Raine Magazine presents... Behind the Raine. How does food, fashion, and adventure fit into the daily life of a Designer & Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine? Follow Nova Lorraine, C-Suite TV Host, as she travels the globe, seeking what’s new in fashion, culture and technology. Watch C-Suite TV and get a behind the scenes glimpse of what inspires her next great story or design idea.

Nova Lorraine


Website: https://rainemagazine.com/

Nineteen Year fashion industry veteran and award-winning designer, Nova Lorraine, is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine. Capitalizing on her Masters in Clinical Psychology and a degree in fashion design, Nova published a luxury lifestyle magazine that seeks the next big names in fashion, culture, and technology, to inspire rising creatives across the globe. Over her 10+ year tenure with Raine, Nova has interviewed some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs, socialites and leaders, such as Mark Cuban, Nicky Hilton, Viscountess Emma Thynn, Kendall Jenner and Daymond John to name a few.

Upon the launch of her first made to order fashion collection, Nova received many accolades for her design sensibility, including Haute Couture Designer of the Year and multiple Rising Star Nominations by the world-renowned Fashion Group International. In addition, her designs have graced the big screen, and television, including appearing on The View and Oprah, as well as in the pages of Italian Vogue and Essence Magazine, to mention a few. Her early career internships with Michael Kors and Angel Sanchez, were great catalysts for shaping Nova’s love of bold prints and classic accessories.

Nova is a mother of four, avid fitness and wellness advocate, writer, and has a passion for dance, food, and travel. She also enjoys speaking in front of both large and small audiences about navigating life as a creative entrepreneur, finding your personal brand story, and how to learn, love and live deeply.

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