Alex Konanykhin: ‘Checking-in with your employee in the age of remote work’

You’re an employer in the age of remote work. Communication with employees just got more difficult. You can’t just walk over to their desk to check-in. And the last thing you need is to email every employee individually to see what work they’re getting done. But you also don’t want to just take their word for it and end up behind on deadlines. There’s now software for remote work that’s becoming very popular. TransparentBusiness brings accountability and transparency to computer-based remote work. Co-founder and CEO Alex Konanykhin chats with Bold TV and C-Suite about how this business gives visibility back to executives. So, how does it work? The employer sees a screen with their entire team, along with numbers and dates. From this information, they can see who worked how many hours on a given day. The employee then has proof of the work they’ve done. The employer then has evidence that their employee is getting the job done. Check out the interview on Bold TV and C-Suite to learn more!