Making Connections with Authentic Marketing with George Bryant #S6E34 #MakingBank

On this episode of the Making Bank podcast, George Bryant talks about how to effectively build long-term relationships while marketing to customers. After enduring a lot of hardship, George entered the military at 17 and started cooking paleo meals and posting to social media, garnering a large following. From there, he launched a personal brand, a book, and now consults in what he calls “authentic marketing.” He believes relationships are stronger than algorithms and has found incredible success with this model.

Listen to the episode to hear more about how your company can embrace authentic marketing, as well as incorporate the 7 successful principles of any business.

Listen to Josh and George discuss authentic marketing:

George’s Journey (3:07)

After a traumatic childhood, George entered the military at 17, where he suffered physical and mental injuries. In order to learn to cook, he started making paleo meals and posting them online, eventually garnering a large audience. Since then, he has been an influencer, author, photographer, and business owner.

Authentic Marketing (11:13)

George discusses how he defines marketing and how his approaches it. To him, relationships beat algorithms. If you feel you have a marketing problem, you probably have a relationship problem—with yourself, your people, or your customers.

He delves into how impactful relationships and people can be. If you can build connections and trigger word-of-mouth marketing, you will see endless customer loyalty and growth.

Cart Abandonment (19:25)

We’ve all put items in a cart but haven’t bought them. George talks about the difference in marketing strategies between reminding your customer of their items and offering them a gift instead. He breaks down how these two interactions impact the customer differently and illicit different responses.

Out-care Your Competition (24:10)

George chats about how he converts cart abandoners into customers. He uses their questions and incorporates it into FAQs and other content. Additionally, he talks about how by showing care and treating your customers with respect, you will outpace your competition.

Applying Digital Marketing to Real Life (27:11)

George explains how absurd digital marketing has become. If we apply digital marketing strategies to real life, we as a culture would never allow them. So why are we doing them online? This disconnect makes for ineffective and efficient marketing.

However, George believes that the best marketing goes beyond just the initial touch point. If you can appreciate connections and relationships with others, your marketing will take you much farther than simply berating someone to buy something.

7 Principles (31:41)

There are 7 principles that if a company just follows a few of them, they will be set for life. He outlines them as: listen to what the customer wants, learn or serve in everything you do, build long-term relationships, have two-way conversations not one-way lectures, leave no one behind, make it personal if it can be, and remember that everyone matters whether they give you their credit card or not.

Listen to the episode to hear George elaborate on these concepts.

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