The DEAN's List w/ Dean Lindsay, is C-SUITE Network's UPBEAT SHOW w/ the Ever-Growing List of THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW!! The DEAN's List brings you lively conversations with cool business/life thought leaders as well as business/life insight from our fun and accomplished host, author Dean Lindsay - Read His Bio Below!! Drop by often to see just 'what & who' has made The DEAN's List with Dean Lindsay on the C-Suite Network! Produced by Synclab Media. Filmed in Dallas, Texas,

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Dean Lindsay

Host & Author


With over sixteen years experience helping build PROGRESS-Based Sales Leadership and Customer Service Cultures, our host Dean Lindsay is hailed as an ‘Outstanding Thought Leader on Building Priceless Business Relationships’ by Sales and Marketing Executives International as well as a ‘Sales-and-Networking Guru’ by the Dallas Business Journal.

Dean’s three books, Big PHAT Goals, The PROGRESS Challenge and Cracking the Networking CODE have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek.  Dean’s thoughts on business development through PROGRESS-based sales and customer service have been endorsed by a who’s who of international business thought leaders including Ken Blanchard, Bryan Tracy, and Jay Conrad Levinson, the legendary Father of Guerrilla Marketing. Mr. Levinson thought so much of Dean’s insights on building priceless business relationships, that he wrote the foreword to Cracking the Networking CODE.  Dean’s honored to have had the privilege of sharing his fun pro-active business insights from big stage across the globe including: Spain, Turkey, Poland, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland,  Venezuela, Sweden and the islands of Aruba and Jamaica.

Some other stuff about Dean… he is an award-winning songwriter, a marathon runner, a founding member of the Texas Shakespeare Festival, and an alumni of Up With People, the legendary  international organization that bridges cultural barriers and creates global understanding through service and a rocking musical show (Dean’s cast was the first to perform in the Soviet Union). A couple more bits of trivia about Dean is that he served as LeAnn Rimes’ on-set acting coach on both a Hallmark Movie of the Week and on the soap opera Days of Our Lives and he played one of the ‘bad guys’ in the Warner Brothers’ blockbuster TWISTER (Dean urges you to not look to hard for him in the film however, sharing that ‘the flying cow ended up with a big part than I did.”).

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