Myman: ‘A New Way to Protect Your Data and Privacy’

November 27, 2020

About Myman: ‘A New Way to Protect Your Data and Privacy’

Have you ever been talking to a friend about something, or searching on the web then suddenly see an ad for that exact thing on your social media page? It’s a little scary, and social media and other online services have been tracking your data for a while now. Join C-Suite and Bold TV Host Philip Michael as he talks with CEO of DatChat, Darin Myman, to discuss the issue of data tracking and how DatChat is designed to keep your privacy safe. Part of the big reason that all these web platforms are free is because you are the product. Your information is sold to companies to use for their own products and services. However, when people say that these companies are tracking you, there isn’t a person on the other end stalking every person in the world. It is all computerized with AI and thousands upon thousands of pieces of code going through each and every scenario of choices people make. According to Myman, one of the ways they track you is by linking your IP address with other affiliated IP addresses. So, if you do some research, suddenly your spouse or kid can receive the ad for what you searched. Learn more on C-Suite and Bold TV.



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