Media for C-Suite is a short form TV show that give C-Suite executives a fast dose of knowledge on how to maximize and leverage every media interaction. Today, interacting with media is more than just talking to a reporter. It’s about broadcasts to shareholders, webinars, WebEx and Skype meetings, citizen interviews on smart phones and more. The cost of not being ready can be a painful one. Media for C-Suite is for leaders who want to know the latest techniques for mastering all forms of modern day media.

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Jess Todtfeld

Host, "Media for C-Suite" & Executive Media Coach


Jess Todtfeld, CSP, is one of the leading communication and media training authorities in the U.S.  Todtfeld helps CEOs, business executives and spokespersons to become more confident, more in control, and to create more results from their speaking engagements and media appearances. Jess holds a Guinness Record for being interviewed the most times in 24 hours … 112 different radio stations.  He as also appeared on just about every major TV network and between 50 and 100 newspapers.  His latest book, Media Secrets, A Media Training Crash Course hit #1 on 25 Amazon bestseller lists in the U.S., Australia, the UK and Canada.  To connect with Jess Todtfeld, go to :


Host, Content Provider

Jess Todtfeld

Producer / Editor

Jo Allison

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