Thomas Donohoe: ’80 percent of companies are doing the bare minimum to be seen online’

Legislatures on the right and the left are mostly agreeing that it’s time for big tech to breakup, but Thomas Donohoe, author of The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook, disagrees. He joins Bold TV to talk to GenBiz and the C-Suite Network about the digital marketing space and what might happen to Google and Facebook. Donohoe’s new book takes a dive into the truth behind digital marketing. He says that 80 percent of companies are only doing the bare minimum when it comes to being seen online. With consumers increasingly finding and buying online, baseline digital marketing isn’t enough. Facebook and Google hold the majority, nearly 60 percent, of the digital marketing space. Donohoe tells GenBiz and the C-Suite Network that to break up those companies makes advertising less effective and less efficient.