C-Suite Network Councils are private peer groups of executives organizing to meet the challenges facing business leaders today. Councils are structured based on industry/sector, titles, specific issues and geo locations to maximize member connections and peer insights and designed to open doors across a wide range of industries worldwide.

Every month, the Network hosts ‘Council Days’ — which includes multiple executive sessions throughout the day led by each C-Suite Network Council Chair. You are encouraged to join any and all sessions to make great connections, gain valuable insights, and expertise from top industry leaders.

To learn more about our Councils, visit c-suitenetwork.com/councils/.

The Lone Star Council of the C-Suite Network has been created to specifically bring together the owners and executives of Texas businesses to support and promote each other utilizing the core principles of the C-Suite Network:  Relevancy. Reach. Reciprocity.  The Lone Star Council’s primary goal is to address the needs of the Texas business community through collaboration, education and motivation.

Got Mindfulness: Why You Were Wrong to Doubt the Impact of Mindful Leadership

There are two types of leaders, those who understand and apply mindfulness in their organization and those who are wrong.

Leading without mindfulness causes your organization to be overwhelmed with the amount of and pace of change in today’s dynamic economy. Does it have to be that way? Join the founders of the C-Suite Network Mindful Leadership Council to learn how effective organizations use vision and intention to thrive.

This Council embraces the multi-faceted approach to infusing mindfulness in business from psychology to neuroscience to meditation.  In this introduction and exploratory session, we will teach you how mindfulness means better business culture, improved employee engagement, higher customer loyalty, and improved business results.

Join the premier thought leaders in business today who apply mindfulness to improve their business results.

A Blueprint for the Future of the U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chain

Industry experts will be conducting roundtables and breakout sessions concerning the Future of the U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chain.  The following will be addressed concerning the manufacturing supply chain during these discussions:

  1. What role does policy play in the success of our national supply chain?
  2. How do we positively influence policy creation that helps instead of hinders manufacturing?
  3. The COVID pandemic has created major challenges for businesses across the country and manufacturing is no exception.  How do we help our manufacturers navigate workforce hurdles during this unprecedented time?
  4. Innovation!  We know that progress decreases as innovation declines.  What role does innovation play in a vibrant manufacturing supply chain and sector?
  5. What is a sustainable supply chain and what can we do to make this happen?
  6. What is our role in ensuring the rebuilding of the U.S. manufacturing sector?

You will also learn how you, as a manufacturer, can connect with other manufacturers to improve business and increase capacity.

Create Your WOW Schedule

What if you could get all of your work done, scale your abundance, and still have plenty of time to LIVE outside of your business? It’s time to free yourself from the not-enough-time-in-the-day trap. The WOW Schedule Method shows you how to plan tomorrow today so you can live the life of your dreams NOW. Go beyond managing time and learn how to manage yourself, trading the ‘hustle harder’ mindset for smart systems that give you freedom without sacrificing success!

The WOW Schedule Method Teaches You How To…

  • Plan your fun first and build your business or career around your ideal life…not the other way around.
  • Right-size your daily tasks and say goodbye to long laundry lists of to-do’s that were already destined for failure.
  • Supercharge your effectiveness and efficiency so you can take more breaks and time off while getting more work done.
  • Eliminate, delegate, and automate tasks, allowing you to do what you do best and delegate the rest.
  • Optimize your workflow planning with a simple 15-minute process that fits into any schedule.

Break Through Your Money Glass Ceiling –

Get Career and Cash Confidence

Join the Women’s Leadership Council in an interactive discussion about breaking through money blocks, cash flow fears and dissolving income set points. You will create a “Money Mission Statement” to empower your career and business in new and powerful ways.

For more information contact: Kathleen Caldwell at Kathleen@caldwellconsulting.biz or at 773.562.1061

Join leadership experts Bob Pizzini, Cristina DeGiacomo and Steve Lishansky as they discuss timely, powerful approaches to improving and upgrading your leadership effectiveness.  In this highly interactive session our expert leadership panel will address your questions and discuss important points like these:

  • What are the most critical and important qualities of the best leaders?
  • What are the toughest questions and issues that leaders need to be effective at dealing with – and how do they do that?
  • What are the biggest challenges in developing superstar leaders?
  • What are your most important questions for the panel?

Join us on Thursday, September 10 from 3-4:30pm EDT to dive deep into how to you become a better leader.

Learn How Coaches can get MORE enquiries and MORE sales WITHOUT wasting time chasing leads or posting endless Social Media content.

Learn how your back office can integrate seamlessly with your Marketing, saving you hours of your precious time per week.

Reduce the stress that technology can bring to your business, and learn the subtle art of making technology work for you!

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