Building a Profitable, Value-Based Business

Building a Profitable, Value-Based Business 150 150 C-Suite Network

Building a Profitable, Value-Based Business

With Guest

Tricia Benn

Executive Vice President of the C-Suite Network,
General Manager of the Hero Club

Headlines in USA TODAY, Business Insider and CNBC predict another recession on the horizon of 2020, but consumers are pushing for an emphasis on ethical business and corporate social responsibility more than ever before. How do you build a business that creates a positive impact while safeguarding your bottom line?  Are the two mutually exclusive?

In this month’s Executive Briefing, Tricia Benn, the Executive Vice-President of the C-Suite Network and General Manager of The Hero Club, will present on her experience in value-based businesses at an executive level.

As an executive within both the C-suite Network and Hero Club, her mission is to build a platform and community that accelerates the success of c-level executives. She is a leader in creating an executive community of collaboration, based on integrity, transparency, and measuring success beyond the numbers alone – ‘The Hero Factor.’

In this webinar she will discuss her past experience developing disruptive business. Learn how she utilizes diversity to expand internal perspectives and actively create a company culture that prepares her teams for adversity in “Building A Profitable, Value-Based Business”.