Getting You and Your IP to Key Leaders

Join the World’s Most Trusted Providers to the C-Suite

San Francisco, June 13, 2018

We’re living in a golden age of content. From peak TV to podcasting and social media, there’s no reason to be bored. There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this momentum. At the C-Suite Network Thought Summit, you will hear from top content producers and thought leaders on how to create and protect your intellectual property. You’ll get the tools you need to make your hard work stand out and pushed out to growing audiences.



      Conference SPEAKERS

      Tony Alessandra

      Tony Alessandra

      Dr. Frumi Barr
      Author, A CEO’s Secret Weapon, How to Accelerate Success

      Tricia Benn

      Tricia Benn
      General Manager, The Hero Club

      Jim Bennett
      Managing Partner, Now CFO

      Cheryl Snapp

      Cheryl Snapp Conner
      CEO, SnappConner PR

      Tanis Cornell

      Tanis Cornell
      CEO, EWF International
      Julie Cottineau
      Founder & CEO, BrandTwist LLC

      Christopher Cumby

      Christopher Cumby
      Co-Founder of Think Bold, Be Bold Ventures
      Alicia Dunams
      CEO, Bestseller in a Weekend / The Book Funnel
      Shant Epremian
      Chief Administrative Officer, JetSmarter
      Christine Gilroy
      Head of Business Development, C-Suite Network
      Carol Greco
      President & COO, Greco Associates
      Gregg Greenberg
      Host & General Manager, C-Suite TV

      Jeffrey Hayzlett

      Jeffrey Hayzlett

      Chairman & CEO of The C-Suite Network,
      Primetime Television & Podcast Host

      Lindsey Hayzlett

      Lindsey Hayzlett
      General Manager of Thought Leadership, The C-Suite Network
      Karen Kennedy
      People Whisperer For Business + CEO, Insights To Growth, Inc
      Karl Post
      Karl Post
      CEO, Tallgrass PR

      Steve Napolitan
      Speaker & Author

      David Newman
      Founder, Do It! Marketing

      Michael & Bonnie Houlihan & Harvey
      Co-Founders, Barefoot Wine, Now the World’s Largest Wine Brand

      Kelli Richards

      Kelli Richards
      President, The All Access Group LLC
      Marco Robinson
      Star & Creator, Channel 4 TV show “Get a House for Free”
      Yitzchok Saftlas
      CEO, Bottom Line Marketing Group

      Cory Treffilett

      Cory Treffiletti
      CMO, Voicera
      Allan Wich
      Co-Founder, Think Bold, Be Bold Ventures



      ADVISORY Board

      Our advisory board reflects top leaders across a broad spectrum of industries that represent companies with revenues from $200 million to $600 billion. This board provides guidance on the program, invites key participants, and will be participating on-site at the C-Suite Conferences.