#179 Driving Change in the Engineering Field with Cheryl Texin

When working on mission-critical assets, quality and reliability are imperative, but how do you leverage a client’s experience and respect the integrity of the system while also introducing valuable new technology and ideas? In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Rosemary Coates speaks to Cheryl Texin, an award-winning  Principal Systems R&D Engineer for the Aerospace, Defense, and Government Business Unit at NI and the President of the Austin Section for the Society of Women Engineers. Cheryl shares her perspective on being a catalyst for change, not only creating value by implementing new technology within government systems but also by maintaining a strong voice as a woman in a male-populated industry like engineering, particularly in the military space. We touch on the benefit of building a network of support, how the SWE drives change in the engineering industry through awards and speaking opportunities, and how Cheryl is thinking about leadership and development in the future. Plus, she shares her advice for other women engineers: don’t be afraid to communicate what you want! Tune in today to learn more!