Mike Rowe – Host of Dirty Jobs

A Romp Through the ‘Dirty Jobs’ sewer with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

From center stage to the bowels of the sewers (and other places), Mike Rowe has done it all. You may know him from his flagship show “Dirty Jobs,” now airing Sunday nights at 8 PM ET on Discovery Channel and Discovery+, but you might be surprised where he got his start. While Mike has done hundreds of dirty jobs there are some jobs he won’t do, and the reason why might surprise you. Mike also talked about the appeal of the show for viewers of all ages. In this newest season, Mike visits the Crazy Horse Memorial in Jeffrey’s home state of South Dakota and came back impressed in more ways than one. Since this is All Business, Mike and Jeffrey talk about the business side of the show and how it’s promoting and inspiring the next generation of blue-collar workers.