Adao: ‘Problems create opportunity, so take action to create your dream business’

Is it possible to launch a start-up in 30 days? Founder of 100X Academy Pedro Adao says absolutely. Businesses start in moments, and they’re built over time. At this moment in time, the world is facing challenges. But did you think you could only start a business when you’re thriving? The opposite is true! Problems create opportunity. You don’t have to wait to seize the day. But you first need wisdom from experienced coaches and mentors. Adao chats with Bold TV and C-Suite about taking action to create your dream business. Some of the biggest roadblocks to business are mental. It’s difficult to determine when the right time to launch is. People get stuck in the analysis paralysis, where they spend more time researching and thinking than doing. So Adao says get started fast. Would you rather have imperfect action now or possibly imperfect action later? Would you rather learn in theory or in action? Sometimes all you can do is prepare as much as you can before jumping in with two feet. You don’t want to let perfectionism steal your dream before it even begins. Learn more on Bold TV and C-Suite.