Episode #186 Bringing Sales Back Into the Manufacturing Conversation with Lindsay Duran

Increasing sales is a top priority in every business, right? Well, the manufacturing business is no different, but you’d be surprised how many businesses are making it far too complicated for themselves and aren’t taking advantage of readily available data! In this episode, Lydia DiLiello speaks with Lindsay Duran, Chief Marketing Officer of Zilliant, about bringing sales back into our conversations within manufacturing. Lindsay is responsible for accelerating growth strategies, demand generation, product marketing, corporate communications, sales enablement, and market positioning, and she is also the co-host of the Zilliant podcast, B2B Reimagined. Today, you’ll learn how you can use data to more effectively price and sell your products, as well as the benefits of digital transformation and implementing proper data hygiene practices. Her advice: don’t just give your salespeople reports; give them specific insights backed by data! Tune in for more practical insights and words of wisdom from sales expert, Lindsay Duran!