Gregg Greenberg – F*cking Argentina

Gregg Greenberg, author of F*cking Argentina and 10 More Tales of Exasperation, is an accomplished playwright and screenplay writer, but this time ventured into writing a compilation of vignettes based on daily life events and the exasperation levels we all reach from time to time. Even the book’s title is immersed in surreal humor of a story he once read in the Wall Street Journal about Argentina defaulting on a loan.

As someone who spent years as the lead anchor on Jim Cramer’s, Greenberg’s financial background and his exasperation with the Argentina story is what catapulted him to write the short stories in the book. He recounts that during the last year, peoples’ fuses were shorter than normal due to the pandemic and lockdowns.  His attempt at injecting humor throughout each story is a reminder that while we get mad at situations, none of those are world-ending.

During the pandemic, many people found themselves exploring their creative sides being cooped up at home. In fact, Greenberg wants to encourage everyone, regardless of the industry they happen to be in, to dust off that novel, screenplay, or masterpiece from their drawer and have the courage to put it out to the universe. He adds, “You shouldn’t let your dreams and your creative side die.” With this book, Greenberg’s goal was to make exasperation a little louder. Mission accomplished.