Manage Smarter 194: The “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace” Episode

Leslie Short is the Founder of The Cavu Group and author of Expand Beyond Your Current Culture. She has an accomplished background that includes running marketing and PR for FUBU, serving as Corporate Operating Strategist for blueprint + co., and starting several successful international businesses.

Leslie has been developing multi-cultural/mosaic marketing and programming as far back as 1998, and in her book, Expand Beyond Your Current Culture, she
offers tips on how to think differently about diversity and inclusion to achieve
a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace. She is also a fellow podcaster with her show name, Visibility Unlimited…and you can see the video version of that on her YouTube channel The Cavu Group.


In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and Leslie discuss:

Why a long-term DEI implementation is necessary
Why DEI is not a standalone program and needs to be part of the foundation of your company
How to create a culture of inclusion
Leadership skills and mentorship goals and strategies

“Managers & leaders do not understand their own strengths and weakness and with not understanding themselves they don’t ask the “WHY” of those they work with and just assume they know the why.” –Leslie Short

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