Alex Vachon’s Vlog is all about creativity. As a filmmaker based in Greenwich Village, NYC, he crosses path with world-class innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, disruptors, billionaires, actors, communicators, all doers and dreamers. His video blogs aim to capture New York City's creative energy, to bring the C-Suite audience a perfect mix of entertainment and inspiration.

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Alex Vachon



Alex Vachon founded Cartouche Creations LLC, an international, award-winning media production company based in the heart of Manhattan, Greenwich Village.  Alex is a seasoned director and producer with two decades in the industry. As a freelance TV director and producer, he worked on a diverse range of French and English language television shows such as reality-based programs, as well as comedy and variety shows.

Filmed on Location

Kettle Space @ Distilled, Tribeca, New York City

Produced by

Cartouche Creations LLC

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