GenBiz provides young Americans access to practical know-how on C-Suite TV. These lessons are ones they rarely get from the mainstream media — how an economy functions, how public policy affects their finances and how to attain their personal and career goals. GenBiz is a non-partisan, educational initiative dedicated to providing young Americans information and resources needed to understand business and entrepreneurship and the role they play in building and maintaining our nation’s economy. GenBiz, in partnership with C-Suite TV, will help young people better understand how public policy affects their economic prospects.

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David Grasso

Host, GenBiz


David Grasso has dedicated his career to interviewing startup founders and highlighting their entrepreneurial journeys in the New York City tech space. He has interviewed thousands of startup founders on his weekly Facebook Live Show, Bold Business, which has been seen by millions of viewers. David is also a business commentator on Fox News, CBS, Reuters, Cheddar and more. He spent several years working as a bilingual investigative journalist at Telemundo and ABC local affiliates before specializing in entrepreneurship content.


David Grasso

Executive Producer

Sam Bloomquist

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