Bosche: ‘Reasons Millennials Are Disrupting The Workplace’

June 13, 2021

About Bosche: ‘Reasons Millennials Are Disrupting The Workplace’

Say what you want, but Millennials are proving big changes come from big aspirations. As the largest generation in history, Millennials make up most of the U.S workforce. And not only are they high in volume but also in ambition. Most of them would rather be entrepreneurs! Above all, the workplace is changing, and it’s due in part to Millennial employees demanding more mental health awareness, a better work-life balance and, ultimately, purpose. Millennial and founder of The Purpose Company Gabrielle Bosché Joins Bold TV and C-Suite to talk about it. Bosche believes we’re moving from “a transaction economy to a transformation economy.” No longer is it enough to exchange years of work and loyalty to a company for only a paycheck, a few weeks of vacation per year, and an eventual pension. According to Bosché, Millennial employees want their jobs to make them better people. These changes in the workplace are partly due to the pandemic: Working from home has made many people realize that a healthy work-life balance is attainable, and they’re raising the standard. Learn More on Bold TV and C-Suite!



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