Michael: ‘Q & A with Real Estate Entrepreneur Philip Michael’

November 20, 2020

About Michael: ‘Q & A with Real Estate Entrepreneur Philip Michael’

Bold TV Business and C-suite presents the first edition of Q&A with host, Philip Michael. Philip is a real estate entrepreneur and the founder of Nice for My Company, whose mission is to create 100,000 millennial millionaires by 2030. Q&A with Phil’s goal is to answer your financial questions and to give you sound advice on what you should be doing research on in order to save and make money


Philip, if I take out a loan to buy a property, I’m nervous about being under that much debt for a long time. Any thoughts? 

“Debt is like fire. Now fire can heat your house, it can heat your food, it can keep you safe. But, if you let the flames engulf you, you can burn everything to the ground.”

“Don’t be too worried about long-term debt because it just means that you have the flexibility and predictability to use that financing intelligently to generate more wealth for yourself.”

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