Evan Sohn – Chairman and CEO of Recruiter.com

Job Hopping During The Great Reevaluation with Evan Sohn, Chairman/CEO of Recruiter.com

The days of beginning and ending your career with one company are over. According to Evan Sohn, the chairman and CEO of Recruiter.com, a company that helps organizations of all sizes find the employees they need, we’ve entered the era of job-hopping and the great reevaluation.. Evan says getting people to work in 2022 is more nuanced than “Who wants a job? Here’s a job. Go!” Companies need to start thinking like workers. If they’re open to working from everywhere, hiring managers need to be open to hiring their next great worker from everywhere. Evan says because of the great reset (or as he calls it, the great reevaluation) every worker in this economy is more valuable than they were three years ago. He adds today’s worker isn’t all about salary and a cool office to go to either. If you want to hear an enlightening conversation about the current job market, this is the episode for you.