Good Company is an insightful look into the business lives of America's most unique entrepreneurs. It celebrates the spirit that inspires entrepreneurs to bring an idea not just to life, but to market.

Season 1 Episodes

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Executive Producers

Dan Maitland, Scott Bedford

Line Producer

Robert Konowalow


Daniel Maitland

Camera Ops

Kevin Johnson, Tanner Wolfe, Dagan Reinardt

Associate Producer

Chase Alexander


Curtis Schultz

Production Office Coordinator

Melissa Atchley


Tommy Stokes


Hannah Anderson, Charlie Bush, Ryan Hawkins


Sandra Sedner

Sound Engineer

Kevin Cleland

Theme Music By

Paul Redel, Cory Hunter


Daniel Maitland, William Kamp III

Narrated By

Bill Mondy

Director of Photography

William Kamp III


David Franklin

Lead Editor

Andrew Kimery


Geral Reihsen

Media Relations

Callie Cady, Caitlin McNeely

Production Assistant

Isaac Stickle

Finance Manager

Bethany McGuire

Post Production Sound

Noah Kass, David Franklin, RJ Frietag

Graphics and Titles

Daniel Maitland

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