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For lawyers, time is limited. What if you could expand time by changing your relationship to it? The New Billable Hour Podcast transforms the way lawyers think about time in their law practice and life. Each episode considers a new way for lawyers to shift your perspective regarding time as a lawyer. These small shifts in how we practice law will expand your time and productivity to create more balance.
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    Thank you to the sponsor of this episode, Hermanni and Lorenzo Law Group, https://hermannilawgroup.com.  For a free copy of “The New Billable Hour” book and other resources, visit www.newbillablehour.com.

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  • In this era of quick fixes, hacks, and tips, it...

The New Billable Hour: Bill More Hours, Be More Productive, and Still have Work-life Balance

Ritu Goswamy, Esq.

Lawyer & Productivity Consultant for for Lawyers

Ritu Goswamy, Esq., is a lawyer and productivity consultant for lawyers. She is the best-selling author of The New Billable Hour: Bill More Hours, Be More Productive, and Still Have Work Life Balance and The Holistic Lawyer: Use Your Whole Brain to Work Smarter Not Harder. Ritu is the creator of the New Billable Hour™ system, which helps lawyers increase their productivity by billing themselves first. She teaches this system directly to lawyers in a way that is engaging, fun, and practical. She consults with lawyers individually and in groups and is an active speaker and trainer in the areas of lawyer productivity, competence, and mindfulness. For a free copy of her first book, visit: www.newbillablehour.com/free-book. Ritu can be reached directly at ritu@newbillablehour.com.
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