognized and rewarded CIO’s, CTO’s, and CDO’s know that business leadership transcends technology expertise. The key results that ensure your success start with driving, accelerating, and elevating your organization’s and business partners’ results. Your teams’ technology expertise is a tool, not an outcome – a critical mindset that everyone in IT must embrace.

Your ultimate keys to success include:
1. Becoming an Indispensable Partner in your clients’ success
2. Ensuring that every investment, agreement, and project has a strategic impact and value
3. Leading change within your organization

Join CIO Strategic Leadership Mentor, Advisor, and Executive Coach Steve Lishansky in this webinar to understand and access keys to IT leadership success that you can employ immediately. In this dynamic and engaging session, you will learn from Steve the crucial elements that deliver on those 3 keys to success above. You will also receive a copy of his CIO Leadership Manifesto.