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As a former CMO of a Fortune 100 company who has bought and sold hundreds of businesses worth billions in transactions, I can tell you the ONE lesson I have learned: Success never happens alone. And it happens a lot faster when you partner with those who know the way.

There is an explosion of what I call “false prophets who promise false profits” out there — slick charlatans who capitalize on those leaders who have passion and talent but haven’t seen the levels of success they deserve. They promise 10X growth when they’ve never done it themselves! They overpromise and underdeliver, leaving a trail of unhappy dreamers in their wake with the only thing to show is “advice”.
Not us.

In Thought Council, we encourage and support each other as world-class influencers and thought leaders. We provide true counsel that comes from experience. We share in each other’s successes within our tight circle and in our wider social orbits. We drive and thrive when others are paralyzed with fear or uncertainty. We harness our collective passions and talents to deliver a bigger impact — while also adding zeroes on the end.

Let’s talk about how we can help each other reach even bigger heights. Together.
Jeffrey Hayzlett’s sales and marketing expertise, strategic growth insight and executive connections are unparalleled.

But what’s more impressive are the many ways in which Jeff generously brings out the best in every person sitting in the circle.

Some of Jeffrey’s many career accomplishments include:
  • ​Former Chief Marketing Officer of Eastman Kodak
  • ​​Bought and sold over 250 businesses totaling over $25B in transactions
  • ​​Member of five Halls of Fame including the National Speakers Association, SMEI Sales & Marketing, DMA Direct Marketing, National Association of Quick Printers, & British Association of Print Centers
  • ​​Serves on multiple corporate national Boards of Directors
  • ​​Host of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett podcast
  • ​Former U.S. Congressional House and Senate Staff
  • ​Primetime Television Host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett on Bloomberg

When thought leaders strategically generate their content,
impact—and income—naturally follow.

A Safe, Trusted Space for World-class Thought Leaders 

  • Gain crystal clarity on offering, messaging, and scalability
  • ​Become trusted source for referrals, introductions, and partnerships
  • ​Share best practices, proven tools, and time-saving hacks for a thriving thought leadership practice
  • Elevate brand authority and enhance your leadership role by serving as Faculty at C-Suite Network events
  • ​Attend exclusive events with celebrity guest speakers and influencers
  • ​Amplify your message by contributing your valuable content through the C-Suite Network media platforms

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Your Trusted Guide to Navigate Your
Thought Council Journey, Theresa Rose 

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