A Thanksgiving Thought Leadership Extravaganza

The tables are turned as I invite the community of CoronaTV onto the show. In this case, I’m mixing in some of our regulars from the zoom after show with some previous guest favorites (which are all of them of course!)

Each of my 9 guests will have a 5-minute slot to introduce the topic of their choice and then collectively, we’ll discuss. I don’t know the topics in advance; nor do I necessarily want to know them.

Our lineup includes Mitch Joel, Bruce Turkel, Mark Schaefer, Laura Gassner Otting, Leslie Laredo, Maarten Albarda, Faith James, Mike Lipkin and Bob Farnham.

Here are some of the highlights: (which may intrigue you but be esoteric enough to watch!)

Laura – Is 2020 a mid-life crisis in of itself? This forced pause. Who moved my cheese? What if I’m Vegan? 3 C’s + consonance

Mitch – Transactions are the new emotions; customer service and experience is the new differentiation

Bob – What will save the world is a personal and a corporate choice

Mike – Healthy schizophrenia; high functioning narcissist; nostalgia is longing for a time that never was in the first place

Faith – Deep gratitude; activist gratitude; fierce gratitude; entitlement

Bruce – Time compression; patterns; uncover v create; NOW normal not new normal

Leslie – Safety is the new sexy; personal community and corporate community yields competitive advantage

Maarten – Humanity is a a fragile social contract; Proceed carefully

Mark – It changed me; our pandemic v our real selves