The Work Your Money Podcast is a business focused podcast. The Work Your Money Podcast was started in early 2016 by Michelle Wong with the intentions of having discussions that listeners can relate to. Since starting our real estate investment & development company, The WYM Group’s mission is to help other real estate investors and business owners be more fluent in running their business efficiently. Based on our experiences on running a business, we felt it was necessary to voice our insight to other entrepreneurs. In 2020, Led Bradshaw became the co-host, Desiree Dudhnath and Relisha as segments hosts on the Work Your Money Podcast airing on C-Suite. Work Your Money podcast has 3 new segments on the show. We have Desiree Dudhnath with Women & Men Who Rock in Business, Relisha Gibson with Mom Your Business and Led Bradshaw with The ABC’s of New Business. Each episode touches on a different type of businesses and the highlight of our show is bringing guests on that are entrepreneurs as they share the latest insights on business. Initially, we have a Q&A conversation with our guests. We get insight on their business, their perspective of how a business should be run, and heart to heart about the highs and lows of the business world. Tune in on C-suite to see and hear our latest episode!

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