Tanner Chidester: ‘Building a million-dollar business takes sacrifice’

July 10, 2020

About Tanner Chidester: ‘Building a million-dollar business takes sacrifice’

Who wants to be a millionaire? Many of us do, but not many of us will make it. So when you see a young millionaire, you wonder one word: how. Tanner Chidester is a millennial and successful founder of two companies. Now, he runs Elite CEOs and consults with owners of any online business. He chats with Bold TV and C-Suite about the challenges and the sacrifices that come with being a young entrepreneur. But sometimes, the hard work pays off. And building a million-dollar business does take work. Sacrifice is the name of the game. First, you may have to sacrifice your time. When you start building something from the ground up, you work a lot. And running the entire operation consumes time. Second, you sacrifice financial stability. In the beginning, Chidester worked as a server so he could pay rent. After his shift, he’d work on his small business. Third, you may sacrifice a thriving social life. Many young entrepreneurs say they traded parties and dates for work. And Chidester moved back in with his parents at one point. Finally, being a young entrepreneur brings criticism. But working through all of these sacrifices is important to success. Check out more advice on Bold TV and C-Suite.



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