The Four Pillars of Great Culture

The Four Pillars of Great Culture 150 150 C-Suite Network

The Four Pillars of Great Culture

With Guest

Julie Ann Sullivan

MBA at Catalyst of Culture

In a world where employers are struggling to get the talent they need, it’s even more important than ever to create an employee experience that spans an entire life at your company; from the job posting to an exit interview. Successful businesses make deliberate choices to create a workforce that thrives on prosperity. Their focus is to create talent with the flourishing abilities of continuous growth, creativity, and a deep sense of caring. Wouldn’t you like to know how to get that done?
Julie Ann Sullivan draws from her years of business consulting and interviewing leaders on her podcast, Businesses that Care. These companies are living examples of success. They know how to design a working community that attracts and retains great talent. These organizations have four key values in common. The ability to actively listen is at the top of the list. Julie Ann’s case studies reveal practical solutions to design a workplace where people want to come to work, do their best and stay with you. Get the benefit of Julie Ann Sullivan’s years of research to create your own best place to work.