Aligning HR & the C-Suite to Drive Business Continuity

Aligning HR & the C-Suite to Drive Business Continuity 150 150 C-Suite Network

Aligning HR & the C-Suite to Drive Business Continuity

Prior to the pandemic, running a business was a multi-faceted endeavor that required extensive coordination and cohesiveness. When the pandemic hit, everyone was forced to adapt to new ways of doing business. From HR to the c-suite, everything shifted and put many in a position to be reactive instead of proactive. How do we take back the reigns of the organization and ensure full alignment between HR and the c-suite?

Human Resource professionals have always been ready for a myriad of situations, but never one as widespread as a global pandemic. Adding to that was the creation of a vast remote workforce, which presented a new set of challenges. How are we driving business continuity during uncertain times?

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies being put in place to help workers navigate uncertainty
  • Shifting mindsets and increased collaborations with employees at every level
  • Tapping into an organization’s collective intelligence & values to find comprehensive solutions
  • Navigating current challenges to position businesses for success in a difficult economic climate
  • Available technologies that can simplify connection with remote teams

Our featured panel experts include:

Dan Oakland, Founder/CEO of Alternative HRD, LLC

Dan Oakland is a Senior Professional in Human Resources with a 40-year career in business operations and human resource management. His firm provides human resource management and consulting services to small and medium-sized employers in the business, non-profit and public sectors.

Jason Sigl, CFO of Sullivan, Inc.

Sullivan, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of gift and home decor products sold throughout the United States and Canada. As a complement to the wholesale business, Sullivans has emerged as a rapidly expanding online retailer and has experienced dramatic growth in its digital presence. After spending 12 years as a CFO in the furniture retail industry, Jason joined Sullivans 5 years ago with a focus on providing financial leadership to the organization. Jason serves as a member of the company’s executive team, which is focused on fostering profitable growth for this private-equity owned organization.

Rob Beyer, CEO of EarthBend and EarthBend 360

EarthBend has been distributing telephony peripherals and IT solutions to a vast group of telecommunication resellers since 1993. Today EarthBend serves as an extension of their 3,000 plus customers providing highly qualified engineers with key certifications from some of the largest voice, data, and technology manufacturers in the industry.