Dr. Gary McGrath – A CEO’S Journey

Dr. Gary McGrath, author of A CEO’s Journey: The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership – Making Bosses Into Great Leaders wrote this book to help CEOs that are struggling with being good bosses and might be in need of someone to coach them through some of the rough patches of being a c-suite leader. He says that it is very easy for CEOs to feel like they are in a vacuum with few resources to help them be better leaders.

The book dives into the fundamental parts of leadership and what is required to be an effective leader this day and age. Herein are the seven steps of leadership, broken down into three sections – steps 1-3 involve self-development, step 4 is the crossover between self and the team, and steps 5-7 involve team development. These steps allow those in leadership positions know where their leadership capabilities are. McGrath argues that leadership is based on someone’s authentic ability to tell people what they stand for – their own mission statement of sorts. He adds, “If you’re not clear about that, people aren’t going to follow you.”