Making Bank: Hacking Your Productivity with guest Craig Ballantyne

On Season 4 Episode 26 of the Making Bank Podcast we are joined by Craig Ballantyne. Craig is an entrepreneur, fitness trainer and the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own Your Day and Control Your Life. After growing up on a farm in Canada playing pond hockey and numbing his social anxiety with alcohol, Craig launched himself into networking with masters of business and learning their tricks on how to become more productive.

Craig shares a wealth of knowledge in this episode on how to build a schedule that values both work and home life, how to limit distractions, and what areas we really need to focus on in order to excel, including asking ourselves: “What would Oprah do?” Other highlights include:

✔ Becoming a better CEO by prioritizing your family over your business
✔ How to limit distractions
✔ Hacking your biorhythm and building a schedule that works specifically for you
✔ The importance of setting a sleep schedule and how to stick to it
✔ The power of rituals and how they can help you focus intensely
✔ Prioritizing. What can be delegated to someone else and what can’t be?

Grab a coffee, join us and let’s start Making Bank!

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