With a couple million social followers, Ed Mylett has become one of the leading voices in business today.

He’s an entrepreneur, business coach, author, and motivational speaker who specializes in peak performance (especially with pro athletes). He reaches millions of people through his media platforms and keynotes.

Max Out Your Life: Strategies for Becoming an Elite Performer: Ed Mylett: 9781641840293: Amazon.com: Books

Mylett is the CEO and founder of the ED MYLETT SHOW (which has over 600k subscribers on YouTube alone). As of 2022, Ed Mylett has an estimated net worth of $450 million running the World Financial Group(WFG).

Known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the public eye, it’s safe to assume and observe that Mylett exudes confidence.

But he wasn’t always so sure of himself…

In fact, as a kid growing up in an alcoholic household, he was extremely shy and lacked self-esteem.

As an adult, Ed had to teach himself how to be confident because he wasn’t. In a recent podcast episode, Mylett shares the secret for anyone to manifest self-confidence to overcome any obstacle to achieve your dream goals.

So What’s is the Secret to Manifesting Confidence?

In a recent episode with Ed Mylett on the True Underdog Podcast with Jayson Waller, Mylett shared his secret to developing confidence. It’s all about the power of one more…


The Power of One More…

The power of one more is all about the power of confidence. Ed Mylett believes that self-confidence is a reputation with yourself. If you lack confidence you don’t have a good reputation with yourself.

If you want to be successful at developing confidence, not only do you need to keep the promises you make to yourself, you need to make one more in everything you do.

Max Out Your Reps

  • Need to make 100 sales calls today? Make 101.
  • Going for a 5 mile run? Run 6.
  • Committing to reading a book a month? Read 2

While it sounds simple to the point of ridiculousness, ignore the power of one more at the cost of your success.

Because Ed contends you’re much closer to living the life you dream of than you may think. In The Power of One More, he declares you’re often only one more meeting, relationship, decision, action, or thought from leading the life you deserve.

Looking back at the #1 thing that lead to Ed’s success, it was the positive mental attitude to doing more than most are willing to.

So the next time you think about quitting, remember you’re one more action away from hitting your next breakthrough. Here’s Ed’s 6 tips to develop your confidence and achieve your dream goals.

Ed Mylett’s 6 tips to Developing Confidence and Achieving Your Dreams:

Use time to your best advantage

Change your relationship with time to boost productivity, and even get 21 days out of each week.

Approach time with greater urgency,

Learn how to control time management instead of allowing it to control you.

Live in your ‘Matrix’

Spot new opportunities by slowing down time. Viewing it differently to spot opportunities others miss (like in the movie The Matrix).

Be intentional about your habits

Your habits carry you through on days you’re less motivated or inspired to perform at your highest levels. Strive to understand your habits and rituals to apply those that serve you best.

Curate your network

Associations are dynamic, so shift contacts as needed. Look at your inner circle and be prepared to make difficult decisions when an association no longer serves you well.

Dream more

Allowing yourself to dream is the first step in creating thoughts and actions to shape your best life and move into your future instead of dwelling on the past.

About Ed Mylett:

Ed Mylett is a successful serial entrepreneur, and one of the world’s most sought-after inspirational speakers. Host of the hit podcast ‘The Ed Mylett Show’, he is the best-selling author of The Power of One More (Wiley, 6/1/22) and #MaxOut Your Life. Named one of Success Magazine’s SUCCESS 125 most influential leaders in 2022, he has spearheaded a range of ventures spanning technology, real estate, health/nutrition, and more.

Ed combines brain science, faith, and actionable strategies to help people produce real change. He attributes his good fortune to his mentors and father’s unforgettable lessons.

He inspires audiences ranging from small gatherings to mega-venues of 50,000+ attendees, online audiences of hundreds of thousands, and more than 3 million social media followers. An avid golfer and health/fitness enthusiast, Ed resides in Southern California.

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