Kevin Neff is an award-winning brand creator, video producer and television show host best known for his “outside the box” thinking and creativity. His client list has included everyone from celebrity individuals, to multi-million dollar businesses! In addition, his reputation as a straight shooter has given him the opportunity to interview everyone from professional athletes to corporate titans. And now he brings 'Kevin Neff’s Speaking of Success'™ to the C-Suite TV primetime lineup for candid conversations with industry experts, all-stars, and rock stars, (literally), as they share their personal thoughts and insights on not only achieving success, but what it actually means to be successful. All that and more in these EXCLUSIVE C-Suite TV primetime editions of his hit television show, 'Kevin Neff’s Speaking of Success'™.

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Kevin Neff



Host Kevin Neff is an award-winning brand creator, marketer, video director, producer and television show host. As the founder of Kevin Makes Sense Media and the Kevin Makes Sense™ brand, he is best known for his “outside the box” thinking and solutions. He is also an accomplished speaker and presenter who has an uncanny ability to entertain, motivate and educate, all in the same message!
Among his many accolades, his company has been the recipient of AVA Digital, Telly, MarCom, GlobalTrend and Hermes International creative awards. Kevin himself has been a past recipient of the HRCC Leadership Award in addition to being a Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award Winner.
Kevin became a best-selling author with the book, “The Secret to Winning Big”. The book was co-authored with Brian Tracy. In 2015 he released his own book “Got One or Get One? The Business Lie That is Keeping You Broke!”
In April 2014, Kevin was awarded with an EXPY® by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers in New York City. He has also been named one of America’s Premier Experts™.

Executive Producer

Kevin Neff

Production Coordinator

Jeremy Bates


Kevin Neff, Jeremy Bates


Kevin Neff

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Victor Collins


Diane Sessoms


Victor Collins, Jeremy Bates


Victor Collins, Jeremy Bates

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