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C-Suite Network Contributors Forum

Becoming a best-selling author is the pinnacle of success for many. However, there’s more to being a best-selling author than writing and publishing a book. What steps do you need to take that will make a difference in your book’s success?

Listen and learn as Michael Beas, Co-Founder of Atlas Elite Partners, and 2020’s Top Literary Consultant, will discuss 5 key strategies that authors can implement right now to turn their books into best-sellers. He’s made a career helping authors sell their books from the ground up, secure national press coverage, and build their brands so their message gets noticed and books read.

Tune-in to Michael and Rich “Trigger” Bontrager at the C-Suite Network Contributors’ Forum held on Thursday, February 3 @ 4:30PM ET, when we addressed:


  • 5 strategies to turn your book into a best-seller
  • How to sell your book from the ground up
  • How to properly market and brand your book
  • Breaking through the digital landscape