Auxico Resources Canada Inc (CNSX:AUAG) Ultrasound Technology Extracts Gold, Coltan in Colombia

Auxico Resources Canada Inc (CNSX:AUAG) (FRA:A0H) is an acquisition, exploration, and development company with operations in Mexico and Colombia. CEO Pierre Gauthier discusses how Colombia’s changing political environment has made previously off-limits areas of natural resources available to commercialization in the country. Gauthier explains that Auxico has developed a technology to mine gold without the use of cyanide or mercury, a chemical banned by the Minamata Convention. The company’s technology uses ultrasound assisted extraction to break up particles and speed up extraction without the use of harmful chemicals. Auxico’s technology can be used by artisanal miners, who mine 20 percent of the world’s gold. Auxico has signed an agreement with the Bolivar government, a department of Colombia, to use this technology for gold mining. In addition, Auxico has made a deal with the Bolivar government to organize commercial exploitation of coltan, a key component in cellphone production, in the region. Using the company’s ultrasound assisted extraction process, Auxico will upgrade the value of the ore by making it less radioactive.