Michael: ‘What To Share and Not to Share on Social Media’

November 27, 2020

About Michael: ‘What To Share and Not to Share on Social Media’

Maybe that tweet should not have been sent out at that moment, or that picture you posted should not be up on Instagram. Whatever you posted in the heat of the moment, you should always remember that it lasts forever on the internet. On Bold TV and C-Suite, host Philip Michael shares what he chooses to post on social media and why you might want to follow his rules. Remember when Kevin Hart was called out and was forced to step down from being the host of the Oscars in 2018 after some inappropriate tweets resurfaced? That’s just one of several examples that remind you to be very mindful of what you post. According to Michael: seek value first, second and third, and with that wave, you engage your audience and create a safe environment. Learn more on Bold TV and C-Suite.



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