#69 The International Customer Service Standard, with Jeremy Larkins, Customer Service Institute of Australia

This episode I’m with Jeremy Larkins, Executive Director of the Customer Service Institute of Australia. Just as the Customer Service Institute of America has the exclusive North American rights to certify organizations against the International Customer Service Standard, so in Australia, the Customer Service Institute of Australia assesses organizations to be certified to the international standard.

The standard helps organizations improve quality and effectiveness of all aspects of customer service strategy, policies and systems.


What is the biggest mistake companies make in customer service? What’s the biggest gap when you start looking at their processes?

Assuming they know what the customer wants and that they’re done. They’ve asked enough questions, but you cannot survey enough at every step of the customer journey.

Do organizations find that when they’re actually at the point of comparing how they sit against the standard that a lot of them have got some of the things in place, but there are things that they didn’t even think they needed to do?

And to even go through the process of applying for accreditation, it’s almost like engaging a consultant but at the end you’ve got a seal of approval that you can take to the marketplace and say, look at us, we are now accredited in the international customer service standard.

Should I spend money on learning and development improving the competencies of our staff?

Does CX – Customer Experience – override the old customer service term?

Understanding the lifetime value of a customer.

Another perspective is customer relationship and one of the attributes is having a customer charter

Empowering staff to resolve issues and complaints. You’ve got a revised version of the complaints handling framework.

How do you motivate frontline workers to offer discretionary effort that’s required to give good customer service,

It’s possible to unleash the customer service champion in everyone.

Customer service is everybody’s business.

Contact the Customer Service Institute of Australia: https://www.csia.com.au



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