#182 Transforming Experts into Leaders with Susan Schwartz

No matter how advanced technology becomes, people will always be at the heart of every business. Yet, soft skills, are commonly overlooked because hard skills and technical expertise are deemed to be more valuable. Through her work, Susan Schwartz, our guest today, looks to tackle this issue. She is the President of Birch River Group, a consultancy that transforms industry experts into emotionally intelligent leaders. As an experienced consultant, Susan has worked in highly technical sectors, where she saw the need for those who had graduated from experts to leaders to hone their leadership skills. Although many people are innate leaders, Susan believes that it is a competency the overwhelming majority can master. In this episode, we talk about what it means to be an emotionally intelligent leader, along with the value of being vulnerable when leading a team. You will never know all the answers, which is why it is vital to understand how to bring out the strengths of those around you. Our conversation also touches on the challenges of transitioning from an expert to a leader, some of the techniques and methods Susan uses with her clients, and the value of those who do not want to be leaders. Tune in to hear it all!