Old School Ideas Can Have Big Impact

Many years ago, my daughter and I were in our basement, and she found an old typewriter. She looked at it with amazement and asked, “Dad, what’s this?” I explained it was what we used before computers and keyboards were invented. We would type letters and thank-you notes on a piece of paper, without spell-check. She asked if she could play with it. It kept her busy for days.

Years later, we occasionally reminisce about the old typewriter. Technology has evolved. We’ve gone from typewriters to computers to apps on a mobile phone. I was recently answering a question from a young customer service agent. One thing I suggested was that he follow up his conversation with a customer with a thank-you note. And he did, sort of. He didn’t actually write the note. Instead, he texted the thank-you to his customer.  

Now, I wondered if the text had the same impact as an old-fashioned handwritten – or even typed – thank-you note.