Elijah Stacy – A Small If

Elijah Stacy, author of A Small If: The Inspiring Story of a Story of a 17-Year-Old with a Fatal Disease and A Mission To Cure It began writing his book at the age of 16 to show people how they can overcome their adversity and develop better mindsets. Despite his Duchenne muscular dystrophy disease diagnosis, he maintains a positive mindset and he says that the “small If” from his book comes from something his doctor told him when he was faced with the prospect of spinal surgery to correct his scoliosis. He adds that when you’re in a wheelchair, people often think you can’t do something, which motivates him to prove them wrong.

Stacy says that writing the book made him learn so much about himself. This book will also help anyone dealing with adversity to become more resilient, more hopeful, inspired and motivated to live more fulfilling lives and push themselves towards greatness. The book includes 13 life lessons he has learned through his diagnosis including improving his self-image. Stacy says that one of the major lessons he learned was how it was possible to see himself as a smart, confident individual capable of doing great things and not as a disabled person. His tough mental attitude can be credited to his parents. He adds, “I just don’t see the logic in being pessimistic. I see the logic in being a realist but I also see the logic in being an optimist because optimism leads to things being innovative, being accomplished…which is super important.”

His optimism is contagious, despite being diagnosed with a fatal disease that has a life expectancy of 25 years. Stacy adds that “Every adversity is an opportunity to improve your character and be a stronger person.”