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=== SUMMARY === 🚨🚨🚨

Chad Keller, digital advertising entrepreneur and real estate marketing mogul, joins us today on Making Bank. During this episode, Chad explains the nuts and bolts of his digital marketing success and how it led to his booming real estate empire.  

Chad’s first major venture as an entrepreneur was as an Amazon seller after connecting with a marketing expert at a startup event. When he tapped into Facebook advertising and discovered the lucrative potential of digital marketing, he ran with it. Since then, Chad has consulted for e-commerce companies, created his own e-commerce agency, co-created Marketer Hire, began investing in real estate to flip houses, and co-founded Motivated Leads with Bryan Driscoll.   

In combining his expertise in digital marketing and lead generation with his investment ventures in real estate, Chad realized he had the upper hand in an industry that still heavily relies on direct mail marketing. All of his success, he explains, came from “taking shots” over and over, even when he failed along the way.   

He also discusses how marketing and human psychology are linked, the many directions digital marketing could be headed, and the importance of spending time with his family and peers that continue to inspire him.  


Highlights in this episode:  🚀🚀🚀

✔How Chad became an entrepreneur by discovering what he didn’t want to do  

✔Why marketing is all about human psychology  

✔How to find what you love by taking risks and failing  

✔How Chad’s boredom with the stock market led to flipping houses  

✔Is direct mail still a viable marketing strategy in real estate?  

✔Why organization and structure in your business are the keys to enjoying time with family  


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To contact Kevin David:

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Website: https://marketerhire.com/

Website: https://motivated-leads.com/

Website: https://growthstackers.com/


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