About The Hidden Entrepreneur Show with Josh Cary

Josh Cary spent 40 years in hiding. That's right! He was hiding every part of himself in every situation, showing up in personal, social, and business trying to be the person he believed others expected of him. After feeling utterly exhausted from wearing that mask, and knowing deep down he is cut out for much more in this life, Josh ripped off the mask and is now on a mission to help other business-savvy professionals 'unmask' themselves too. Hear honest stories from successful entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners who were also once in the darkest of hiding places so you may rediscover your world, connect beautifully with others, and excel in all you set out to do. Hiding Sucks. Are you ready for the new score? Fear: Zero. You: Won.

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    Our guest today is a digital marketing industry leader who supports authors, speakers, and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry.

    Meet Amber Vilhauer.  Since starting her company NGNG Enterprises Inc. (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007 and launching Leverage To Scale in 2018, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web.

    Amber has supported thousands of entrepreneurs on six continents to get results. She is the “secret weapon” behind several successful launches and #1 bestselling books including those for Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown.

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  • Our guest today is a digital marketing industry leader who...
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    Our guest today helps creatives build profitable businesses so that you can attract the best clients, charge what they’re worth, and fall in love with your work again.

    Welcome Gabrielle Chipeur.

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  • Our guest today helps creatives build profitable businesses so that...
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    How would you like to go from being invisible to being seen and celebrated?

    What if the number one reason people are not buying from you is you don’t have enough social proof from being in the media!

    Imagine how much more impressive your website will look if people see recognizable media logos that you’ve appeared on.

    Meet Josh Elledge, founder of UpMyInfluence.

    UpMyInfluence is a service that turns you, the thoughtful entrepreneur, into a media celebrity, increasing your authority, influence, and revenue.

    Josh is a well-known influencer & mentor in the startup PR space, a syndicated newspaper columnist with a reach of over 1.1 million readers, and a media guest, clocking over 2000 TV, radio, and podcast appearances.

    This is certainly THE person I am excited to learn from.

    Welcome Josh Elledge.

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  • How would you like to go from being invisible to...
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    Our guest today will help you get your mind, body, and routines on point based on cutting-edge science, strategy, and advanced mindset techniques.

    Meet Maggie Berghoff.

    At the age of 22, seemingly out of nowhere, she had a mini-stroke. Doctors left the diagnosis as “a rare disease where you’ll have to be on IV therapy for the rest of your life!”

    Not one to take “no” for an answer, Maggie set out to find a better solution for herself.

    She turned to what’s known as Functional Medicine, and today she has fully healed her body from head to toe.

    She helps her clients who experience everything from severe autoimmune disorders, adrenal fatigue, and chronic insomnia, to gut disturbance, unhealthy aging, and daytime fatigue.

    She guides you to reach your highest level of being through creating a customized plan where she fine-tunes your health and your habits.

    Are you ready to boost your energy and reach peak performance each and every day?

    Welcome Maggie Berghoff.

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  • Our guest today will help you get your mind, body,...
  • Array ( [id] => 32ba08ae-1f65-11ea-a9ba-17f0035664e1 [createdAt] => 2019-12-15T12:03:29.132-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-15T12:03:49.011-06:00 [title] => THE144: The Power of Human Connection As Told By A Marine Combat Leader [pubdate] => 2019-12-29T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 144 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a proven combat leader. He is a retired United

    States Marine Corps Infantry Major with 24 years of honorable service with a career spanning 10 deployments to over 60 countries worldwide.

    Meet Scott Huesing

    Scott’s bestselling book, Echo in Ramadi, is a snapshot in time that changed the face of operations on the battlefield.  It’s not simply a war story—it is about the people and the power of human connection that speaks about leadership, team-building, and overcoming adversity under the toughest conditions. (And isn’t that something we can all relate to?!)

    Today, Scott is the Executive Director of Save the Brave, a certified non-profit that connects Veterans through outreach programs.

    Welcome Scott Huesing.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/32ba08ae-1f65-11ea-a9ba-17f0035664e1/stripped_f8be861c1ffe56c8b7620beb9d18e894.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7901382511.mp3 [size] => 47565844 [duration] => 2972.87 [uid] => CSN7901382511 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/32ba08ae-1f65-11ea-a9ba-17f0035664e1/id3/9e22962354a4d09fc6331140066ca2a7.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465536 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the144-the-power-of-human-connection.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a proven combat leader. He is...
  • Array ( [id] => 5393203c-1f61-11ea-bdd4-57eaf208db59 [createdAt] => 2019-12-15T11:35:46.254-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-15T11:36:05.337-06:00 [title] => THE143: Stop Being A Commodity By Telling Great Stories [pubdate] => 2019-12-22T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 143 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is the Chief Storyteller at Your Brand Marketing, author of “Powerful Personal Brands: a hands-on guide to understanding yours” and works with his clients to provide workshops, keynotes and consulting services on brand strategy and brand communication. Meet Ben Baker. Ben wants to work with you to allow you to stop being a commodity and instead be a brand worth loving.

    Welcome Ben Baker.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/5393203c-1f61-11ea-bdd4-57eaf208db59/stripped_e883625f1790e2894ca7b3429377e08b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6549541873.mp3 [size] => 45429655 [duration] => 2839.35 [uid] => CSN6549541873 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/5393203c-1f61-11ea-bdd4-57eaf208db59/id3/10a9905c293ed90851e5e3e23fd56a98.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464732 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the143-stop-being-a-commodity.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is the Chief Storyteller at Your Brand...
  • Array ( [id] => 40be458e-1f5e-11ea-8557-bf8186199311 [createdAt] => 2019-12-15T11:13:46.172-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-15T11:14:08.103-06:00 [title] => THE142: Ask The Right Questions, Take The Right Actions to Succeed [pubdate] => 2019-12-15T11:12:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 142 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    “Why are we here? How can we be happy?”  Those are two questions our guest today believes that we have the answers within us but somewhere we stop trusting ourselves.

    Meet Anna Goldstein. A self-proclaimed athlete, coach, entrepreneur, teacher and student. As she puts it: “I am limitless and so are you.”

    I personally wouldn’t have believed that a few short years ago, but today I am in full agreement.  I am thankfully living and experiencing that belief of full limitless human potential.

    Anna is an NYU Certified Life Coach who earned her BA in Psychology at Penn State University.  Anna was a nationally ranked tennis player and in 2003 she began her career coaching tennis in New York City to beginners, celebrities, and intermediate/advanced players.

    Anna believes the answers are within you and when you’re asked the right questions, you will discover the answers that align your actions with your goals. Having clarity of your vision is the driving force behind motivation and action to achieve results.

    Welcome Anna Goldstein.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/40be458e-1f5e-11ea-8557-bf8186199311/stripped_199a46496681371b126177a4924e5cbf.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2196839668.mp3 [size] => 50104946 [duration] => 3131.56 [uid] => CSN2196839668 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/40be458e-1f5e-11ea-8557-bf8186199311/id3/e534b1c24ceb49563fe1bfbfc97fe01c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466150 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => the142-ask-the-right-questions.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • “Why are we here? How can we be happy?”  Those...
  • Array ( [id] => afd8f926-160f-11ea-a5e8-87b9c6fcb7cf [createdAt] => 2019-12-03T14:58:41.861-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-03T14:59:02.444-06:00 [title] => THE141: Get Back Into Your Natural State of Well-being [pubdate] => 2019-12-05T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 141 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    If you’ve known me for any length of time prior to about two years ago, it was probably obvious that I was the textbook definition of anxious!

    I felt angry, lost, frustrated most moments of everyday. My mind would not stop racing and if I wanted any relief from those anxious thoughts, I’d need some sort of drug to give me that temporarily relief.

    I only wish I had met our guest today back then.

    Meet Sylvia Hall. Sylvia is the founder and creator of Lifted Naturals, a line of mood boosting probiotics that allow you to treat your anxiety naturally. Imagine that!

    Anxiety and mood issues are not all in your head. But they could be in your gut.

    Sylvia knows first hand how difficult it can be to struggle with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. She  was a stay at home mom, who turned her idea for a mood probiotic into a million dollar (AND GROWING) business.

    After a tough go-around with postpartum depression and anxiety, she decided there had to be a better way to feel better. That led to the birth of LIFTED, her well-being brand.

    Welcome Sylvia Hall.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/afd8f926-160f-11ea-a5e8-87b9c6fcb7cf/stripped_56eba7758b66d2b4c5fbaab528552504.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4012304293.mp3 [size] => 51870406 [duration] => 3241.9 [uid] => CSN4012304293 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/afd8f926-160f-11ea-a5e8-87b9c6fcb7cf/id3/3a748bc893d64a1b5ada1295e10efa92.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466252 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the141-your-natural-state.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • If you’ve known me for any length of time prior...
  • Array ( [id] => 53c63fb6-1544-11ea-9763-df7faccdb28b [createdAt] => 2019-12-02T14:42:59.484-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-02T14:43:19.334-06:00 [title] => THE140: Use The Power of Laughter and Comedy To Work Through Your Issues [pubdate] => 2019-12-03T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 140 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Jenn Lederer is a Motivational Comedian, Producer and Founder of Jenn Lederer Productions (JLP).  You can imagine how excited I was to learn that “Motivational Comedian” is a thing!

    Jenn’s signature brand of motivational comedy harnesses the power of laughter to help her audience laugh their way to a breakthrough.

    JLP produces visually dynamic and engaging digital content designed to capture the truth in every story, mission and brand message. Jenn is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs cultivate their own unique power, perspective and impact on the world in whatever way they’re meant to be it and do it.

    Jenn’s work has been featured by FORBES, Huffington Post, YALE, Google Headquarters, Inspiring Lives Magazine and comedy clubs around NYC and the North East.

    This episode was recorded live at the 2019 Propelify Innovation Festival (created by Aaron Price) and is part of Podcast Row.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/53c63fb6-1544-11ea-9763-df7faccdb28b/stripped_5168a744552a6f7e21b97c2223622d10.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6851148927.mp3 [size] => 47518197 [duration] => 2969.89 [uid] => CSN6851148927 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/53c63fb6-1544-11ea-9763-df7faccdb28b/id3/b7f68a1dd7f07622c364be7b048304a1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465870 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the140-the-power-of-laughter.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Jenn Lederer is a Motivational Comedian, Producer and Founder of...
  • Array ( [id] => 2ad6fc20-108b-11ea-a0cf-1f08f8cce77b [createdAt] => 2019-11-26T14:27:29.334-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-26T14:27:45.462-06:00 [title] => THE139: Can 3 Bad Things Happening in One Week Lead to a Better Path? [pubdate] => 2019-11-28T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 139 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    What do you do when you find yourself experiencing a city-wide earthquake that demolishes your building, the loss of your best client that accounted for 80% of your revenue, and a car accident that leaves you pretty shaken up… all in the course of one week?!

    That’s only one part of the story of today’s guest.

    Guy Horrocks is CEO and co-founder of Carnival Mobile, a mobile marketing platform for brands, and agencies to engage their mobile audiences with interactive campaigns and analyze performance in real time.

    Guy is an expert on mobile marketing, having previously launched over 120 native mobile applications for leading brands including OREO, Coca-Cola, CNN and Time Magazine, DreamWorks Animation, and Anheuser-Busch InBev. Prior to this, in 2007, Guy co-founded the world’s first iPhone app company, Polar Bear Farm, which had over 6 million of the first 10 million iPhones running it’s apps.

    This episode was recorded live at the 2019 Propelify Innovation Festival (created by Aaron Price) and is part of Podcast Row.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/2ad6fc20-108b-11ea-a0cf-1f08f8cce77b/stripped_bd9888ca6dd64450411583da1282c1f4.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3674521149.mp3 [size] => 41072849 [duration] => 2567.05 [uid] => CSN3674521149 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/2ad6fc20-108b-11ea-a0cf-1f08f8cce77b/id3/d1f3b67c401757d0d10d6dbddec32223.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466110 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the139-can-3-bad-things.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • What do you do when you find yourself experiencing a...
  • Array ( [id] => 4c58aaec-1072-11ea-863f-130b419526af [createdAt] => 2019-11-26T11:29:28.129-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-26T11:29:43.139-06:00 [title] => THE138: When Your Spouse Helps You Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Strengths [pubdate] => 2019-11-26T11:26:02.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 138 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Sarah and Steve Bolinder are  the co-founders of Chop Barbershop Franchise Inc.

    After graduating Order of the Coif from Florida State University Law School, Sarah spent nearly a decade as an attorney, but left active practice to focus on the challenge of a lifetime – changing the hair industry as we know it one barbershop at a time.

    In four years, Chop has grown under the pair’s leadership from a single five-chair shop to two thriving corporate locations and one open franchise location in Tallahassee, Florida with several other franchise locations set to open in 2019-20.

    This episode was recorded live at the 2019 Propelify Innovation Festival (created by Aaron Price) and part of Podcast Row.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/4c58aaec-1072-11ea-863f-130b419526af/stripped_11277118a8d553270adb4fbe3bfd2c95.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7180208366.mp3 [size] => 34567314 [duration] => 2160.46 [uid] => CSN7180208366 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/4c58aaec-1072-11ea-863f-130b419526af/id3/4c7bc58a7b57d36dbd1f5228e1f019b9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465426 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => the138-when-your-spouse.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Sarah and Steve Bolinder are  the co-founders of Chop Barbershop...
  • Array ( [id] => cafc1b30-0b05-11ea-a80f-dbb23c9ebdba [createdAt] => 2019-11-19T13:50:09.600-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-19T13:55:23.806-06:00 [title] => THE137: It’s Your Life and Your Story: Nobody Determines The Outcome But You [pubdate] => 2019-11-21T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 137 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer & Suicide Awareness Trainer, Business Positioning Strategist, International Radio Show Host of Life Transformation Radio, and Author.

    His WHY is he's a suicide survivor who hit rock bottom with no purpose or passion, never felt loved or valued, feeling lost in the world and tried to take his life. He now shares his powerful testimony on stages globally and sends the message that at any point you have the power to say this is not how my story ends.

    He believes that you were created for a purpose, and once you unlock your true potential, you will elevate your life.

    Welcome Sean Douglas.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/cafc1b30-0b05-11ea-a80f-dbb23c9ebdba/stripped_16695d7083bcaa2c480443aa529e5132.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6341635437.mp3 [size] => 69586442 [duration] => 4349.15 [uid] => CSN6341635437 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 55.72789115646258 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/cafc1b30-0b05-11ea-a80f-dbb23c9ebdba/id3/301c4c26ace345ca31544cd3263886bb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465354 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the137-your-life-your-story.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx...
  • Array ( [id] => f43c8894-0ae8-11ea-953e-738d07c49e4c [createdAt] => 2019-11-19T10:23:43.439-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-19T10:26:10.615-06:00 [title] => THE136: Finding Acceptance Through Even The Most Emotionally Difficult Circumstances [pubdate] => 2019-11-19T10:25:32.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 136 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    What do you do when the absolute unthinkable, the absolute unthought of, falls into your lap as your new reality?

    That’s the question Mike Parlante had to ask of himself. His first child, Michael, now 11, has a rare neuromuscular disease. He’s on the autism spectrum and is legally blind.

    Tune in to hear this open, honest, genuine dialogue of how one man came to terms with his new reality.

    By the way, as you’ll hear, this interview took place during the inaugural PodMAX event. It’s a full day event created by On Air Brands for entrepreneurs and business people to get their message out in a big way by being interviewed and sitting down as a guest with some of the biggest podcasts in their industry.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to do to quickly and efficiently get your own message out to the masses through podcasts, apply to be part of the next PodMAX event happening soon by visiting PodMAX.co.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/f43c8894-0ae8-11ea-953e-738d07c49e4c/stripped_820c2c385478a5853ef36bc8e7c74350.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1600135897.mp3 [size] => 44587885 [duration] => 2786.74 [uid] => CSN1600135897 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 331.5809523809524 [1] => 331.5809523809524 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/f43c8894-0ae8-11ea-953e-738d07c49e4c/id3/a4d75091a91f16b44bf8a8a5495b9c59.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465920 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => the136-finding-acceptance.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • What do you do when the absolute unthinkable, the absolute...
  • Array ( [id] => d50f5680-0585-11ea-8321-c74f3a3d41ce [createdAt] => 2019-11-12T13:51:35.141-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-12T13:55:39.539-06:00 [title] => THE135: When Reinvention Becomes Necessary [pubdate] => 2019-11-14T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 135 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Christian Pepe got a front row look at the need for business reinvention when he was working as a teen in the family business. His father was a successful entrepreneur who owned movie rental stores.

    You remember the days when you wanted to watch a movie, you went to a store to rent the movie on VHS and took it home to watch. These operated as independent stores, that is, until Blockbuster came to town.

    Christian’s family business went out of business.

    Today, Christian is the founder of First Equity Funding, an asset based real estate lender. Christian, himself, needed to reinvent his own business especially during the money crisis of 2008.

    By the way, as you’ll hear, this interview took place during the inaugural PodMAX event. It’s a full day event created by On Air Brands for entrepreneurs and business people to get their message out in a big way by being interviewed and sitting down as a guest with some of the biggest podcasts in their industry.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to do to quickly and efficiently get your own message out to the masses through podcasts, apply to be part of the next PodMAX event happening soon by visiting PodMAX.co.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/d50f5680-0585-11ea-8321-c74f3a3d41ce/stripped_2f0dfe8dbb39a566e7f87dabdecbaf69.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6289620397.mp3 [size] => 32818154 [duration] => 2051.13 [uid] => CSN6289620397 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 191.23954648526077 [1] => 191.23954648526077 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/d50f5680-0585-11ea-8321-c74f3a3d41ce/id3/1c4e7661de1fc198cbdb418a55320c25.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466384 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the135-when-reinvention-becomes-necessary.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Christian Pepe got a front row look at the need...
  • Array ( [id] => 9b2dc7a0-0560-11ea-a73c-435c4598a92b [createdAt] => 2019-11-12T09:25:06.659-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-12T09:27:26.160-06:00 [title] => THE134: Put Yourself in Life and Death Scenarios So There’s No Option But To Succeed [pubdate] => 2019-11-12T09:27:04.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 134 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Mike Bonadies had his first job as a Carnie when he was 16 years old, the person whose job it is to rope you in and get you to play the carnival games. He says being a Carnie helped him learn invaluable life and sales skills because a Carnie is like “cold calling on steroids!”

    He has taken those critical life skills and successfully applied them to his life and business today. Among other things, Mike is a rental investor and property manager.

    He placed himself purposely in situations that were life and death, like hitchhiking in extreme areas in the Middle East, for one example. Why would he do this, you might ask? It was a straight upside scenario. You have to succeed, or else… There’s no option for a downside.

    “Maintain a mindset of you have to succeed, you will find a way.”


    By the way, as you’ll hear, this interview took place during the inaugural PodMAX event. It’s a full day event created by On Air Brands for entrepreneurs and business people to get their message out in a big way by being interviewed and sitting down as a guest with some of the biggest podcasts in their industry.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to do to quickly and efficiently get your own message out to the masses through podcasts, apply to be part of the next PodMAX event happening soon by visiting PodMAX.co.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b2dc7a0-0560-11ea-a73c-435c4598a92b/stripped_44a81f8a21832895fc5e44789a5bea79.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2474593929.mp3 [size] => 41740746 [duration] => 2608.8 [uid] => CSN2474593929 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 318.4848979591837 [1] => 318.4848979591837 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b2dc7a0-0560-11ea-a73c-435c4598a92b/id3/b85eaabddd6b897ae28a62e1527c4cc9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466770 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => the134-put-yourself-in-life.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Mike Bonadies had his first job as a Carnie when...
  • Array ( [id] => 0632ba5c-0001-11ea-aca7-ffc86d533ab1 [createdAt] => 2019-11-05T13:18:18.706-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-05T13:21:33.796-06:00 [title] => THE133: When Parent Expectations and Cultural Norm Vastly Differ From Your Own Desires [pubdate] => 2019-11-07T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 133 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    What do you do when all your life, it’s expected from your parents and through cultural norm, that you become an engineer and your brother becomes a doctor?

    And what do you do when both you and your brother have no interest in that path, but rather see a better, much more suited direction for your life?

    You make a deal directly with your parents and go out for one year attempting to succeed in your chosen fields.

    Can you make it work? Will your parents allow you to continue on even if you are a success after one year?

    This was the real life situation my guests today found themselves in. Meet brothers Shomail and Farhan Malik.

    Today, the brothers are co-owner’s in one of New Jersey’s largest providers of turn-key cashflow properties, APEX Capital Group.

    Tune in to hear the fascinating story of these two driven brothers.


    By the way, as you’ll hear, this interview took place during the inaugural PodMAX event. It’s a full day event created by On Air Brands for entrepreneurs and business people to get their message out in a big way by being interviewed and sitting down as a guest with some of the biggest podcasts in their industry.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to do to quickly and efficiently get your own message out to the masses through podcasts, apply to be part of the next PodMAX event happening soon by visiting PodMAX.co.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0632ba5c-0001-11ea-aca7-ffc86d533ab1/stripped_8a86673c4849e0f71dde154ca0943a4a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9753530080.mp3 [size] => 38326020 [duration] => 2395.38 [uid] => CSN9753530080 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 278.4072562358277 [1] => 278.4072562358277 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0632ba5c-0001-11ea-aca7-ffc86d533ab1/id3/e6148c9a4c428d891588f6beff22c302.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466872 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the133-parent-expectations.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • What do you do when all your life, it’s expected...
  • Array ( [id] => f57d8cda-ff17-11e9-a5de-43e96ee1e57e [createdAt] => 2019-11-04T09:29:57.936-06:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-04T09:34:44.961-06:00 [title] => THE132: Proving You Can Win Even With All The Cards Stacked Against You [pubdate] => 2019-11-05T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 132 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Going from Section 8 Apartments to a Millionaire with a Side Hustle

    Our guest today grew up in Section 8 Housing with a single mother, who found herself in one abusive relationship after another.

    From those early days, Anna Kelley told herself she refuses to live like that when she is an adult.

    As an adult, Anna set a goal where she can leave her full time corporate job, earn the cash needed to support herself and her family and stay home with her children.

    After 16 years of grit and determination (and a side hustle that finally paid off) Anna was able to live her dream! She became a financially successful investor and retired from her corporate job.

    Today, Anna is the founder of REImom, a real estate investment coaching and training platform that teaches others how to do exactly what she has accomplished.

    This is a truly inspiring story from someone who had all the cards stacked against her.  This is how she did it. And how you can too.

    By the way, as you’ll hear, this interview took place during the inaugural PodMAX event.  It’s a full day event created by On Air Brands for entrepreneurs and business people to get their message out in a big way by being interviewed and sitting down as a guest with some of the biggest podcasts in their industry.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to do to quickly and efficiently get your own message out to the masses through podcasts, apply to be part of the next PodMAX event happening soon by visiting PodMAX.co.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/f57d8cda-ff17-11e9-a5de-43e96ee1e57e/stripped_2c5d003cfb9bb5a00e05d4c7bb431b49.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8290305152.mp3 [size] => 38715140 [duration] => 2419.7 [uid] => CSN8290305152 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 302.6024489795918 [1] => 302.6024489795918 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/f57d8cda-ff17-11e9-a5de-43e96ee1e57e/id3/b8f7775e6e2ecca11cc7fa6858e46219.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467134 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the132-proving-you-can-win.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Going from Section 8 Apartments to a Millionaire with a...
  • Array ( [id] => eb53a98a-fa83-11e9-9b21-47b405f0f783 [createdAt] => 2019-10-29T14:40:10.714-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-29T15:00:11.077-05:00 [title] => THE131: How Persistence Led Two Powerful Individuals To Become One Powerful Couple [pubdate] => 2019-10-31T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 131 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    My guests today had every right to feel a bit nervous since they’ve never done anything like this before. This interview was the absolute first podcast interview Marco has ever given, and once we get going you truly wouldn’t know it.

    I was immediately fascinated by their story. She is an entrepreneur and he is a Philadelphia Police Officer.

    He always felt there was something more to life. And lucky for him, he found more. Much more.

    Today, this power couple are the founders of Robin Hood Properties, a real estate investment company.

    I mean it when I say this is one of the most charming stories and interviews I’ve ever conducted, evident at least through the story of how these two met. Trust me, if you appreciate a good love story, this is the episode for you.

    And if you appreciate a story of grit, grace, desire and persistence in every pursuit of your life, this is also the episode for you.

    By the way, as you’ll hear, this interview took place during the inaugural PodMAX event. It’s a full day event created by On Air Brands for entrepreneurs and business people to get their message out in a big way by being interviewed and sitting down as a guest with some of the biggest podcasts in their industry.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to do to quickly and efficiently get your own message out to the masses through podcasts, apply to be part of the next PodMAX event happening soon by visiting PodMAX.co.

    With that, here are two of the most kind and beautiful people, both inside and out, that you will ever meet… Here’s my interview with Christine and Marco Padilla.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/eb53a98a-fa83-11e9-9b21-47b405f0f783/stripped_ebe9bfd1012e0dcb757311ade899a9cc.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6309642371.mp3 [size] => 42780629 [duration] => 2673.79 [uid] => CSN6309642371 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 213.11274376417234 [1] => 213.11274376417234 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/eb53a98a-fa83-11e9-9b21-47b405f0f783/id3/c7adb37bd7239b87f2ee78a3bf4d2e16.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467316 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the131-two-powerful-individuals-padilla.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • My guests today had every right to feel a bit...
  • Array ( [id] => b7a781e0-f756-11e9-8b5f-0f0de22fb657 [createdAt] => 2019-10-25T13:39:03.172-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:58.250-05:00 [title] => THE130: Focus On The Next Best Thing Instead of The Future [pubdate] => 2019-10-29T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 130 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is Managing Director of SheWorx (recently acquired by Republic), a collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs and change-makers redefining the next wave of leadership.

    Meet Bianca Caban, born and raised in the Bronx, NY and of Puerto Rican descent. Her mom is a nurse and her dad is a civil rights attorney, and her family’s aspiration for proving themselves and building a stable financial future peeks through in her own career track.

    Bianca started working on Wall Street at firms including Credit Suisse and BlackRock, which is where she got exposure to doing business in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

    A professor once told her not to focus on the future (including 2-5 years from now), but instead to focus on the next best thing. Ask yourself: “What feels right for you to do next, immediately?”

    Listen in to hear Bianca’s life lessons and choices that lead her to the extraordinary place she is today.

    (This interview was recorded during Podcast Row.)

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/b7a781e0-f756-11e9-8b5f-0f0de22fb657/stripped_a94ca59871a36539cd324924aeb1a8bb.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9034381326.mp3 [size] => 35532799 [duration] => 2220.8 [uid] => CSN9034381326 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( [0] => 271.9985487528345 [1] => 271.9985487528345 ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/b7a781e0-f756-11e9-8b5f-0f0de22fb657/id3/7260906b83b7d855ef7f0dc3e52e3021.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465918 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => the130-focus-on-the-next-best-thing.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is Managing Director of SheWorx (recently acquired...
  • Array ( [id] => 9797a9b0-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3b46b858974 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:07.144-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-24T16:16:24.320-05:00 [title] => THE129: A Gymnast’s Journey From The Olympics and Hall of Fame To Not Feeling Good Enough [pubdate] => 2019-10-24T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9797a9b0-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3b46b858974/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 129 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today discovered her first passion as a gymnast and built a decade long career reigning as a four time US National Champion, culminating in the 2008 Olympic Games and induction in the USA Hall of Fame.

    As she found herself at the ultimate qualifier for her biggest dream of qualifying for the Olympic games, she felt the immense pressure to achieve and missed the win by a mere 0.25 tenths of a point!

    This led to feelings of not being good enough, feelings that she didn’t work hard enough, and that she was not prepared enough. She asked herself how can she ever again feel great if she feels “not enough?”

    Meet Lisa Wang.

    Lisa then quickly found her path into business while knowing that the venture capital landscape is 94% male. She wanted to bring together a network of female founders who had enough of getting overlooked, ignored, undervalued, and assumed inferior.

    Lisa founded SheWorx, which soon became acquired by Republic.

    (This episode was recorded as part of our time at Podcast Row.)

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9797a9b0-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3b46b858974/stripped_741c741944e75507de4d70aee0e603c7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3253067176.mp3 [size] => 33234023 [duration] => 2077.13 [uid] => CSN3253067176 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the129-gymnast-journey.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9797a9b0-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3b46b858974/id3/9c06ba843902f1e6a6ded58d4166e893.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466044 [parentId] => [guid] => 860d3a862c5c43e4a3955a55a62c87cd [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today discovered her first passion as a gymnast...
  • Array ( [id] => 97d9c0de-f66c-11e9-9f28-733dc75e1715 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:07.593-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:50.788-05:00 [title] => THE128: Learning To Adapt to All Change Quickly [pubdate] => 2019-10-22T12:50:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/97d9c0de-f66c-11e9-9f28-733dc75e1715/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 128 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is an associate for the venture capital firm BNSG Capital.

    At 15, he lost his father unexpectedly and his mother moved him and the family from Miami to Peru.

    This lead to a chain of events that forced him to learn to adapt to change quickly.

    Meet Elias Davis.

    Elias embraces the fact that while can’t choose the cards you’re dealt in life, you can choose how to take action on those cards. And that’s all that matters.

    Elias knows there is no such thing as a wrong decision, as long as you can learn from each one.

    His current way of life? How to survive in any unpredictable environment by asking “What do I want to squeeze out of this experience to properly move forward?”

    This episode was recorded as part of Podcast Row.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/97d9c0de-f66c-11e9-9f28-733dc75e1715/stripped_a780c9b9ff3e90d7803097efd07b6c33.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4970864323.mp3 [size] => 30315832 [duration] => 1894.74 [uid] => CSN4970864323 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the128-learning-to-adapt-to-all-change-quickly.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/97d9c0de-f66c-11e9-9f28-733dc75e1715/id3/7dd9a1301e17b32d2e801c0a758fe9d8.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465434 [parentId] => [guid] => 86cffab46ac74dd1b9e8f3eb936eb4a5 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is an associate for the venture capital...
  • Array ( [id] => 97f115c2-f66c-11e9-9f28-77c0b203b796 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:07.745-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:45.383-05:00 [title] => THE127: What To Do If It’s Not Working [pubdate] => 2019-10-17T10:36:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/97f115c2-f66c-11e9-9f28-77c0b203b796/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 127 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    How do you know exactly what type of content your ideal customer is most likely to enjoy? How do you create the most relevant content that will then turn that ideal prospect into an actual customer?

    Meet Jim Caruso. Jim is the founder and CEO of Apollo Program, a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that listens to billions of data signals from a wide variety of content enabling brands to discover real customer behavior. These behavioral insights can be applied across an entire business, from product planning to marketing execution.

    I had the good fortune to meet Jim and interview him during my second round at Podcast Row (the all day event connecting entrepreneurs with podcast hosts to record and share their stories).

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/97f115c2-f66c-11e9-9f28-77c0b203b796/stripped_19388f692f15b08a40ed4ddd1db34b23.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7337438020.mp3 [size] => 28751411 [duration] => 1796.96 [uid] => CSN7337438020 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the127-what-to-do-if-its-not-working.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/97f115c2-f66c-11e9-9f28-77c0b203b796/id3/690eac0895c2fdd05b0c82acfd012c49.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465344 [parentId] => [guid] => 1f8def598f614cb6a05aff51d4797d12 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How do you know exactly what type of content your...
  • Array ( [id] => 9807998c-f66c-11e9-9f28-3fcb83e5f361 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:07.892-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:40.361-05:00 [title] => THE126: Controlling How Your Personal and Business Message is Perceived [pubdate] => 2019-10-15T09:10:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9807998c-f66c-11e9-9f28-3fcb83e5f361/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 126 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Rechelle Balanzat calls herself an artist, a thinker, and an entrepreneur. Specifically, she is the founder and CEO of Juliette, a premium laundry pick-up and delivery service that caters to busy professionals in New York City.

    This interview should never have happened. It was part of my second round attending Podcast Row. Rechelle was a last minute fill in and we hit it off immediately.

    We touch on deep subjects including:

    ~Seeking approval versus giving yourself approval.

    ~Standing out by standing up (being yourself)

    ~Differentiating yourself in a crowded market

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9807998c-f66c-11e9-9f28-3fcb83e5f361/stripped_27d94cc27f794c5d45d15f7b16a6e920.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2119764257.mp3 [size] => 29340315 [duration] => 1833.77 [uid] => CSN2119764257 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the126-controlling-how-your-personal-and-business-message-is-perceived.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9807998c-f66c-11e9-9f28-3fcb83e5f361/id3/467c403de1a9539863cf04615814da75.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465118 [parentId] => [guid] => 503b4388d9364b2aa4994aac9be957d4 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Rechelle Balanzat calls herself an artist, a thinker, and an...
  • Array ( [id] => 9828aece-f66c-11e9-9f28-8b952531d719 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:08.109-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:34.715-05:00 [title] => THE125: Genuine Connection To Those Around You Does Not Have To Feel Scary [pubdate] => 2019-10-10T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9828aece-f66c-11e9-9f28-8b952531d719/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 125 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Having spent a lifetime feeling removed and disconnected from the world around me, I was excited to sit down with today’s guest. This episode is even more amazing since it took place at a live recording while we were at Podcast Movement (the world’s largest podcast industry conference)!

    TalkShoe (an all-in-one podcasting platform) had a table at the event where you can use their equipment to record an episode and that’s exactly what I did.

    My guest is known as the human connection expert. It’s Pablo Gonzalez. He has a deep desire to connect with people and build community, perhaps this was driven by the fact that he lived on 3 different continents by the age of 10, and was forced to learn how to communicate and connect across different languages and cultures in order to fit in at an early age.

    Can you relate in your own way of feeling disconnected from those around you at some point in your life? This is your episode!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9828aece-f66c-11e9-9f28-8b952531d719/stripped_0877bdafac4a74e2724c2bceae8153db.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4459009000.mp3 [size] => 40268276 [duration] => 2516.77 [uid] => CSN4459009000 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the125-genuine-connection-to-those-around-you-does-not-have-to-feel-scary.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9828aece-f66c-11e9-9f28-8b952531d719/id3/6636035b1134752360f59391c7813cb1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465822 [parentId] => [guid] => 2e6f1312ccf2444281b5f1abc2aa8b6d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Having spent a lifetime feeling removed and disconnected from the...
  • Array ( [id] => 98446682-f66c-11e9-9f28-bbaa914f9526 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:08.291-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-24T16:16:12.130-05:00 [title] => THE124: Stop Stopping The Unstoppable ~ A Comedic Take To Your Personal Development [pubdate] => 2019-10-08T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/98446682-f66c-11e9-9f28-bbaa914f9526/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 124 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Do you like comedy? Do you like personal development? How about getting a dose of both, mixing comedy with your personal development!

    I never knew it was possible until my talk with Ross Everett (aka Dale Thorhammer). Ross is a performer, writer, comedian, and author of the book "Stop Stopping The Unstoppable!" If that title alone doesn’t spell it out.

    Ross, to me, is a combo of Tony Robbins, Ricky Gervais, and Stephen Colbert. Ross performs his one-person show (of the same name of the book) in Los Angeles and around the country.

    He takes a comedic, light-hearted look at the personal development industry while remaining respectful. Whether you are here for the comedy, or the personal development, or both, you are sure going to enjoy this discussion.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/98446682-f66c-11e9-9f28-bbaa914f9526/stripped_927a7ae68cee2850cec78528e4f1bd25.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4555103873.mp3 [size] => 25813158 [duration] => 1613.32 [uid] => CSN4555103873 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the124-stop-stopping-the-unstoppable-a-comedic-take-to-your-personal-development.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/98446682-f66c-11e9-9f28-bbaa914f9526/id3/6079393ed5c0ede9800f2f6879ae05e8.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465496 [parentId] => [guid] => 748a465d74a24af98571304e39f213ff [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Do you like comedy? Do you like personal development? How...
  • Array ( [id] => 985f0424-f66c-11e9-9f28-27b33421fed7 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:08.465-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:25.264-05:00 [title] => THE123: Finding Meaning and Power From The Darkness [pubdate] => 2019-10-03T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/985f0424-f66c-11e9-9f28-27b33421fed7/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 123 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Enjoy this episode from our ongoing series from our time at Podcast Row.

    Our guest today is the author of the book Undying Optimism. It’s a book detailing the path of giving meaning to your life and finding your power from the darkness.

    Have you ever asked yourself and sat with the question “What have you found to be most meaningful in your life?”

    Meet JV Bharathan. He found himself in an arranged marriage with no real purpose or direction in his life. He made the difficult choice to leave that marriage (something that was otherwise unheard of in his community) and this decision landed him in jail.

    From there, he became bankrupt and homeless. Only until more adversity hit him like a ton of bricks, as he puts it, with the birth of his new son, did he decide to turn things around for the better.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/985f0424-f66c-11e9-9f28-27b33421fed7/stripped_a5b581f89c9e40515ff02567070f83cf.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9509212196.mp3 [size] => 19713043 [duration] => 1232.07 [uid] => CSN9509212196 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the123-finding-meaning-and-power-from-the-darkness.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/985f0424-f66c-11e9-9f28-27b33421fed7/id3/b52f5c2a8b725f8ec7ccb53909befb4f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465534 [parentId] => [guid] => 5c3feaffdcd047a4b398ec9e78d8226c [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Enjoy this episode from our ongoing series from our time...
  • Array ( [id] => 9896e416-f66c-11e9-9f28-33d48f9841ca [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:08.829-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:20.400-05:00 [title] => THE122: Finding the Motivation Behind Why You Do Things [pubdate] => 2019-10-01T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9896e416-f66c-11e9-9f28-33d48f9841ca/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 122 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Enjoy this episode as we continue our ongoing series from Podcast Row.

    Our guest today is the founder of Backtracks, the world's most advanced podcast analytics and hosting platform. It’s Jonathan Gill. Jonathan recently raised $2.1 million is funding for his company, and I was interested to dig into how he did it and what needed to be in place (personally, emotionally…) for that to happen.

    We explore topics including:

    Is it possible to put your perfectionist nature aside?

    How can I powers combined be greater than our separation?

    What needs to be in place to successfully raise $2.1million for your start-up?

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9896e416-f66c-11e9-9f28-33d48f9841ca/stripped_0fa4b9df3cd6ce62bf3b723555997999.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4812658417.mp3 [size] => 22658820 [duration] => 1416.18 [uid] => CSN4812658417 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the122-finding-the-motivation-behind-why-you-do-things.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9896e416-f66c-11e9-9f28-33d48f9841ca/id3/ca1d0633983b09563a464f77ef995079.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465174 [parentId] => [guid] => 9376c24d01c0437eafc94e51bf70e5d4 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Enjoy this episode as we continue our ongoing series from...
  • Array ( [id] => 98ba60b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-5f8c367d5442 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:09.060-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:15.292-05:00 [title] => THE121: The Right Way to Live Well and Make a Complete U-Turn in Life [pubdate] => 2019-09-26T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/98ba60b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-5f8c367d5442/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 121 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Enjoy our ongoing 8-part series from our day at Podcast Row.

    Ever get the feeling you’re not heading in the direction you want to go in life? Our guest today knows that feeling all too well, and took the leap of faith to make a complete u-turn.

    John Wellborn found himself experiencing a perfect storm of major life events all before his 28th birthday. He witnessed his father go through a heart attack just as he was entering retirement (imagine the message sent).

    You know our health (and existence on this planet) is never guaranteed. If you have something you want to do, take care of it now.

    John is certainly a living example of this. He is the founder of Live Well 30A, whose tagline is Live Well, Love Much, Vacation Often.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/98ba60b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-5f8c367d5442/stripped_d4c5e0709738e7ae3a5bff892661efe9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8198242503.mp3 [size] => 22899982 [duration] => 1431.25 [uid] => CSN8198242503 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the121-the-right-way-to-live-well-and-make-a-complete-u-turn-in-life.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/98ba60b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-5f8c367d5442/id3/b982b34fbb813e7039ee2f5363863ef1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465424 [parentId] => [guid] => e2d863ce48744530aac6b362967d067f [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Enjoy our ongoing 8-part series from our day at Podcast...
  • Array ( [id] => 98d7faa0-f66c-11e9-9f28-53f8f8805b40 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:09.258-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:10.451-05:00 [title] => THE120: How The P.T. Barnum of The NY Comedy (and digital media) Scene Keeps Winning In Business [pubdate] => 2019-09-24T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/98d7faa0-f66c-11e9-9f28-53f8f8805b40/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 120 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    To me, Dani Zoldan is like the P.T. Barnum of the Comedy/Business world. He is the owner of Stand Up NY, creator of Podcast Row, and has a collection of (at least) five legit businesses in and around the core business that is Stand Up NY.

    As we are in the middle of our ongoing 8-part series of our interviews from the inaugural Podcast Row event, I got the chance to sit down with Dani and learn more about the man behind the curtain.

    Listen in to hear why recording this episode at Stand Up NY made it even more special to me, how I got involved with Dani and Podcast Row to begin with, and more nuggets of wisdom from the ‘calmest, coolest, and most collected man in the club!’

    I know you are going to adore my interview with self-proclaimed multi-preneur Dani Zoldan.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/98d7faa0-f66c-11e9-9f28-53f8f8805b40/stripped_e538e8f791a1bc0b8936c80c6fcfb98f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6822892871.mp3 [size] => 67838954 [duration] => 4239.93 [uid] => CSN6822892871 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the120-how-the-pt-barnum-of-the-ny-comedy-scene-keeps-winning-in-business.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/98d7faa0-f66c-11e9-9f28-53f8f8805b40/id3/43db0d88589e01e34180fb136a307c19.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465546 [parentId] => [guid] => 17e5f61a4301487dacde38ebf2b194a8 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • To me, Dani Zoldan is like the P.T. Barnum of...
  • Array ( [id] => 991b8fcc-f66c-11e9-9f28-fbf99133ca80 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:09.700-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:16:05.172-05:00 [title] => THE119: The Direct Path to Investors No Matter The Size of Your Company [pubdate] => 2019-09-19T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/991b8fcc-f66c-11e9-9f28-fbf99133ca80/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 119 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    This episode is our ongoing 8-part series from our time at Podcast Row.

    For the first time in history, the majority of the US population can invest in tech startups.

    In the past, you needed to make at least $250,000 per year plus have $1,000,000 in assets in order to invest in your favorite start-up company.

    Now you can be an angel investor and invest $10, $100, or much more. When you invest in a company via Replublic, you actually own a stake in that company.

    Our guest today is the head of the crowdfunding portal over at Rupublic. Meet Chuck Pettid.

    Whether you are interested in investing in some of your favorite companies, or you want the option to attract potential investors to your company, it’s all possible with the help of Republic.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/991b8fcc-f66c-11e9-9f28-fbf99133ca80/stripped_1fbc5ed12b7b99d388ce21bd2a6acd8b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7480854746.mp3 [size] => 23489305 [duration] => 1468.08 [uid] => CSN7480854746 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the119-the-direct-path-to-investors-no-matter-the-size-of-your-company.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/991b8fcc-f66c-11e9-9f28-fbf99133ca80/id3/c682db25c246bfa63dfca63cce0fdb11.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465474 [parentId] => [guid] => 25c1a560c372458db72c171dc9f2a12c [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • This episode is our ongoing 8-part series from our time...
  • Array ( [id] => 99391f10-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37a75ceccff [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:09.895-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:15:58.977-05:00 [title] => THE118: Your Success Equals Your Level Of Awareness [pubdate] => 2019-09-17T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/99391f10-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37a75ceccff/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 118 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    This is the second episode in our ongoing 8-part series from Podcast Row.

    Your success is directly determined by your level of personal awareness. While that might sound like a bold statement, it’s 100% accurate.

    Personally, I have spent a lifetime living below my ability. Until I was able to make new beliefs about myself (by becoming aware of my false beliefs) my life remained in a frustrating state.

    Our guest today is known as "The Entrepreneur Whisperer" and helps you accelerate your personal and professional growth.

    Ani Manian has spent decades studying how the human mind works, and perfected a set of tools that can help you break free of the programming that limits you & keeps you in a constant state of stress, anxiety, fear & overwhelm, and master your mind so you fall in love with who you really are, feel seen and understood by those around you and actually enjoy the success you have worked so hard for.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99391f10-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37a75ceccff/stripped_a166afae4709ab9707b5482fef84f03e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9068752165.mp3 [size] => 23902666 [duration] => 1493.92 [uid] => CSN9068752165 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the118-your-success-equals-your-level-of-awareness.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99391f10-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37a75ceccff/id3/94a504868f7384e573646e769251d49d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465788 [parentId] => [guid] => 4953bf8fcf784dca8fa1b5691ba38bbf [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • This is the second episode in our ongoing 8-part series...
  • Array ( [id] => 995f22aa-f66c-11e9-9f28-ef3acc2d84a2 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:10.144-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:15:53.710-05:00 [title] => THE117: Propel Your Ideas Into Action [pubdate] => 2019-09-12T11:46:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/995f22aa-f66c-11e9-9f28-ef3acc2d84a2/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 117 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    This is the first episode in our 8-part series of interviews from Podcast Row. Podcast Row is an all day event (created and hosted by Dani Zoldan, owner of Stand Up NY) where podcast hosts get to interview one-on-one a rotating schedule of extraordinary entrepreneurs.

    My guest today is Aaron Price, founder of Propelify. Whether you are currently up and running in your business, or you want to be up and running, Propelify helps you propel your ideas into action. Listen in and discover how Aaron continues to attract over 10,000 attendees to his annual event, including entrepreneurs, investors, top keynote speakers and even the Governor of the state.

    You will be able to apply everything Aaron shares into your own business immediately.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/995f22aa-f66c-11e9-9f28-ef3acc2d84a2/stripped_c314cab3cf4349e2548644324fa2e62b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6114075535.mp3 [size] => 22686823 [duration] => 1417.93 [uid] => CSN6114075535 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the117-propel-your-ideas-into-action.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/995f22aa-f66c-11e9-9f28-ef3acc2d84a2/id3/25c42740b970e61710718f26c2822892.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465356 [parentId] => [guid] => 4b9278de098f47c8ba98600fb80495b5 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • This is the first episode in our 8-part series of...
  • Array ( [id] => 99948d64-f66c-11e9-9f28-a7d1292c142b [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:10.493-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:15:49.057-05:00 [title] => THE116: Overcome Stress and Anxiety Through Your Journey to Cloud Nine [pubdate] => 2019-09-10T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/99948d64-f66c-11e9-9f28-a7d1292c142b/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 116 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is fully invested in making our days and our lives a little bit happier. He is the creator of the #JourneyToCloudNine initiative and set out on a mission to understand happiness in its simplest and most basic form.

    Meet Jordan Gross. I first came across Jordan and his work when I noticed an article he wrote titled: "I Asked 6 Homeless People “What is the Happiest Part of Your Day and The Answers Brought Tears to my Eyes"

    Jordan is a trailblazer for positive change, optimism, and the belief that our daily actions can help us all overcome stress and anxiety. He is also a writer, leadership coach, TEDx speaker, and self-proclaimed multipotentialite.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99948d64-f66c-11e9-9f28-a7d1292c142b/stripped_4ec1cf8365dccf18c2cc5a1bd90f63aa.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7251756497.mp3 [size] => 49638503 [duration] => 3102.41 [uid] => CSN7251756497 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the116--overcome-stress-and-anxiety-through-your-journey-to-cloud-nine.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99948d64-f66c-11e9-9f28-a7d1292c142b/id3/0f7d8ed9fa2d21050ca6d21b7ca668f7.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465280 [parentId] => [guid] => 61e0253098ff4082a1415d74d70b3751 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is fully invested in making our days...
  • Array ( [id] => 99b072d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-633f15b0909b [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:10.676-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:59.455-05:00 [title] => THE115: Her Non-Traditional Life Led To Perfect Success [pubdate] => 2019-09-05T07:23:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/99b072d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-633f15b0909b/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 115 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today has a non-traditional life that led her down the path of being a flight attendant, then joining the Peace Corps, and then getting the shock of her life when she diagnosed with cancer.

    Oh, and to celebrate her 50th birthday, she decided to publicly chronicle her gift to herself, which was riding on the back of a Harley… completely naked.

    (She writes all about it, and shows it, in her articles on Huffington Post, where she is a regular contributor.) 

    Today, as a producer, host and skilled interviewer, Christine Blackburn and her production company, Story Worthy Media, have produced over 540 episodes of her weekly show Story Worthy and dozens of live performances of her gameshow, Story Smash The Storytelling Gameshow!

    She hosted Ready For The Weekend Movies on USA Network for 2 years, performs storytelling all over Los Angeles and has appeared in over 100 commercials.

    Welcome Christine Blackburn.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99b072d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-633f15b0909b/stripped_d503a3f469153d12a65357e510d77bab.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7522029356.mp3 [size] => 45302177 [duration] => 2831.39 [uid] => CSN7522029356 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/the115--her-non-traditional-life-led-to-perfect-success.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99b072d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-633f15b0909b/id3/99a02c73c4a22de7a49bcf5de88535d6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465790 [parentId] => [guid] => 4675af9602614c97b09f6713385bca93 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today has a non-traditional life that led her...
  • Array ( [id] => 99da2bee-f66c-11e9-9f28-730b2a4c8f33 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:10.950-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:54.338-05:00 [title] => THE114: Become Your Superior Self By Finding That Outside Force [pubdate] => 2019-09-03T12:08:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/99da2bee-f66c-11e9-9f28-730b2a4c8f33/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 114 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a self proclaimed blue collar, hard working guy turned entrepreneur. He is the founder and host of Your Superior Self Podcast, a show that features leaders and artists in various industries and shares their stories. It’s a way to help you push past your limits and achieve all you set out to do.

    Trey Downes was like so many Americans, living life on cruise control, with untapped potential and purpose, hoping that retirement was the light at the end of the tunnel.Then something inside of him “WOKE UP”. Trey became obsessed with daily self betterment. He decided that he was no longer going to coast through life until the NEXT weekend or NEXT vacation. He began to find purpose in my 9-to-5 job, understand the value of a good book, and show up happy for his family.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99da2bee-f66c-11e9-9f28-730b2a4c8f33/stripped_f4d3fd29d4dedc4e376d27375750746b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3513270745.mp3 [size] => 61051298 [duration] => 2543.8 [uid] => CSN3513270745 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_114_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/99da2bee-f66c-11e9-9f28-730b2a4c8f33/id3/3ac4457c93e4fcc838fc97421715df84.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465492 [parentId] => [guid] => a7a45a2579da4504a6870ec8929fef0d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a self proclaimed blue collar, hard...
  • Array ( [id] => 9a08de08-f66c-11e9-9f28-233b173f8593 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:11.255-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:48.817-05:00 [title] => THE113: Position Yourself for Luck and Opportunity to Find YOU [pubdate] => 2019-08-29T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9a08de08-f66c-11e9-9f28-233b173f8593/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 113 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    You'll quickly see why this is one of my favorite episodes so far.

    For one reason, it's with my guest Erik Cabral, who clearly is a stand-up guy. He knows business, real estate, and how to win at life.

    The other reason this is one of my favorite episodes is because the first interview you'll hear with Erik and me was recorded in person at his On Air Brands Studio (an amazing space to be).

    Plus, the BONUS 20-minute interview at the end with Erik and me is from the first time we met as part of the extraordinary Podcast Row event in New York.

    Listen in to both sessions and I think you'll agree that it's one of your favorite episodes too!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9a08de08-f66c-11e9-9f28-233b173f8593/stripped_febb790adb6adbb6f1ff36e068943f04.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7470734213.mp3 [size] => 131990674 [duration] => 5499.61 [uid] => CSN7470734213 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_113_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9a08de08-f66c-11e9-9f28-233b173f8593/id3/ccf5a5d8771c8b9bbcfdc0123ec83d70.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465232 [parentId] => [guid] => cc4ce6d065ec493caa722dff29c24a38 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • You'll quickly see why this is one of my favorite...
  • Array ( [id] => 9b5cfc44-f66c-11e9-9f28-83231326fbdb [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:13.484-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:43.606-05:00 [title] => THE112: How To Build Extraordinary Business Relationships [pubdate] => 2019-08-27T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9b5cfc44-f66c-11e9-9f28-83231326fbdb/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 112 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Jason Treu is a leadership and team building coach.

    He spent 15+ years working in marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley working with influential leaders such as Steve Jobs, Reed Hastings and Mark Cuban.

    Jason is the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships, that’s sold more than 60,000 copies.

    He was also a featured speaker at 2017 TEDxWilmington for his talk on, “How to Get CoWorkers to Like Each Other.” His breakthrough employee engagement and team building game Cards Against Mundanity has been played by more than 20,000+ employees. It skyrockets trust in minutes to increase performance and maximize teamwork.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b5cfc44-f66c-11e9-9f28-83231326fbdb/stripped_85d913242ef4c3288985d719f129d290.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8386585085.mp3 [size] => 86357681 [duration] => 3598.24 [uid] => CSN8386585085 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_112_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b5cfc44-f66c-11e9-9f28-83231326fbdb/id3/7c1312278f7fe2108bfdd981bfd13df6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465306 [parentId] => [guid] => 73e2003a4f734c30b1aeb482d451ce24 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Jason Treu is a leadership and team building coach.He spent...
  • Array ( [id] => 9b7bcaa2-f66c-11e9-9f28-63c712e0082d [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:13.687-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:37.235-05:00 [title] => THE111: Identify Cultural Bottlenecks and Blocks To Grow, Scale and Innovate [pubdate] => 2019-08-22T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9b7bcaa2-f66c-11e9-9f28-63c712e0082d/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 111 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    You know that in today’s day and age, change is inevitable. It’s consistent and it happens whether you are ready for it or not.

    Imagine your business proactively responding to change in ways that decrease stress, inspire learning, and promote organizational health. And imagine employees who are engaged and motivated to deliver innovative results on a consistent basis.

    Our guest today knows exactly what it takes to make your company or small business succeed. And it all begins with your culture.

    Claudette Rowley is the CEO of Cultural Brilliance. They help companies discover how their culture holds them back and how it moves them forward. They identify cultural bottlenecks, blocks, and breakdowns. And help you design the culture you need to grow, scale, or innovate.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b7bcaa2-f66c-11e9-9f28-63c712e0082d/stripped_91952839b3b1eb4464f8b7022258ab4a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3305588251.mp3 [size] => 58159856 [duration] => 2423.33 [uid] => CSN3305588251 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_111_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b7bcaa2-f66c-11e9-9f28-63c712e0082d/id3/d45a51049bf3371fb4f1ba433f11cf7d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465514 [parentId] => [guid] => 2379b30c38504ec7814826e5fd915c60 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • You know that in today’s day and age, change is...
  • Array ( [id] => 9b9ec4b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-f7e37b4d9194 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:13.916-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:31.774-05:00 [title] => THE110: Gain Magnetic Influence, Build Meaningful Connections and Create Profitable Publicity [pubdate] => 2019-08-20T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9b9ec4b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-f7e37b4d9194/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 110 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    How would you like to gain magnetic influence, build meaningful connections and create profitable publicity by becoming a radically generous entrepreneur?

    Our guest knows that it’s all possible!

    Meet Paul Edwards. Author of the book Business Beyond Business, a speaker, businessman and bodybuilder based in Olympia, Washington.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b9ec4b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-f7e37b4d9194/stripped_61494065e136219f247014c0a6a88ac3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8079754778.mp3 [size] => 63333982 [duration] => 2638.92 [uid] => CSN8079754778 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_110_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9b9ec4b2-f66c-11e9-9f28-f7e37b4d9194/id3/5912762c94b3a0b4d274bb964decf17d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464640 [parentId] => [guid] => b737a98ce3de4a0e87aab7f6093f5d1d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to gain magnetic influence, build meaningful...
  • Array ( [id] => 9bd523e0-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b19c8dd8966 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:14.271-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:25.165-05:00 [title] => THE109: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version Of You [pubdate] => 2019-08-13T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9bd523e0-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b19c8dd8966/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 109 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    As a high-frequency transformational catalyst, my guest today has dedicated her life to empowering people to free themselves from pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs.

    Through her quantum energy system including her online programs, live events and #1 international bestselling books in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series, she has touched the hearts of people worldwide and helped them to get free to live their brilliance as the best version of who they are.

    The clarity and high-frequency activations and transmissions that Sandra Biskind shares are rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom combined with modern principles of quantum physics.

    Her presence is nonjudgmental, expansive and full of love enabling you to feel safe as you experience massive breakthroughs in every area of your life.

    Welcome Sandra Biskind.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9bd523e0-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b19c8dd8966/stripped_d571383be4bac93e0908cf12e611acf9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4089817325.mp3 [size] => 73050906 [duration] => 3043.79 [uid] => CSN4089817325 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_109_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9bd523e0-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b19c8dd8966/id3/b86a04f83dcc1c575d998d667ca8ae84.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465600 [parentId] => [guid] => f42204ae1f494624afd8880ee79b55ca [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • As a high-frequency transformational catalyst, my guest today has dedicated...
  • Array ( [id] => 9bf7646e-f66c-11e9-9f28-73764dc2c7b0 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:14.496-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:18.914-05:00 [title] => THE108: Rock The Damn Boat and Put Yourself First [pubdate] => 2019-08-08T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9bf7646e-f66c-11e9-9f28-73764dc2c7b0/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 108 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Do you feel that going after what you want is selfish? Would you like to set healthy boundaries without guilt? How about being able to retire your people pleasing and overachieving ways?

    On the outside your life looks perfect. But, deep down inside you know that something is “off”; you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

    You have a momentary thought that maybe you could make a change, but in the end, you don’t dare rock the boat. Afraid that if you did, you would disappoint everyone. Worse yet? If they found out who you really were, no one would love you.

    Sound familiar? That was certainly my world for a long time.

    Our guest today has the antidote and is the bestselling author of Jump … And Your Life Will Appear, Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth, and The New Relationship Blueprint.

    She’s a Master Integrative Life Coach and the creator of the Destination ME Private Coaching Community, guiding clients to live life on their own terms. 

    She was also the Event Director at Hay House from 2002-2014, and now hosts her own weekly call-in radio show Jump Start Your Life on Hay House Radio.

    We are about to discover the steps to make your needs a priority. Our guest wants you to rock the damn boat and put yourself first.

    Welcome Nancy Levin

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9bf7646e-f66c-11e9-9f28-73764dc2c7b0/stripped_71654096229fdd0b19649fa0fdd06594.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7861086293.mp3 [size] => 78418129 [duration] => 3267.42 [uid] => CSN7861086293 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_108_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9bf7646e-f66c-11e9-9f28-73764dc2c7b0/id3/d04518c7d6fe0f5c644d4de941c5316d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466504 [parentId] => [guid] => a73717d14b85458aba2a2c230ef2af0a [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Do you feel that going after what you want is...
  • Array ( [id] => 9c2c7a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-13489bb20c0d [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:14.845-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:12.994-05:00 [title] => THE107: Beautifully Marry The Science of Sales and Influence with Spirituality [pubdate] => 2019-08-06T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9c2c7a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-13489bb20c0d/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 107 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    How would you like to marry the science of sales and influence with spirituality beautifully?

    That’s exactly what our guest today is all about. His unique ability to take complex processes and present them in simple, actionable steps, has translated into bottom-line results for his students.

    Meet Coach Nick. As one of the most captivating trainers to hit the stage, Coach Nick is a dynamic energy that is a highly sought after resource for inspired entrepreneurs around the world who are looking to have a greater impact, grow their missions and create a lifestyle for themselves all at the same time.

    His programs include The Sales Accelerator Program where you can perfect that #1 skill we all need, sales. The Freedompreneurs Club, where you can build your coaching or healing business. And The Servant’s Way, a keynote training perfect for your next event.

    Welcome Nick Pereira

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c2c7a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-13489bb20c0d/stripped_e9835bebf3f97341b09ad51955f09b19.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1557374869.mp3 [size] => 61228094 [duration] => 2551.17 [uid] => CSN1557374869 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_107_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c2c7a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-13489bb20c0d/id3/a8abafb575d21e9a721b3fcf323f4a59.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465746 [parentId] => [guid] => d66b68413e8840d3bb33019346dc8db4 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to marry the science of sales...
  • Array ( [id] => 9c559d2c-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfdb761f0e56 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:15.114-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:07.429-05:00 [title] => THE106: Conscious Millionaire: The Way To Your First Million or Next Million [pubdate] => 2019-08-01T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9c559d2c-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfdb761f0e56/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 106 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, investor, attorney, speaker, visionary strategist, and Founder/CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC, an entrepreneur training, coaching, and wealth product business.

    The Institute’s programs help both start-up and established entrepreneurs create higher profits while achieving a higher purpose.

    A self-made millionaire by his mid-twenties, he holds an MBA, JD, and MS in Psychology. 

    You may very well know his best-selling book, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference” where the author introduces a new universal model that helps entrepreneurs grow their companies while achieving their higher purpose in life.  

    Conscious Millionaire is about creating wealth in ways that are honest, provide high value, and will have a positive impact on today’s society.

    Welcome JV Crum III

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c559d2c-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfdb761f0e56/stripped_d1136327d60426a8bf22084b72371abd.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7996107275.mp3 [size] => 61520875 [duration] => 2563.37 [uid] => CSN7996107275 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_106_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c559d2c-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfdb761f0e56/id3/93395502f182236ef103d3d2382b8c23.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465722 [parentId] => [guid] => 20653663cd21429085e5000a10a0451d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, investor, attorney,...
  • Array ( [id] => 9c770188-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37f96c43643 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:15.333-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:14:02.186-05:00 [title] => THE105: Learn To Receive Clear Messages From Your Spirit Guides and Angels [pubdate] => 2019-07-30T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9c770188-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37f96c43643/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 105 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Ken Lewicki is a Channeler, Reiki Master, and a Past-Life Regression healer. For over a decade, he has honed his spiritual abilities to connect directly with a person’s being, their guides, and the angels and archangels who assist him in determining the exact areas where they need assistance.

    Through one-on-one Skype sessions or in large groups, Ken specializes in teaching people how to connect with their Spirit Guides. These powerful training sessions help clients identify who their guides are and how to receive information from them. It's important to receive clear messages from our guides so they can better assist us in achieving our soul's purpose for incarnating in this lifetime.

    Ken works with his partner Kim Wuirch, author of Waking Up An Empath and Awakened Empath. Together, they do one-on-one healing sessions, training workshops, and spiritual development classes around North America. They offer Infinity Healings where Kim and Ken heal large groups of people. They facilitate leading-edge Channelling workshops, Empath Development courses, and Reiki Master and Akashic Records Certification programs. For bookings, private message them directly through the link below.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c770188-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37f96c43643/stripped_320ebb62e6be8c53d849ac055ac20cb0.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7747790651.mp3 [size] => 68775183 [duration] => 2865.63 [uid] => CSN7747790651 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_105_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c770188-f66c-11e9-9f28-f37f96c43643/id3/6228ba61a4121fa6edf88be30c5a1fda.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466330 [parentId] => [guid] => 0b0b7019283a4b4588d28f0045af06bd [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Ken Lewicki is a Channeler, Reiki Master, and a Past-Life...
  • Array ( [id] => 9c9c0a82-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f65290c749c [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:15.577-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:55.328-05:00 [title] => THE104: Your Clients Don't Know You Exist ~ This is How to Fix That [pubdate] => 2019-07-25T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9c9c0a82-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f65290c749c/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 104 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Does this sound like you? Your product is great. Your service is phenomenal. You could help thousands and be rewarded handsomely. You only have one major problem. This problem is real, and it's personal. You know in your heart, and it hurts.

    Your ideal clients don't know you exist. You aren't loved or hated; you are totally ignored.

    Our guest today has you covered. Meet Tom Schwab.

    Tom knows how to build an online business. He’s done it successfully several times, and now helps others find online success with podcast interview marketing.

    Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. Tom helps you get featured on leading podcasts that your ideal prospects are already listening to.

    He’s the founder of Interview Valet and the author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy, 

    Welcome Tom Schwab.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c9c0a82-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f65290c749c/stripped_8c2363b95c44c04073aada7f5b87c90c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5012699791.mp3 [size] => 77752320 [duration] => 3239.68 [uid] => CSN5012699791 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_104_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9c9c0a82-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f65290c749c/id3/54e25dc19bca073cc6f42a417928a0ab.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465762 [parentId] => [guid] => e34a568dbb914c259c76754d8a558536 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Does this sound like you? Your product is great. Your service...
  • Array ( [id] => 9cdd7ddc-f66c-11e9-9f28-cf43df7a6510 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:16.005-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:50.217-05:00 [title] => THE103: How A Commercial Airline Pilot Created 8 Businesses with No Formal Training [pubdate] => 2019-07-23T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9cdd7ddc-f66c-11e9-9f28-cf43df7a6510/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 103 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today has been a commercial airline pilot for more than 30 years with experience that includes flying the Boeing 757 and 767 airplanes.

    Meet Captain Les Rivera. Captain Les created the Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel Site as a fun hobby, blogging about aviation (airlines) and travel, sharing his solid travel expertise and tips. The site was launched in May of 2018.

    After traveling the entire world many times over, visiting and re-visiting about every country on Earth, Captain Les wanted to share some of his travel and air travel expertise through his site.

    It’s become so much more than hobby, and he also is the creator of the website, HowToSmallBiz.com ~ How to succeed in small business, using street-smart methods.

    Welcome Captain Les Rivera.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9cdd7ddc-f66c-11e9-9f28-cf43df7a6510/stripped_a1f75d90fe244cf3c3b4b15b15565956.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4692862669.mp3 [size] => 71785116 [duration] => 2991.05 [uid] => CSN4692862669 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_103_FInal_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9cdd7ddc-f66c-11e9-9f28-cf43df7a6510/id3/631271976ed6a3789bee800ebf140c2e.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465524 [parentId] => [guid] => 6894437e68ef42dd9969f7f7d1e8a879 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today has been a commercial airline pilot for...
  • Array ( [id] => 9cf9c78a-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab69ad0843e3 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:16.189-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:45.316-05:00 [title] => THE102: Everyday Magnificent: Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life [pubdate] => 2019-07-18T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9cf9c78a-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab69ad0843e3/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 102 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    How would it feel to empty out and move past your own conditioned programs? And to clear out old habitual ways of feeling, being and doing?

    Our guest today has created a portal through which you can indeed meld with the Quantum Field in infinite creativity to achieve a glorious life that you may never even have imagined!

    Meet Gabriela Masala. Her "Everyday Magnificent: Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life" is deceptive. It looks just like a really fun workbook. But in fact, it is a remarkable creative system for opening yourself up to your fullest, greatest expression of what your soul and that Source-Field has in mind for you.

    Everyday Magnificent is designed to lead you in co-creative, superconscious exercises that unleash the power to manifest whatever wants to come forth. It takes you out of your conscious, analytical mind so that you are not bound by what came before, and you are open to what may be.

    A renowned yoga teacher and instructor in mind/body/spirit modalities, Gabriela was a founding member of the Deepak Chopra Center for Well Being and a movement therapist for Canyon Ranch Health resorts.

    Welcome Gabriela Masala.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9cf9c78a-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab69ad0843e3/stripped_9283d0a040d7bac4486f5c5f668935d9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7780790556.mp3 [size] => 67792143 [duration] => 2824.67 [uid] => CSN7780790556 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_102_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9cf9c78a-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab69ad0843e3/id3/1db33dd162210afeb45a3e9179e18289.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466272 [parentId] => [guid] => c8b221e4d2284714855743f3fbfb6f79 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would it feel to empty out and move past...
  • Array ( [id] => 9d2332fa-f66c-11e9-9f28-df986165f9af [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:16.461-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:38.925-05:00 [title] => THE101: Rehumanize Your Business: Start Using Video For Relationships, Not Just Marketing [pubdate] => 2019-07-16T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9d2332fa-f66c-11e9-9f28-df986165f9af/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 101 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Wouldn’t you agree that to be successful you need to truly connect with your prospects or clients? But in today’s inbox, email just doesn’t cut it.

    How frustrating it is when your messages go ignored? Your digital communication should be as warm, personal, and effective as a face-to-face meeting. You need to stand out.

    How? Meet Steve Pacinelli, co-author of the book “Rehumainze Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience” and the Chief Marketing Officer of BombBomb, the tool that makes it easy to build relationships through email, text, and social media. All using the power of video.

    Welcome Steve Pacinelli.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d2332fa-f66c-11e9-9f28-df986165f9af/stripped_6cbf92b774e4d323c4099f79de45ba96.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5661597182.mp3 [size] => 69413407 [duration] => 2892.23 [uid] => CSN5661597182 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_101_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d2332fa-f66c-11e9-9f28-df986165f9af/id3/daf3e8e6886850cd1e561ef8b99b01f7.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465302 [parentId] => [guid] => 1a70169f1276440489239e630d866aea [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Wouldn’t you agree that to be successful you need to...
  • Array ( [id] => 9d3f9ca6-f66c-11e9-9f28-7baa94f9df20 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:16.648-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:32.499-05:00 [title] => THE100: Celebrating The Entrepreneur: Those Who Do What's Needed [pubdate] => 2019-07-11T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9d3f9ca6-f66c-11e9-9f28-7baa94f9df20/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 100 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Where do I begin with my guest today. As we celebrate Episode 100, I’ve not had a guest on more than once. However, our guest today, like much of what he does, breaks that mold.

    This is the 3rd time Michael Marcial is on the show. And really there’s good reason. Michael was my guest for Episode 1, Episode 50, and now Episode 100.

    If you don’t know Michael, he’s the founder of the 5 Figure Work Week, which in part is the largest and fastest growing invite-only paid group on Facebook! Over 3400 members inside.

    Michael dives into the strategies, mindset, actions, and methods that will take you from business idea to ideal business!

    In less than two years since I’ve known Michael, we’ve had hours and hours of conversations, I’ve attended his in person mastermind, he’s partnered with me in Las Vegas to create a mastermind event, and he is my mentor, and friend. He’s literally THE person you’d want on your team someway, somehow.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d3f9ca6-f66c-11e9-9f28-7baa94f9df20/stripped_786eed6751baefd29080670213d639e7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3098713421.mp3 [size] => 93472182 [duration] => 3894.67 [uid] => CSN3098713421 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_100_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d3f9ca6-f66c-11e9-9f28-7baa94f9df20/id3/5330f5acaf9470908574a987a3f2c996.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465822 [parentId] => [guid] => 244681f091e14a2ebf36021e77631514 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Where do I begin with my guest today. As we celebrate...
  • Array ( [id] => 9d6298be-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b1664af171e [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:16.877-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:26.460-05:00 [title] => THE99: A Lesson in Giving: Shape Your Own Life and Write The Next Chapter Today [pubdate] => 2019-07-04T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9d6298be-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b1664af171e/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 99 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is truly one of my favorite people, and one of the most genuine people you’ll ever come across.

    You may know him as the international and New York Times best selling co-author of The Go-Giver (which includes the entire Go-Giver series of books) and, combined, his books have sold more than 3 million copies.

    Funny enough, he never planned to go into business; it just seemed to keep working out that way.

    Meet John David Mann.

    John has been creating careers since he was a teenager. Before turning to business and journalism, he forged a successful career as a concert cellist and prize-winning composer. 

    At age seventeen, he and a few friends started their own high school in New Jersey, and along the way he also founded one food distribution business, one graphic design business, and two publishing companies.

    (Again, all in addition to his now extraordinary career as an esteemed author of some of the world’s most powerful and influential books.)

    His latest book is “The Latte Factor: Why You Don't Have to Be Rich to Live Rich”

    No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, this is the episode for you.

    Welcome John David Mann.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d6298be-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b1664af171e/stripped_30f945c92e504018124962e6796e8c5d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5983093736.mp3 [size] => 79554769 [duration] => 3314.78 [uid] => CSN5983093736 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_099_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d6298be-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b1664af171e/id3/96199a5f82f3ccfbd483a2aea30d1116.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466366 [parentId] => [guid] => 55b59ba023bf4829a8d58c0523aa7e1d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is truly one of my favorite people,...
  • Array ( [id] => 9d8b6a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-c374ef8a91a6 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:17.144-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:21.661-05:00 [title] => THE98: Get Comfortable with Hiring as the Only Option to Scale and Grow Your Business [pubdate] => 2019-07-02T08:47:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9d8b6a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-c374ef8a91a6/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 98 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today started his entrepreneurial journey as a broke college student. Can you relate? And today he is the founder and CEO of the multi-million dollar company, Freeeup.

    Freeeup connects business owners with the top 1% of virtual assistants, freelancers and agencies in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and much more. 

    Meet Nathan Hirsh.

    In 2006, Nathan founded his first online venture out of his college dorm room, selling and buying student textbooks. He grew this to revenue in excess of $25 million on Amazon across a 6 year period while serving over 10,000 customers. But he always had one problem. It took way too long to find talent.

    Nathan is the definition of entrepreneur and I’m excited to learn all I can.

    Welcome Nathan Hirsch.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d8b6a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-c374ef8a91a6/stripped_209a3bb7e3036b2747ee9a01ea6c5dd6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8964024355.mp3 [size] => 71570703 [duration] => 2982.11 [uid] => CSN8964024355 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_098_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9d8b6a8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-c374ef8a91a6/id3/e7c0966e968577bf04c58b1ce600df38.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465532 [parentId] => [guid] => e9340247fd9742f68df0574f3356254d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today started his entrepreneurial journey as a broke...
  • Array ( [id] => 9dc00436-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f769c179956 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:17.489-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:15.654-05:00 [title] => THE97: Be Yourself to Free Yourself [pubdate] => 2019-06-27T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9dc00436-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f769c179956/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 97 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is G. Brian Benson, an award-winning and #1 best-selling author, radio host, actor, filmmaker and TEDx speaker.

    He knows the value of trusting intuition and wants to share his own personal journey of self-growth, discovery and accomplishment to help others re-connect with their own personal truths to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

    As a 4x Ironman triathlete and cross-country bicyclist, Brian knows the value of hard work and never giving up on his dreams, a message he shares with audiences through each of his creative expressions.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9dc00436-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f769c179956/stripped_d0183dacf99be9901b42cbc9d018a519.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8873778940.mp3 [size] => 72084793 [duration] => 3003.53 [uid] => CSN8873778940 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_097_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9dc00436-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f769c179956/id3/10e85c57ce9dbc077c55d56f314d401f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464988 [parentId] => [guid] => 1a6133ace9d046a0bd779824e4fd738d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is G. Brian Benson, an award-winning and...
  • Array ( [id] => 9e40682e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4feb11728857 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:18.329-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:10.741-05:00 [title] => THE96: Rewire Your Negative Thinking With A Fresh Mindset Approach [pubdate] => 2019-06-25T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9e40682e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4feb11728857/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 96 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is one of the UK’s leading mindset expert for entrepreneurs. Simply put, if you don’t understand your mindset then you won’t make it.

    I personally can attest to this since I struggled for years trying to get to that next level, and kept hitting the same wall over and over.

    It wasn’t until I finally understood that I am the common denominator in this and until I change what was going on in my mind, nothing else was going to change.

    I quickly found out through taking practical action that I can not tweak my business unless I tweak my mind.

    Welcome Joe Trodden.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9e40682e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4feb11728857/stripped_a18c8e4546ed5ec1230c3cb7eff78a14.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1231849167.mp3 [size] => 83672502 [duration] => 3486.35 [uid] => CSN1231849167 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_096_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9e40682e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4feb11728857/id3/bdd7b874349dfdbbb9b3c4df7efeb275.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465116 [parentId] => [guid] => bb80d5f77e644e40b87f2e1c48f65c90 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is one of the UK’s leading mindset...
  • Array ( [id] => 9e6fbf8e-f66c-11e9-9f28-231f8caf7132 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:18.638-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:13:04.829-05:00 [title] => THE95: Attract Wealth in All Its Forms [pubdate] => 2019-06-23T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9e6fbf8e-f66c-11e9-9f28-231f8caf7132/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 95 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a nationally recognized expert on angel investing. She literally wrote the book on the topic, “Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.”

    She knows how to match companies with investment capital.

    Meet Karen Rands.

    Her company, Compassionate Capitalist, serves the two sides of the same coin… The investor looking to grow their money in a suitable business venture, and the Entrepreneur who knows how frustrating it is to find the money to grow your business.

    For the entrepreneur, Karen works with you to understand your value proposition and ensure your message is clear. She helps you determine how much capital you need to reach your goals and put a plan in place to get it. Her unique approach will grow your revenue and find the investors interested in your deal.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9e6fbf8e-f66c-11e9-9f28-231f8caf7132/stripped_9028ee7d18d8f87b25acff77bbd4bdb0.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3454496862.mp3 [size] => 68888032 [duration] => 2870.33 [uid] => CSN3454496862 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_095_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9e6fbf8e-f66c-11e9-9f28-231f8caf7132/id3/864c2c2d4e058bcd25b214e2a56cd9b1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465460 [parentId] => [guid] => 920ef9f053c14112845205cbf7e5e1a1 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a nationally recognized expert on angel...
  • Array ( [id] => 9e8a2d88-f66c-11e9-9f28-b79319df3195 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:18.810-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:59.825-05:00 [title] => THE94: How a Former Energy Vampire Transformed Herself and Became A Ray of Light [pubdate] => 2019-06-20T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9e8a2d88-f66c-11e9-9f28-b79319df3195/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 94 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    How do you go from a life absolutely full of chaos in all its forms (all starting from a very young age) to a life today filled with passion, direction, meaning, and a ray of light?

    Our guest today has lived to tell it all!

    Meet Alexis Ray. She was pissed-off for five years, depressed for 30, and thought all happy people were faking it.

    This former self-proclaimed ‘hot mess’ is an ex-drug addict and dreadfully hopeless person who has turned her life around in every way.

    With “Pippi Longstocking” as her childhood inspiration, she sold everything in a yard sale and ran away. She was 26, and her bags had been packed for 20 years.

    This is a story you do not want to miss.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9e8a2d88-f66c-11e9-9f28-b79319df3195/stripped_00da2bce598c4e1903d3eb1dfc69fa4b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9408702615.mp3 [size] => 90568829 [duration] => 3773.7 [uid] => CSN9408702615 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCary_094_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9e8a2d88-f66c-11e9-9f28-b79319df3195/id3/e5186d3d93426d76e4a091c89e275210.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465346 [parentId] => [guid] => b992e83ce5944a32a5b064310032a67b [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How do you go from a life absolutely full of...
  • Array ( [id] => 9eb8602c-f66c-11e9-9f28-336649fd5dd9 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:19.113-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:53.884-05:00 [title] => THE93: Lessons From The Ancient World You Can Apply Today [pubdate] => 2019-06-18T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9eb8602c-f66c-11e9-9f28-336649fd5dd9/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 93 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is an award-winning and bestselling author focusing on mythology and folklore for the modern age. Her series, “Legends of the Grail” includes two highly acclaimed books, Heroines of Avalon and Other Tales and Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses.

    Meet Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan, who obtained her BA with honors at Hollins University, her Masters and Doctorate in Literature from Columbia University and King’s College London.

    After obtaining her Masters in Spiritual Psychology (2006), she began working with individuals and small groups. She loves to assist creative women and men who are beginning to awaken to their True Nature.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9eb8602c-f66c-11e9-9f28-336649fd5dd9/stripped_a638c6fa32c245e4c10dc816715d7c32.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3771799702.mp3 [size] => 80750968 [duration] => 3364.62 [uid] => CSN3771799702 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_093_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9eb8602c-f66c-11e9-9f28-336649fd5dd9/id3/88f2578702f6cd647f9ab0a451117900.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465228 [parentId] => [guid] => 844357673af04ff18c54822dd3d81c7d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is an award-winning and bestselling author focusing...
  • Array ( [id] => 9eda5b8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-d32cf99de580 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:19.336-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:47.951-05:00 [title] => THE92: From Grief to Acceptance: Healing While Honoring Our Loved Ones [pubdate] => 2019-06-16T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9eda5b8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-d32cf99de580/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 92 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Imagine this worst-case scenario… Your sibling goes missing and after a grueling 55-day search, you receive the devastating news that her body has been discovered in the Arizona desert. It’s an apparent murder that to this day remains unsolved.

    You are left with more questions than answers. Further, you work in the State’s prison where showing any kind of emotion or vulnerability is not allowed or encouraged, and is seen as a sign of weakness.

    How in the world do you process this and handle the grief you desperately need to work through?

    This is the real life story of our guest today. Meet Misty Thompson.

    Misty lived through this horrific ordeal and has successfully navigated her way through the grieving process.

    She is the author of the new book From Grief to Acceptance, and an intuitive spiritual life coach. Misty is here to discuss how we can shift the paradigm of judgment through the grieving process to compassion and integrate this as our new norm in life and in business.

    Welcome Misty Thompson.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9eda5b8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-d32cf99de580/stripped_d84bc86c09adf992ea25ccced95b3cca.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7700819032.mp3 [size] => 73038367 [duration] => 3043.27 [uid] => CSN7700819032 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_092_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9eda5b8c-f66c-11e9-9f28-d32cf99de580/id3/0035bba4a7563852a7de623fbd85d8b8.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466018 [parentId] => [guid] => e53d6cd3090249eaa0816127eec67df1 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Imagine this worst-case scenario… Your sibling goes missing and after...
  • Array ( [id] => 9f01fc64-f66c-11e9-9f28-9328a19c7e70 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:19.597-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:42.307-05:00 [title] => THE91: Make Your Mark by Making The Best Choice [pubdate] => 2019-06-13T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9f01fc64-f66c-11e9-9f28-9328a19c7e70/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 91 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is the Owner and Technical Consultant for Anderson Media, a digital media agency based out of Southern California.

    Daniel Anderson’s main focus is on the world of podcasting, where he helps both beginner and seasoned podcast professionals grow and elevate their podcast brand.

    With an extensive background in audio and project management, and a native of Essex, England, Daniel moved to the United States at the age of 17, determined to find the elusive American dream.

    Over 15 years later, his experience in corporate America has allowed him to branch into starting his own business brand.

    Today, Daniel runs Anderson Media with his wife Nicole (a seasoned branding expert and serial entrepreneur) as well as caring for the future CEO's of the company - Jack and Olivia.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f01fc64-f66c-11e9-9f28-9328a19c7e70/stripped_46567a1846c656ce301e31327be465f7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1261822821.mp3 [size] => 75352398 [duration] => 3139.68 [uid] => CSN1261822821 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_091_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f01fc64-f66c-11e9-9f28-9328a19c7e70/id3/a75511c114e11d077c7344d53ced9761.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465492 [parentId] => [guid] => faec3129383f4d8f8ee1cde9e2a85c8e [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is the Owner and Technical Consultant for...
  • Array ( [id] => 9f1d121a-f66c-11e9-9f28-63db35aecbc9 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:19.776-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:37.431-05:00 [title] => THE90: Surprise! You Are In The Personal Brand Business [pubdate] => 2019-06-11T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9f1d121a-f66c-11e9-9f28-63db35aecbc9/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 90 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    No matter the business you are in, you are in the personal brand business. What does this mean?

    Today more than ever, people want to connect with people, and not some big faceless company. Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a team, it’s important to know how you, as a brand, play an important role to the overall health and success of your company.

    I’m excited about this because I am currently living this path. The Hidden Entrepreneur is my business name, it’s my brand, but I know it’s about me, who I am, what I do, how I show up, what I bring to the table, and how I bring it to the table.

    Our guest today also lives this way. She helps people make a full time living through building an online business based upon their passion. She knows it sounds cliché, but it really is possible to center your business around you, your personal brand.

    Meet Lauren Tickner. Founder of Impact School and Online Fitness Business School.

    Impact School is all about personal branding. And Online Fitness Business School is a leading education provider for those who are looking to build a results driven online fitness coaching business.

    Welcome Lauren Tickner.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f1d121a-f66c-11e9-9f28-63db35aecbc9/stripped_c9c9beeefafd8ae4350a3adfb03cecb9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6341059515.mp3 [size] => 65218560 [duration] => 2717.44 [uid] => CSN6341059515 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_090_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f1d121a-f66c-11e9-9f28-63db35aecbc9/id3/cb23d3a0dfa7918759629b787cd0b4a2.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466276 [parentId] => [guid] => 53ff0f4cbd6c45849868fed93ff520c5 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • No matter the business you are in, you are in...
  • Array ( [id] => 9f45e906-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fe8eeb3a71b [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:20.042-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:31.439-05:00 [title] => THE89: Change Is Inevitable: Embrace The Time Between 'What Was' and 'What's Next' [pubdate] => 2019-06-06T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9f45e906-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fe8eeb3a71b/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 89 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    You know those times of change in your life, whether it’s with a job or career, or in a relationship, or a growth and change within yourself, and you find yourself smack in the middle of the familiar and the completely unknown?

    You know that it’s time to move forward, to move on, to leave the familiar or the comfortable behind, but you have no clue what’s ahead.

    And of course that can be scary, frightening, perhaps thrilling, but it’s unknown. And all these emotions kick in. Fear, doubt, concern.

    That space in time when you find yourself in a life transition like that is called a liminal space, the time between the “what was” and the “next.”

    Imagine having the professional guidance to help you navigate successfully through these times of change.

    Our guest today is Executive Director and transition guide at Liminal Space, Jon DeWaal. A place with developed tools, resources, and workshops that help you approach you own liminal space and navigate any life transition with boldness and confidence.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f45e906-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fe8eeb3a71b/stripped_4a61123ab2dffc96a8c5d9ead4e7f575.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4390772613.mp3 [size] => 86746383 [duration] => 3614.43 [uid] => CSN4390772613 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_89_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f45e906-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fe8eeb3a71b/id3/4a146e888b756afd59aa908a14a4dd83.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466014 [parentId] => [guid] => 97b7dce8c96d44df8b197e862c22407a [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • You know those times of change in your life, whether...
  • Array ( [id] => 9f7d4810-f66c-11e9-9f28-97ea189a80a6 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:20.406-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:25.761-05:00 [title] => THE88: Discover Which of The Four Primary Mindsets Fuel Your Success [pubdate] => 2019-06-04T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9f7d4810-f66c-11e9-9f28-97ea189a80a6/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 88 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our mindsets are the mental lenses that shape how you view your world and how you operate within it. Our mindsets fuel our thinking, learning, and behavior. Yet, for most people, it’s something we are not aware of.

    And did you know that there are four primary mindsets that fuel our success?

    Our guest today wants to help you harness this power to reach unprecedented success.

    Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D. is a cutting-edge leadership consultant, trainer, coach, and researcher. He is a leadership mindset pioneer that helps organizations, leaders, and managers identify their current mindsets and then shapes their mindsets to fuel better decision making, growth, and performance.

    Ryan is also a leadership and management professor at California State University-Fullerton (CSUF). He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from Indiana University and is someone amazing to learn from.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f7d4810-f66c-11e9-9f28-97ea189a80a6/stripped_e406667001fb21f23b9bffe86ab833df.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1497806566.mp3 [size] => 78541009 [duration] => 3272.54 [uid] => CSN1497806566 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_088_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9f7d4810-f66c-11e9-9f28-97ea189a80a6/id3/cfdc9e28db8afa3c52fa697d0317ada9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465764 [parentId] => [guid] => 992e70741dc249abb6316af6b1453d66 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our mindsets are the mental lenses that shape how you...
  • Array ( [id] => 9fad6fe0-f66c-11e9-9f28-c3f4e474005f [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:20.721-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:19.534-05:00 [title] => THE87: A Masterclass in Business from The CEO of a 6-Time INC 5000 Company [pubdate] => 2019-06-02T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9fad6fe0-f66c-11e9-9f28-c3f4e474005f/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 87 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Todd Palmer is the collaborative business advisor and CEO of Extraordinary Advisors. Simply put, he helps business leaders Get S#!t Done.

    As the CEO of a 6-time INC 5000 company, Todd knows that business success begins and ends with people.

    People make all of the business decisions regarding strategy, execution, cash and staff.

    Todd isn’t happy until his clients trust themselves as leaders, AND their decisions. He won’t rest until teams trust the leaders AND each other.

    He knows they’ve nailed it when CEOs and their leadership teams take action towards high-level achievement, resulting in clients that trust the company. (Read: more sales, more profits, more partnerships.)

    Todd is also author of the popular book The Job Search Process: Find & Land a Great Job in 6 Weeks or Less.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9fad6fe0-f66c-11e9-9f28-c3f4e474005f/stripped_0868fb6626b59bd385a62969742dfc2b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3523239119.mp3 [size] => 75541733 [duration] => 3147.57 [uid] => CSN3523239119 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_087_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9fad6fe0-f66c-11e9-9f28-c3f4e474005f/id3/9154d8fbb6a5d9408567bd6b00e0132f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465568 [parentId] => [guid] => 2042934c102b4b2eaa0b5fd5c75ab747 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Todd Palmer is the collaborative business advisor and CEO of...
  • Array ( [id] => 9fda58e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b7e2caaa475 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:21.013-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:13.677-05:00 [title] => THE86: Your Gut Health Is A Direct Path To Your Success [pubdate] => 2019-05-30T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9fda58e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b7e2caaa475/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 86 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a graduate communicator from the University of Lima, a yoga instructor and a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

    Her passion for gut health began in the summer of 2018, while she had some gastrointestinal problems even though she was following an "almost perfect" diet.

    Her frustration increased because as far as she knew, she was eating "super healthy". It wasn’t until our guest discovered the study of the human microbiome and decided to venture to know what was happening within our bodies on a bacterial level.

    The results were amazing. Those healthy foods that she consumed in abundance were causing the harm, because she did not have enough bacteria to digest them.

    From that moment, she decided to help more people to discover the exact foods that they should be eating for their unique body makeup.

    Welcome Mariana Doria.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9fda58e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b7e2caaa475/stripped_e30a3dd4e2bdd53980b3d7e18695781b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7583252854.mp3 [size] => 70286106 [duration] => 2928.59 [uid] => CSN7583252854 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_086_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/9fda58e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b7e2caaa475/id3/d66a18c3a2d70230b428312aab45169f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465692 [parentId] => [guid] => f9009d4b2e924fa5b0f9bdbb375e4712 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a graduate communicator from the University...
  • Array ( [id] => a01958d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f085950f17f [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:21.429-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:08.277-05:00 [title] => THE85: The Rockstar Within: It's Never Too Late To Change [pubdate] => 2019-05-28T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a01958d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f085950f17f/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 85 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Luke Watkins used to live his life by three principles: sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll. For decades he rode the ups and downs of drug and alcohol abuse, opened for some of the biggest rockstars in the nation, and lived the so-called life—and didn’t see any reason to change … even when his lifestyle started to threaten his health and impact the lives of those around him.

    But after surviving a potentially deadly accident, Luke made the decision to change his life for the better.

    As he relives his journey, he offers an exceptional glimpse into the mindsets, techniques, and perseverance it takes to make impactful, lasting change to your way of life.

    His story is one of hope, inspiration, and practical solutions to help facilitate change in one’s own life, the lives of others, and, ultimately, the world.

    Most importantly, Luke reminds us all that It’s Never Too Late to make a change—and maybe even learn something in the process.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a01958d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f085950f17f/stripped_b5328362f4ee27ef61791756e1d1519d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4324437665.mp3 [size] => 69336920 [duration] => 2889.04 [uid] => CSN4324437665 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_085_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a01958d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-1f085950f17f/id3/c5526e2af4043e750383d41148c67954.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465808 [parentId] => [guid] => e66c603d54354b8c8d937a82119b9827 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Luke Watkins used to live his life by three principles:...
  • Array ( [id] => a0483f84-f66c-11e9-9f28-4f126b29dba5 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:21.735-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:12:02.105-05:00 [title] => THE84: Become Driven and Become Successful by Being Consistent [pubdate] => 2019-05-26T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a0483f84-f66c-11e9-9f28-4f126b29dba5/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 84 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Does this sound like you… It’s Monday morning. You hit the snooze button at least once, and it takes you an hour just to get out of bed. You are in no mood for the day ahead. The cycle continues.

    You know the deal. You’ve heard it before. Things like “Why stay at a job you despise… Why remain unfulfilled your entire life… Find something that drives you and do that…”

    Sure, but, how do you actually make that happen?

    If these questions have ever filled your head, you are in for an exciting dialogue today!

    Our guest has walked that walk literally and now leads by example. He walked away from a 25-year career while earning a salary of $200,000. And it’s paid off.

    His name is Tony Whatley. He’s the founder of 365 Driven, a mentoring and consulting community for entrepreneurs, and the author of the Amazon #1 Best-Seller, Sidehustle Millionaire.

    He has also founded an online community with over 300,000 registered members and has created both 6-figure and 7-figure online businesses as his side hustles. And this is all just within two years.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0483f84-f66c-11e9-9f28-4f126b29dba5/stripped_99b2f011392b4d2bd8ce8504d08670ea.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7917274706.mp3 [size] => 61864437 [duration] => 2577.68 [uid] => CSN7917274706 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_084_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0483f84-f66c-11e9-9f28-4f126b29dba5/id3/3b41e1b15334075db468666198635abb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466066 [parentId] => [guid] => e02d7fe480ad44b89b38f8f8180e2bce [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Does this sound like you… It’s Monday morning. You hit the...
  • Array ( [id] => a06c4e74-f66c-11e9-9f28-b346b2a9be59 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:21.972-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:50.544-05:00 [title] => THE83: Don't Make A Living, Design A Life (By Doing) [pubdate] => 2019-05-23T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a06c4e74-f66c-11e9-9f28-b346b2a9be59/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 83 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    When was the last time you did something just for the sheer fun of it? Do you find your days are filled with calendar appointments, an inbox of unread emails and an ever-growing to-do list? Have you forgotten to approach life with a childlike enthusiasm? Well, our next guest has the remedy for this.

    Our guest today is Jordan Paris. His approach is unlike other entrepreneurs (myself included) as he believes that curiosity, joy, and love must be at the core of what we do and work should follow after. Innovation is at the heart of most successful businesses and his invigorating methods will help reignite the imagination and creativity in your business.

    His unique approach to life and work is definitely paying off as he is a 21-year-old author, web-developer, podcast host, and former college athlete seen in Men’s Health, Yahoo Finance, and Nasdaq. Jordan’s podcast, Growth Mindset University, was ranked #227 in the iTunes Education category. On the show, he has interviewed stars such as David Meltzer, Mark Manson, Rachel Starr, and Dan Lok. His mantra is best epitomized in his book Growth Mindset University.

    Jordan will summon you to seek your own unique truths. Empower yourself with his mantra: "Don’t make a living, design a life."

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a06c4e74-f66c-11e9-9f28-b346b2a9be59/stripped_2c9e8839319c2ff1123ae7b2582710d3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3596202667.mp3 [size] => 67529456 [duration] => 2813.73 [uid] => CSN3596202667 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_083_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a06c4e74-f66c-11e9-9f28-b346b2a9be59/id3/4cc6569332673ff18b2cdf53000659e9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466410 [parentId] => [guid] => 4bd580e33e2a41ad9c51547207c203d7 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • When was the last time you did something just for...
  • Array ( [id] => a08c4f4e-f66c-11e9-9f28-0b2b00bec21a [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:22.178-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:49.102-05:00 [title] => THE82: You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be [pubdate] => 2019-05-21T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a08c4f4e-f66c-11e9-9f28-0b2b00bec21a/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 82 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    In Our Guests Own Words: "My friend and I were driving home from a road trip. While we were on the I-5 freeway headed through the Grapevine back to Southern California, it started to SNOW. As we were going up a steep hill our car started to slide all over the road. At this point we did not think things could get any worse. But they did….the car started OVERHEATING. 

    Things were getting pretty INTENSE inside the car. My friend decided to throw a napkin over the flashing light that acted as a constant reminder that the engine was overheating. He did this as a way to “IGNORE” the fact the engine was going to blow up. So we continued on our way until a huge cloud of smoke started to come from the engine and the car STOPPED. 

    All of a sudden we were STUCK on the side of the road. It did not take long before we began to freeze our asses off due to the snow. We had no choice left but to call a family member to come RESCUE us. Because we tried to ignore the situation we were in and not seek help sooner, we were stuck for a few hours on the side of the road before help arrived. 

    I tell this story because it is the story of my life. I have put myself into positions that I could of AVOIDED, ignore multiple WARNING signs in many areas of my life, been stuck and unable to move FORWARD, needed to be RESCUED more times than I would like to admit."

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a08c4f4e-f66c-11e9-9f28-0b2b00bec21a/stripped_655f01b6e3cb216fd3137cadacb642a8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4048763910.mp3 [size] => 67468016 [duration] => 2811.17 [uid] => CSN4048763910 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_082_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a08c4f4e-f66c-11e9-9f28-0b2b00bec21a/id3/eb8a03d7af7019918dbc78f7a48af9ab.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466606 [parentId] => [guid] => 1c7c7c6f84324b7bb3124f719572447c [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • In Our Guests Own Words: "My friend and I were...
  • Array ( [id] => a0a46be2-f66c-11e9-9f28-3b0c24948ab8 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:22.339-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:40.160-05:00 [title] => THE81: Clarity is Divinity: The Clearer You Can Get, The Better You Can Get [pubdate] => 2019-05-20T13:07:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a0a46be2-f66c-11e9-9f28-3b0c24948ab8/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 81 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Emerald GreenForest is one of America’s Premier Experts on creating conscious change. She is a connector and catalyst for the Creative Age Leader™. She established an international reputation as an author of 7 books & contributing author to another 15. As an online and offline speaker she presented over 500 times in 10 years and shared both Live & “virtual” stages with luminaries like John Assaraf a star in the blockbuster movie “The Secret” and NY Times Best Selling Authors like Sark and Marianne Williamson.

    GreenForest is the creator of multi sensory, interactive live & virtual experiences that catapult the Creative Age Leader™ into their grandest adventure by expanding their consciousness, elevating their perspective & activating them to align and take action so they can leverage their connections, creativity, and capital in a revolutionary manner.

     She is also the executive producer & hostess of the Itunes Top 200 Ranked Men On Purpose Podcast & facilitator of exclusive, invitation only, total immersion Leading Like A Legend retreats designed to forge collaborative bonds and coalesce capital and creativity to launch or further your legendary vision and bring it fully to life. Emerald is the perfect mentor to hire for the leader who has made the money and now wants to make their most meaningful mark.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0a46be2-f66c-11e9-9f28-3b0c24948ab8/stripped_8ef0b78003378968aa697bb0a16bc66d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2054673038.mp3 [size] => 69087399 [duration] => 2878.64 [uid] => CSN2054673038 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_081_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0a46be2-f66c-11e9-9f28-3b0c24948ab8/id3/b88242616a133183a9df3ea0e5675aae.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466646 [parentId] => [guid] => bda9771770e3420e9f5358826dda10e9 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Emerald GreenForest is one of America’s Premier Experts on creating...
  • Array ( [id] => a0c8041c-f66c-11e9-9f28-b7d7a994e55d [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:22.574-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:34.403-05:00 [title] => THE80: Superhero Academy: Discover Your Gift, Share With The World [pubdate] => 2019-05-16T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a0c8041c-f66c-11e9-9f28-b7d7a994e55d/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 80 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Would you like to enter a state of being that empowers and encourages you to spread your unique gifts to the world?

    That's exactly what our guest today has set out to do. Meet Marc Angelo, the founder of Superhero Academy, a school dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and influencers through their “hero’s journey”. The place to discover their gifts and bring them out to the world.

    Marc is a philanthropreneur, a story teller, and a movement maker, including inspiring movements of sustainability.

    When Marc's not being an inspirational business leader, he’s a marketing guru, consultant, and sustainability geek!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0c8041c-f66c-11e9-9f28-b7d7a994e55d/stripped_c44782f9d0b29883ae9ae041d99e38fe.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5066408131.mp3 [size] => 76237635 [duration] => 3176.57 [uid] => CSN5066408131 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_080_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0c8041c-f66c-11e9-9f28-b7d7a994e55d/id3/87300669367870487b33401b298933ec.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465226 [parentId] => [guid] => 66ed0687f0a344a4b8e63b56a0c28f8c [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Would you like to enter a state of being that...
  • Array ( [id] => a0e0652a-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b152563e39d [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:22.733-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:30.759-05:00 [title] => THE79: Release The Pain of Past Relationships By Rewiring Your Brain [pubdate] => 2019-05-14T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a0e0652a-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b152563e39d/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 79 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    If you have struggled finding, holding or maintaining deep, safe and long lasting love in your life, you may be very surprised at the reason.

    It's not because you've been jinxed, or the lovers you've attracted have been selfish and insensitive, or your partner no longer cares the way he or she did.

    It's because your brain has been mis-programmed. That's according to the vast research done by relationship counselor Dr. Gary Salyer in his breakthrough new book, “Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Create the Love You Deserve.”

    The book is about rewiring your brain to allow a safe, secure and long lasting love to be yours. This is applicable for singles -- and for couples who have lost the passion.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0e0652a-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b152563e39d/stripped_db3885a2da9a3c67643178a38479374b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6878048784.mp3 [size] => 94183758 [duration] => 3924.32 [uid] => CSN6878048784 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_079_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a0e0652a-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b152563e39d/id3/1f6bd020bbcb36e32ecc67a37cc02fad.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465424 [parentId] => [guid] => a9c94a46997e41afabd1e254f490267c [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • If you have struggled finding, holding or maintaining deep, safe...
  • Array ( [id] => a1026184-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b37f34353f0 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:22.956-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:22.837-05:00 [title] => THE78: Find and Celebrate Your Gutsy Side [pubdate] => 2019-05-12T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a1026184-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b37f34353f0/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 78 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is here to get you out of your head and into your passion! She is a self-proclaimed inspiration junkie, thrill seeker, and fellow entrepreneur. She is the owner and Creative Director of Worx, a graphic design studio that helps you bring your big ideas to life through branding, website, and marketing campaigns.

    They exist solely to get others as pumped about your brand as you are.

    Get this… She started this business 11 years ago when she quit her job while 6 months pregnant with her son.

    Laura Wallace is also the host of The Gutsy Podcast, your weekly guide to getting out of your head and back to your goals as a passionate business rock star.

    Why? Because she knows that being an entrepreneur can be incredibly rewarding, while also making you want to pull your hair out.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1026184-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b37f34353f0/stripped_a764ede9163823292da109db7d8c0604.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4450619359.mp3 [size] => 76149237 [duration] => 3172.88 [uid] => CSN4450619359 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_078_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1026184-f66c-11e9-9f28-7b37f34353f0/id3/58ea461aad3226103a93f791369b898f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465494 [parentId] => [guid] => d65e9df011d54cacac51e7ce8c168589 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is here to get you out of...
  • Array ( [id] => a12055d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-9ffec2b77572 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:23.152-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:16.453-05:00 [title] => THE77: From Musician to Medical Doctor: Taking an Honest Look Within [pubdate] => 2019-05-09T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a12055d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-9ffec2b77572/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 77 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    #77: Our guest today is a Writer. Film Director. Actor. Music Producer. And… wait for it, Emergency Room Physician. Born and raised in New York City, Dr. Seku Gathers' fascination with creativity in all its forms began at an early age. Thought of by family as “the strange kid”, he would often be seen walking around, carrying a small keyboard, creating songs and singing out loud to himself.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a12055d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-9ffec2b77572/stripped_1b1179b1b9b26cf53592895f403b97f7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7254234785.mp3 [size] => 70403343 [duration] => 2933.47 [uid] => CSN7254234785 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_077_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a12055d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-9ffec2b77572/id3/82b49006842b8d4b0a0f99487fb404fb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464696 [parentId] => [guid] => 8dda32a704324c0a8efbca923430106b [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • #77: Our guest today is a Writer. Film Director. Actor....
  • Array ( [id] => a1370c9a-f66c-11e9-9f28-a325bc862139 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:23.303-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:10.382-05:00 [title] => THE76: Here's How To Play So Much Bigger Than You Believe [pubdate] => 2019-05-07T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a1370c9a-f66c-11e9-9f28-a325bc862139/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 76 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    #76: Our guest today is a business strategist and mindset coach on a mission to help female entrepreneurs live their best lives by creating wildly profitable businesses. After 10 successful years in the marketing agency world, Kathryn Binkley ventured out to truly take control of the impact she could have on women craving success, flexibility, happiness and financial freedom. And she hasn’t looked back since.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1370c9a-f66c-11e9-9f28-a325bc862139/stripped_a4802c0857c268eb31e88890b83ba78b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8547489413.mp3 [size] => 74319830 [duration] => 3096.66 [uid] => CSN8547489413 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_076_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1370c9a-f66c-11e9-9f28-a325bc862139/id3/493a47ceec017bea917ce87072abf0cc.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464714 [parentId] => [guid] => 01a75bc410574afdb7ce4d8d05eb5637 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • #76: Our guest today is a business strategist and mindset...
  • Array ( [id] => a151c148-f66c-11e9-9f28-3f543c5dd1f9 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:23.477-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:11:04.682-05:00 [title] => THE75: Making The Seemingly Tough Choices To Rediscover Your Full Potential [pubdate] => 2019-05-05T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a151c148-f66c-11e9-9f28-3f543c5dd1f9/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 75 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    #75: Our guest today, in part, describes herself as an ordinary human, whose journey of self-discovery has led her through a great transformation, allowing her to connect with the very essence of who she is, and letting her light shine brightly in the universe. The theme of the show is all about Self-Discovery, which is becoming aware of your own true potential, character, and motives.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a151c148-f66c-11e9-9f28-3f543c5dd1f9/stripped_4ea09ecddaa6776e0b32d68aa435598c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9463044534.mp3 [size] => 69960724 [duration] => 2915.03 [uid] => CSN9463044534 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_075_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a151c148-f66c-11e9-9f28-3f543c5dd1f9/id3/05f62c2a959d6deaf206b2d1edcbd60c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464702 [parentId] => [guid] => 70c94a1275434a638cd956bcbea14124 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • #75: Our guest today, in part, describes herself as an...
  • Array ( [id] => a1717768-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b981c770283 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:23.683-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:10:58.442-05:00 [title] => THE74: Don't Try Harder, Try Differently [pubdate] => 2019-05-02T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a1717768-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b981c770283/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 74 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today has been helping helping small, medium and large businesses improve on minimal budgets for over 13 years. A graduate of Baruch College Zicklin School of Business in New York, Estie Rand is also a Certified Professional Coach.

    After spending many years in the non-profit industry, Estie founded Strand Consulting to bring her skills of doing more with less to small business owners.

    Estie now enjoys every minute of her work helping others reach their earning potential, maximizing themselves, their time and of course, their profits.

    Her first foray into the business world was at the ripe old age of 10.

    Welcome Estie Rand.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1717768-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b981c770283/stripped_11735cfc5351efdc441ba9f504813d88.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3218545174.mp3 [size] => 79297097 [duration] => 3304.05 [uid] => CSN3218545174 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_074_FInal_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1717768-f66c-11e9-9f28-2b981c770283/id3/6654daee12d1d6582727dda6f1b4078e.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465184 [parentId] => [guid] => 531a2c4f75b941c1bc3c30274f526aff [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today has been helping helping small, medium and...
  • Array ( [id] => a190520a-f66c-11e9-9f28-27252389b898 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:23.884-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:10:52.361-05:00 [title] => THE73: Be The Kind Of Person You Want To Be Around [pubdate] => 2019-04-30T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a190520a-f66c-11e9-9f28-27252389b898/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 73 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Imagine for a second if there was an app available to improve your personal relationship by developing the habits that lead to deeper connection and greater intimacy — all while having fun!

    Can’t be done, you say! Well, would you believe it’s already been done. I am talking about The Connection App, which was made specifically for those in a relationship — providing habit-forming Challenges designed to lead to deeper personal connections and intimacy.

    For the record, this not only improves personal relationships but imagine what it can do for your business.

    Our guests today are the creators of The Connection App.

    Rnold Smith is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and consultant who specializes in behavior transformation. As an entrepreneur, focuses on solving complex problems with simple solutions.

    And Michelle Falcone is a life and business coach who believes in the potential of every human being and is committed to helping those she works with to obtain a life they love.

    Welcome Rnold Smith and Michelle Falcone.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a190520a-f66c-11e9-9f28-27252389b898/stripped_49d1b850d5d76ccad7a6f08402c787aa.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1990748817.mp3 [size] => 87522533 [duration] => 3646.77 [uid] => CSN1990748817 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_073_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a190520a-f66c-11e9-9f28-27252389b898/id3/506a61c1ac56cb5835bcabdee931d266.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466002 [parentId] => [guid] => 8df35ff617f449bca0ffbfaec28e1434 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Imagine for a second if there was an app available...
  • Array ( [id] => a1b0d250-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfddf854726e [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:24.097-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:10:45.864-05:00 [title] => THE72: The Magic of Mindset: A Magician's Journey to Help You Break Free [pubdate] => 2019-04-28T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a1b0d250-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfddf854726e/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 72 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a professional magician who had her first contact with magic at the age of 4 and her first stage appearance at age 7. She is a member of the magic circle and studied all fields of magic - especially mentalism and hypnotism.

    She has since created a business around doing magic by becoming an author, speaker, consultant and podcast host.

    She speaks on The Magic Of Mindset, digging into why some people are thriving in life while others are trapped in repeating patterns?

    The answer, she has found, is in the mindset.

    When you learn some mind tricks on how to hack your own mind, everything will change. It can happen in an instant. Get ready to experience a new kind of magic by changing your perceptions and turning into the magician in your own life.

    Welcome Jennifer Royal.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1b0d250-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfddf854726e/stripped_6930f53af22297fa88429050a0ee404f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3662864019.mp3 [size] => 68906840 [duration] => 2871.12 [uid] => CSN3662864019 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_072_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1b0d250-f66c-11e9-9f28-cfddf854726e/id3/319091432452dd04a50e698b0c7ea6d0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465570 [parentId] => [guid] => aa47fd3034cd46c6b3e126fe7644a0aa [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a professional magician who had her...
  • Array ( [id] => a1c9d386-f66c-11e9-9f28-0744cd113916 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:24.261-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:10:39.669-05:00 [title] => THE71: Your Future Depends on What You Do Today [pubdate] => 2019-04-25T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a1c9d386-f66c-11e9-9f28-0744cd113916/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 71 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is co-author of the book WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY, an Amazon #1 New Release in category, and is about the Old Story of Profit First coming to an end and it must be replaced by the New Story of Purpose First if we are to prosper.

    The old triple bottom line of 'profit, people, planet' is transitioning into the new bottom line of 'planet, people, profit'. Why? It’s very simple—no planet, no people. And no people, no profit. As there is no time like now. The book provides 3 sequential steps to follow your path into the new story and to achieve this transition successfully:

    1. PURPOSE—the why of our lives and the unique gifts we have to offer.

    2. PLACE—with whom and where to best share those gifts.

    3. PRACTICE—how and when to best share those gifts.

    I can’t wait to dig into this.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1c9d386-f66c-11e9-9f28-0744cd113916/stripped_b63d4b6bb823a5a085713d445ccc6f18.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1860975285.mp3 [size] => 58390569 [duration] => 2432.94 [uid] => CSN1860975285 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_071_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1c9d386-f66c-11e9-9f28-0744cd113916/id3/651efd0baead74a12553f31514de1463.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465528 [parentId] => [guid] => 3377c387deec460dba0b0d08471a665d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is co-author of the book WORK THE...
  • Array ( [id] => a1f64394-f66c-11e9-9f28-17471ceb1e62 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:24.553-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:08:41.914-05:00 [title] => THE70: Don't Be Afraid Anymore To Speak Your Truth [pubdate] => 2019-04-23T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a1f64394-f66c-11e9-9f28-17471ceb1e62/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 70 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our guest today is a destination wedding photographer, and a very skilled one at that I might add. She began travelling at 6 months old sitting on her mom’s lap, and her passion was born.

    Today, she’s been a self employed wedding photographer for 13 years. When she started her business in 2005, she was in an abusive relationship with a raging alcoholic.

    She supported them both on a budding entrepreneur salary, working two jobs to make ends meet. When she left her abuser, her business flourished and she became a top wedding photographer in San Diego and now makes six figures several years in a row.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1f64394-f66c-11e9-9f28-17471ceb1e62/stripped_67d0c3a4ebdf872447f08cede5a6ee2a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1681568875.mp3 [size] => 60265743 [duration] => 2511.07 [uid] => CSN1681568875 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_070_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a1f64394-f66c-11e9-9f28-17471ceb1e62/id3/ea28524fd183765bff3f9c7aa2bfb5b6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465108 [parentId] => [guid] => c527e37e7b78497b8b23ae1e4a9ee933 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our guest today is a destination wedding photographer, and a...
  • Array ( [id] => a211e554-f66c-11e9-9f28-93dee16da0ee [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:24.737-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:08:35.395-05:00 [title] => THE69: Finally Feel Good About Sales [pubdate] => 2019-04-21T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a211e554-f66c-11e9-9f28-93dee16da0ee/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 69 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    After consciously choosing entrepreneurship as a means to create a better life for his family, Chris realized that negative beliefs about sales were holding him back from taking his ventures to the next level.

    He saw this as a major hurdle to not only his businesses but the businesses of virtually every other entrepreneur. Chris went to work on himself and found a way to sell that felt right.

    By shifting his mind-set, Chris was able to transform his “inner game” and use his innate values and talents to become a top sales professional.

    Chris inspires entrepreneurs and sales professionals to deal with the paradigms that hold them back. Now let him inspire you!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a211e554-f66c-11e9-9f28-93dee16da0ee/stripped_82fda57d1c20893fc4950d766b71c733.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8814037381.mp3 [size] => 76047673 [duration] => 3168.65 [uid] => CSN8814037381 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_069_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a211e554-f66c-11e9-9f28-93dee16da0ee/id3/3b5e64317bc223e845988f6e6ab2c547.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465216 [parentId] => [guid] => db805bbfc39a4c6d9191258a3aed6ba5 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • After consciously choosing entrepreneurship as a means to create a...
  • Array ( [id] => a232d426-f66c-11e9-9f28-4ffc893a7e01 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:24.952-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:08:30.000-05:00 [title] => THE68: Getting Your Business to Align With Your Lifestyle [pubdate] => 2019-04-18T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a232d426-f66c-11e9-9f28-4ffc893a7e01/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 68 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Madeleine Lambert is a world-traveller who, a couple of years ago, decided to settle with her partner in the small tourist town of Collingwood, Ontario. Since moving there, she has launched a business and grown it to $50k monthly revenue.

    Her company, Content Refined, is a complete end-to-end content marketing company.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a232d426-f66c-11e9-9f28-4ffc893a7e01/stripped_926ee64373fec230e708b2fecce37c72.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8197314023.mp3 [size] => 71832764 [duration] => 2993.03 [uid] => CSN8197314023 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_068_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a232d426-f66c-11e9-9f28-4ffc893a7e01/id3/052aaffdcc8b288321051bbed4e97626.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464542 [parentId] => [guid] => 118a2f087adf422293405260a66b94b6 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Madeleine Lambert is a world-traveller who, a couple of years...
  • Array ( [id] => a25ad2a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-4bb7e2471308 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:25.213-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:08:17.480-05:00 [title] => THE67: Vulnerability is Sexy, and Other Ways to Tell Your Story [pubdate] => 2019-04-16T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a25ad2a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-4bb7e2471308/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 67 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Corey Blake began his storytelling career as an actor, starring in one of the 50 greatest super bowl commercials of all time (Mountain Dew, Bohemian Rhapsody) and in campaigns for American Express, Miller Beer, Mitsubishi, Wrigley's Gum, Hasbro, and other name brands.

    Today, Corey is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC). He has been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and his work in storytelling has been quoted/featured in the New York Times, USA Today, and Inc., Forbes, and Wired Magazines.

    Corey pioneered the business comic book, packaging and publishing dozens of titles—including best sellers by Tony Hsieh, Marshall Goldsmith, and Robert Cialdini—and has spent over a decade guiding CEOs, founders, and thought leaders to set up a storytelling ecosystem around their brand, including writing the book they were born to write.

    He is an avid supporter and sponsor of Conscious Capitalism, and the publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press. His work has yielded 15 Independent Publisher Awards, a Belding, a Bronze Lion, and a London International Advertising Award. His articles have been published in Writer Magazine, and on FastCompany, Forbes.com and The Huffington Post. He is also the creator of the Vulnerability Wall—whose clients include Microsoft, ADP, Marketo, and Workday—and the Vulnerability is SexyTM card game. His documentary of the same name won 2017 ADDY and HERMES awards for branded content. Corey travels around the country delivering keynotes and facilitating storytelling workshops for organizations of all sizes.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a25ad2a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-4bb7e2471308/stripped_f9d425b4deabd9b72112fb4b1526ece7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2662478424.mp3 [size] => 81511444 [duration] => 3396.31 [uid] => CSN2662478424 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_067_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a25ad2a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-4bb7e2471308/id3/295a7582621123a151be5283a3b7fb68.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467080 [parentId] => [guid] => 22d36719ff6944a79d8675a39fe20683 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Corey Blake began his storytelling career as an actor, starring...
  • Array ( [id] => a28c9d30-f66c-11e9-9f28-9bd4d4b802db [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:25.540-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:08:10.942-05:00 [title] => THE66: Love Your Life, Love Your Work: Your Hands Tell The Story [pubdate] => 2019-04-14T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a28c9d30-f66c-11e9-9f28-9bd4d4b802db/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 66 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    A MASTER Scientific Hand Analyst and Purpose & Law of Attraction Coach featured in a FORBES article about her work, Jayne Sanders helps leaders, business owners, and managers love their lives and their work.

    After an MBA and many years in the corporate world, Jayne did a complete 180 and now reveals your innate purpose, special gifts, and blind spots, then guides you into the inspired meaning, passion and fulfillment you crave in life and work. Corporate and team benefits are numerous as well.

    When not doing her purpose work, Jayne can be found out on the trail riding her beautiful Arabian/Appaloosa horse, Darby, or eating dark chocolate.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a28c9d30-f66c-11e9-9f28-9bd4d4b802db/stripped_e0afc4ee58949865cfdea764cb1478ca.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5943813157.mp3 [size] => 66857378 [duration] => 2785.72 [uid] => CSN5943813157 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_066_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a28c9d30-f66c-11e9-9f28-9bd4d4b802db/id3/689c5b97f25e9e0356c6de135f0f6479.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465228 [parentId] => [guid] => db0b7fe0491a44b58a163d53208ef1b9 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • A MASTER Scientific Hand Analyst and Purpose & Law of...
  • Array ( [id] => a2b1d56e-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffa446509cef [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:25.784-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:08:05.392-05:00 [title] => THE65: Stand Out in a Crowded Business and Social World [pubdate] => 2019-04-11T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a2b1d56e-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffa446509cef/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 65 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Vin Clancy was on welfare four years ago, living off government assistance.

    He launched two websites that received over 20 million visitors, two rounds of funding, and got into the TechStars accelerator.

    After starting a six-figure copywriting and growth hacking agency, Vin started teaching others how to gain traffic, followers, and users without spending large amounts of money.

    In the last year, his book on innovative marketing (growth hacking), launched on Kickstarter, raised over $100,000 in pre-orders, and he completed a 100-date speaking tour.

    If you’re looking to grow or start a business, Vin Clancy can teach you the secret strategies he used to do all of the above, as well as the latest techniques that are working right now.

    This is Vin's story.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a2b1d56e-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffa446509cef/stripped_96264df14c54d4534973e0f39b18ba2d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1073043921.mp3 [size] => 58561097 [duration] => 2440.05 [uid] => CSN1073043921 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_65_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a2b1d56e-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffa446509cef/id3/a29b0af5200a5b3eed0ba73ea4b40523.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465470 [parentId] => [guid] => 2b175a96383544ebb4103aa254fc0e48 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Vin Clancy was on welfare four years ago, living off...
  • Array ( [id] => a2ca1886-f66c-11e9-9f28-d7edc9079c0c [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:25.944-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:08:00.462-05:00 [title] => THE64: Do Less and Become Replaceable is The Secret Sauce [pubdate] => 2019-04-09T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a2ca1886-f66c-11e9-9f28-d7edc9079c0c/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 64 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Ari is the best-selling author of "The Art of Less Doing", and "The Replaceable Founder." He is a self-described Overwhelmologist whose insights into personal and professional productivity have earned him the title, "The Guru's Guru."

    He can be heard on the award-winning Less Doing Podcast, on international stages speaking to thought leaders and influencers, and for those who prefer the written word, Ari's blog posts on Medium offer immediate and actionable advice for entrepreneurs seeking replaceability.

    Less Doing helps successful entrepreneurs who have opportunity in excess of what their infrastructure will support by coaching them to create systems that empower their team so they can become more replaceable in their business.

    They want to create a world where entrepreneurs can focus solely on what they do best, have the flexibility to create businesses with maximum impact, and have the freedom to live lives fully congruent with their definition of success.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a2ca1886-f66c-11e9-9f28-d7edc9079c0c/stripped_18d0f5dc3d0d8e8db41b1e6593165334.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4619996707.mp3 [size] => 45088809 [duration] => 1878.7 [uid] => CSN4619996707 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_64_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a2ca1886-f66c-11e9-9f28-d7edc9079c0c/id3/da334f922b017eee53b9e6a0f61898d3.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465874 [parentId] => [guid] => e67f24be3d89456293a8e7e9f3089b5e [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Ari is the best-selling author of "The Art of Less...
  • Array ( [id] => a2ee336a-f66c-11e9-9f28-c74cc24d9f8b [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:26.179-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:54.059-05:00 [title] => THE63: Serving and Giving Instead of Acquiring and Getting [pubdate] => 2019-04-04T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a2ee336a-f66c-11e9-9f28-c74cc24d9f8b/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 63 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    For nearly two decades, Jonathan Masiulionis has been helping authors, speakers, coaches, teachers, healers, and even professional wrestlers promote their talents and expand their audiences.

    His ability to highlight the best of what an artist brings to the table is uniquely exceptional. With the power of enthusiasm and determination, Jonathan is a seasoned professional at taking ideas and turning them into realities.

    As a publicist for inspirational and children’s authors, Jonathan understands the challenges that aspiring and rising artists face, as they step out in faith and follow their own paths of service.

    He uses his networking savvy, well-developed organizational skills, and powerful positive energy to promote and establish name recognition for all of his clients.

    A true partner in promotion, Jonathan empowers his clients with the personal attention and dedicated support they need to fulfill their dreams and expand the reach of their work.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a2ee336a-f66c-11e9-9f28-c74cc24d9f8b/stripped_2c6f2b976088387d8fcc230e82639576.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6514499907.mp3 [size] => 88992705 [duration] => 3708.03 [uid] => CSN6514499907 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_63_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a2ee336a-f66c-11e9-9f28-c74cc24d9f8b/id3/8284f489f6ca2928913632f23df6868c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465858 [parentId] => [guid] => 8d10600d492b403bb20f233a81f22afc [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • For nearly two decades, Jonathan Masiulionis has been helping authors,...
  • Array ( [id] => a3191ef4-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b3d4e17e5d9 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:26.461-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:48.647-05:00 [title] => THE62: Feeling Isolated Yet Knowing What You Have To Give The World [pubdate] => 2019-04-02T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a3191ef4-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b3d4e17e5d9/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 62 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Amanda Johnson considers herself a bit of a nomad—born and raised in the Midwest, lived in 9 cities, and spent time in 14 countries and 32 states (not counting the ones she drove or walked through while hiking the entire Appalachian Trail).

    Her nomadic journey has offered her a key lesson: freedom can only be found within.

    Amanda is the author of Becoming Enough: A Heroine’s Journey to the Already Perfect Self and founder of Awaken Village Press, a companion publisher with a mission to support authors reveal and express their story in service of greater liberation for all.

    She has spent the past 5 years as a devoted writer, mentor, and radio show host after more than 10 years of experience performing, educating, facilitating, and consulting.

    Her passion for inspiring others—be it a 2nd-grader or a CEO—and ability to connect with those she interacts with are unleashed by her wit, charm, and eloquence, making her message resonate deeply with her audience—to reveal and express more of who you truly are.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3191ef4-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b3d4e17e5d9/stripped_0a565b92c074f4a130a7ec6de91e05b3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3501299144.mp3 [size] => 68210311 [duration] => 2842.1 [uid] => CSN3501299144 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_062_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3191ef4-f66c-11e9-9f28-9b3d4e17e5d9/id3/e54782c6947f8023620bf5e3a7428f82.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465988 [parentId] => [guid] => fbe29c673083482ea2016db7f959eafd [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Amanda Johnson considers herself a bit of a nomad—born and...
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    Do you ever find yourself asking the BIG question about life, “Is this all there is?” I know we’ve all been there at one time or another and our guest today is no different.

    Not long after her chronically ill son was born, Maggie Kelly became disillusioned, heartbroken and aimless. She found herself questioning what her life’s purpose is and set out to change her mindset and begin to live a life illuminated!

    She has since studied meditation under Deepak Chopra and now owns the beautiful Satsang House Meditation Community in the north county San Diego area.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3416a94-f66c-11e9-9f28-fbe6bcaea50d/stripped_fa75547e52dc8d2dc0398f829e9b229d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7341909593.mp3 [size] => 86308153 [duration] => 3596.17 [uid] => CSN7341909593 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_061_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3416a94-f66c-11e9-9f28-fbe6bcaea50d/id3/ba29584c75dfa482682c12b4779ea639.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465048 [parentId] => [guid] => 8448c438b2354a83a13c88a9074bcf8f [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Do you ever find yourself asking the BIG question about...
  • Array ( [id] => a358e124-f66c-11e9-9f28-9fea1827efa4 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:26.879-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:34.947-05:00 [title] => THE60: You Better Believe You Can Go The Extra Mile and Do More Than Expected [pubdate] => 2019-03-26T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a358e124-f66c-11e9-9f28-9fea1827efa4/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 60 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Shawn Anderson is a 7-time motivational author, international keynote speaker, and a results-producing people builder. His "go the extra mile" philosophy and ability to produce winning results have been praised by political leaders, Olympic Gold Medal and world record holders, and media outlets around the world.

    An entrepreneur since the age of 10 when he started a business selling worms to fishermen, Shawn has continued by building businesses and organizing events that make a difference in how people think. 

    Shawn is the Founder of Extra Mile America and the creator of "Extra Mile Day" in the United States......a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change in our families, our organizations, our communities and ourselves when we "go the extra mile."

    On November 1, 2017, 527 cities made the unique declaration and recognized the superstar volunteer heroes in their communities.

    When it comes to living the life he loves, this #1 best-selling "Motivation" and "Self-help" author walks the talk. He has built a multi-million dollar company, pedaled a bike 4,000 miles across the U.S. (twice), run a 100-mile race, and created adventures in close to 50 countries including having walked across Japan, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland and Italy.

    Shawn has inspired and empowered tens of thousands of people around the world through his speaking and writing.

    Still... he believes his greatest adventures and success are waiting to be lived.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a358e124-f66c-11e9-9f28-9fea1827efa4/stripped_23357a2ecb0ec93bc87172762c8db841.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1156918114.mp3 [size] => 73869061 [duration] => 3077.88 [uid] => CSN1156918114 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_060_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a358e124-f66c-11e9-9f28-9fea1827efa4/id3/1a7c68e501db0249a4c4e96c39ee1871.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466944 [parentId] => [guid] => 31eb5621b8d6499b8ea9bac7ad812410 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shawn Anderson is a 7-time motivational author, international keynote speaker,...
  • Array ( [id] => a39f8692-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffdeaa24f652 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:27.340-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:24.663-05:00 [title] => THE59: You Are One Idea Away From Changing The World [pubdate] => 2019-03-21T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a39f8692-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffdeaa24f652/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 59 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    From DJ to author, nightclub owner to event coordinator, TV producer to marketing strategist; Jay Hall is a serial entrepreneur that has a firm belief he is one idea away from changing the world through technology, creative thought, and an ever evolving understanding of human condition. 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a39f8692-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffdeaa24f652/stripped_f1a616c372fbcfdb49731f92be9fa8f4.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8571008960.mp3 [size] => 80491415 [duration] => 3353.81 [uid] => CSN8571008960 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_059_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a39f8692-f66c-11e9-9f28-ffdeaa24f652/id3/5e8f2ae26b3f95dd723f0aceb1cb561a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464456 [parentId] => [guid] => c342c911ba904126a429b0f841ca5147 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • From DJ to author, nightclub owner to event coordinator, TV...
  • Array ( [id] => a3bfc6a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-6b4169b070a5 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:27.553-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:18.360-05:00 [title] => THE58: Have The Courage To Be Disliked [pubdate] => 2019-03-19T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a3bfc6a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-6b4169b070a5/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 58 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    In pursuit of the American Dream, Kevin Kruse started his first company when he was just 22 years old. He worked around the clock, literally living out of his one-room office and showering each day at the YMCA, before giving up a year later deeply in debt.

    But after discovering the power of Wholehearted Leadership and Extreme Productivity, Kevin went on to build and sell several, multimillion dollar technology companies, winning both Inc 500 and Best Place to Work awards along the way.

    Kevin is also the author of several books including the NY Times bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, Employee Engagement 2.0, and 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. He is a Forbes Leadership columnist and was named to the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders list by Trust Across America.

    Kevin’s mission is to convince everyone that wholehearted leadership for employee engagement is the key to unlocking both dramatic business results and to better health and relationships for individuals.

    Based on his own experience as a CEO, and on the results of surveys of over 10 million people in 150 countries, Kevin reveals how Growth, Recognition and Trust are the key drivers that turn average groups into high performing teams. He shares specific tactics to:

    ~Unlock emotional commitment

    ~Activate discretionary effort

    ~Generate future confidence and clarity to combat the effects of change

    ~Kevin has traveled the globe as a keynote speaker on leadership, productivity and entrepreneurship. He is consistently rated among the top keynote speakers at events he attends.

    Kevin currently serves as Founder & CEO of LEADx, an online learning platform that provides free leadership development for millions of people around the world. Kevin lives with his three children in Pennsylvania.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3bfc6a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-6b4169b070a5/stripped_4d34f2e3e2e02ff445ac69d37cf9e484.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1308729053.mp3 [size] => 70918060 [duration] => 2954.92 [uid] => CSN1308729053 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_058_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3bfc6a0-f66c-11e9-9f28-6b4169b070a5/id3/6a49e9cd3ad09e84237d28d3d32d5a1c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467662 [parentId] => [guid] => 4cc6f1ae9870489098eb6fa1b583f2d8 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • In pursuit of the American Dream, Kevin Kruse started his...
  • Array ( [id] => a3e7b8d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-576092f7e659 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:27.813-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:12.912-05:00 [title] => THE57: Get Over Not Feeling Good Enough [pubdate] => 2019-03-14T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a3e7b8d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-576092f7e659/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => 1 [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 57 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Anèl Bester works with those who have already achieved amazing levels of success to go even higher. She brings together decades in the field of human behavior and psychology with high performance endurance strategies and techniques to develop resilient, innovative and resourceful life-leaders who achieve real results in all areas simultaneously.  

    Anèl understands the pain, tribulations and exaltations of being a driven achiever. Just like you, she lives with the secret struggle of imposter syndrome, the guilt of having things happen easier than for most, not to mention feeling torn between pleasing others, and saying ‘to hell with it’, giving herself permission every day to live life at full throttle.

    It is her unique blend as practical performer and spiritual badass manifestor combined with years of study in human behavior and intense personal development that she brings to her clients to inspire them in achieving greater levels of success without the burn-out and rules that so often keep people stuck on the hamster wheel of insanity. 

    Anèl attributes her deep love for humanity as the driving force to her uninhibited passion, often daring to say that which few dare admit to thinking, causing moments of pause and reflection so that others may live a life of conscious choice.

    Anèl aligns her clients with their vision, reconnecting them to their core values and culture of excellence supporting them in goal attainment. 

    Anel’s education includes an Honors Degree Psychology, certification as an Inner Life Skills Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and she is a qualified Pranic Psychotherapist.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3e7b8d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-576092f7e659/stripped_2db8957e4d717411dad9854b14842dbe.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8956005890.mp3 [size] => 77484617 [duration] => 3228.53 [uid] => CSN8956005890 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_057_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a3e7b8d6-f66c-11e9-9f28-576092f7e659/id3/d55e59a69261630dfb0f9e07b557818f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467158 [parentId] => [guid] => 755533c86661442bbe250f7d61217806 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Anèl Bester works with those who have already achieved amazing...
  • Array ( [id] => a409960e-f66c-11e9-9f28-730f64c65c7a [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:28.035-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:07.504-05:00 [title] => THE56: Stop Seeking Outside Permission To Make Your Move [pubdate] => 2019-03-12T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a409960e-f66c-11e9-9f28-730f64c65c7a/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 56 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Do you remember growing up as a child feeling the wonder and joy in your heart when your mom or dad or another one of your family members or loved ones read you a children’s book?

    As you became older and read a children’s book to your son or daughter, the thought may have passed your mind that you could write your very own. After all, how difficult can writing a book for children be? Easier said than done.

    The good news is that if you want to write your first children’s book in 2019, now is the best time ever to do it. 

    Joining us on today’s program is Donna Sager Cowan, the creator of The Superhero School Series and the author of the new release, With The Courage of A Mouse (book #1 in the series) to share her inspiring story to becoming a respected published children’s author and how you can learn to become one as well.

    As the youngest child in a large family, Donna felt lost in the crowd. She entertained herself by making up stories and friends to play with. By age 5, Donna had taught herself to read, and that began her imaginative journey to dreamy castles with princes and fairy godmothers.

    Donna is a grandmother, random fact-finder, and encourager. And yes, she believes she's a superhero.

    She resides in California with her family and four cats.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a409960e-f66c-11e9-9f28-730f64c65c7a/stripped_366a77f4fbe28f99e19b56815d814b15.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9468096548.mp3 [size] => 70721201 [duration] => 2946.72 [uid] => CSN9468096548 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_056_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a409960e-f66c-11e9-9f28-730f64c65c7a/id3/b3a196f44c94c346d2fbeb14aca6c8fb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466498 [parentId] => [guid] => dd646511dc7140ff862fd6ae8a200fa3 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Do you remember growing up as a child feeling the...
  • Array ( [id] => a42b72ce-f66c-11e9-9f28-7fa900b36f9c [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:28.257-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:07:01.631-05:00 [title] => THE55: The Sky's The Limit: Turn Your Vision into Reality [pubdate] => 2019-03-07T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a42b72ce-f66c-11e9-9f28-7fa900b36f9c/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 55 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Marc Sellouk is the president and CEO of Flewber, an air taxi service designed to be accessible to everyone, not just elite passengers.

    Flewber is a combination of Marc's passion for aviation and two decades of experience founding and leading a business. As the leader of his telecom company Transbeam, Marc spent countless hours shuffling through airport security for quick flights to meetings in nearby cities, only to go through the gamut once again on a same-day return trip.

    The experience led him to create an alternative. Flewber circumvents the inconvenience of airport travel by offering passengers an affordable door-to-door air taxi service.

    Flewber is not Marc's first rodeo. He founded Transbeam as a 20-year-old college student and then set to work growing the company.

    Initially, Marc operated Transbeam as a one-man show, navigating FCC regulations and serving as the sole customer service representative. Over the next two decades, the company grew by leaps and bounds, ultimately evolving into a multi-million dollar organization. Now, at age 42, Marc is leveraging his experience and the successful sale of Transbeam to self-fund the launch of Flewber.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a42b72ce-f66c-11e9-9f28-7fa900b36f9c/stripped_3aa83d5e44e8451dc4f934b7715d6a38.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2353667594.mp3 [size] => 73953071 [duration] => 3081.38 [uid] => CSN2353667594 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_055_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a42b72ce-f66c-11e9-9f28-7fa900b36f9c/id3/dda0b70f0270ccc5c9592699f77f340e.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466280 [parentId] => [guid] => 668a75c13120445086c26047f9a741b3 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Marc Sellouk is the president and CEO of Flewber, an...
  • Array ( [id] => a4464946-f66c-11e9-9f28-1fcd82cafdba [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:28.431-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:06:55.623-05:00 [title] => THE54: Your Success Is Dependent on The Number of People You Know [pubdate] => 2019-03-05T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a4464946-f66c-11e9-9f28-1fcd82cafdba/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 54 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    My guest today lives by the motto “You can never know enough people” and teaches the art of genuine communication.

    James Drury is an educator/speaker who works with groups and individuals to help them understand the value of knowing more people in order for them to grow personally and professionally.

    James believes and practices the theory of you can never know enough people on a daily basis. He speaks to groups of all sizes teaching the idea that business relies upon meeting new people and retaining a relationship with those you have met.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a4464946-f66c-11e9-9f28-1fcd82cafdba/stripped_0c6e23d21bfdf9adabe309439a14fadd.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5345399173.mp3 [size] => 101238700 [duration] => 4218.28 [uid] => CSN5345399173 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_054_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a4464946-f66c-11e9-9f28-1fcd82cafdba/id3/2b16bc21553d6c5c271207261b83d531.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465020 [parentId] => [guid] => ddb5c4b82b4c4fee8cc0de480688aa6c [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • My guest today lives by the motto “You can never...
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    How do you feel about the words Sales and Marketing? If you’re like most, it’s right up there with gouging your eyes out with a knitting needle, right? You probably see it as a necessary evil.

    I know I did for so long until I adjusted my definition of what it really means and how to apply it in a way that feels right and presents an offer to my ideal client that they will adore.

    Our guest is a master at all things Sales and Marketing but he wasn’t always that way. Just like everything else in life, it’s a skill you can master too.

    Our guest is Stephen Larson, and he spent 4 years learning from the most brilliant marketers today before leaving his 9to5 job to build his own million dollar business. Today, through his very success podcast, he shares it all so you can learn and apply the same marketing strategies he’s used to grow his online business.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a46ca4d8-f66c-11e9-9f28-d31ee594a22d/stripped_49d91539a3b8cd0b6d2d7f14ac5a085a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5807287422.mp3 [size] => 33830870 [duration] => 1409.62 [uid] => CSN5807287422 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_053_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a46ca4d8-f66c-11e9-9f28-d31ee594a22d/id3/a17e6876823dc007a9a18eabbea9bd0a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465636 [parentId] => [guid] => f1cad432756048f2a923bfb1716a6c68 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How do you feel about the words Sales and Marketing? If...
  • Array ( [id] => a48b2e76-f66c-11e9-9f28-b38740a761f5 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:28.881-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:06:39.954-05:00 [title] => THE52: The Balance Between Being and Becoming: An Honest Look [pubdate] => 2019-02-05T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a48b2e76-f66c-11e9-9f28-b38740a761f5/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 52 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    One of my biggest issues/problems/roadblocks was feeling a lack of connection to the world around me. I felt isolated, left out. No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and what was preventing me from feeling connected.

    I’ve come a long way from those feelings, in part, by replacing bad habits with better habits.

    Our guest today knows all about this and works tirelessly helping people discover their voice and share their message with the world.

    Daniel Gefen is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Gefen Media Group - a podcast production and booking agency helping clients build a loyal following through the power of podcasting.

    He is the author of the best selling book called “The Self Help Addict: Turn An Overdose Of Information Into A Life Of Transformation”

    Daniel lives with his wife Lorren and 4 children in the hills of Bet Shemesh, Israel.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a48b2e76-f66c-11e9-9f28-b38740a761f5/stripped_0db23a0d0a6e4748e36df064f2ffe5cb.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2274819872.mp3 [size] => 98331585 [duration] => 4097.15 [uid] => CSN2274819872 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_052_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a48b2e76-f66c-11e9-9f28-b38740a761f5/id3/3f9db97a0b8808bea6910150d234246c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465706 [parentId] => [guid] => 865c520fd1734b8b8a9d353efcab15c5 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • One of my biggest issues/problems/roadblocks was feeling a lack of...
  • Array ( [id] => a49f17e2-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b4bcda04a41 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:29.013-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:06:32.422-05:00 [title] => THE51: It's About Connecting With People The Right Way [pubdate] => 2019-02-03T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a49f17e2-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b4bcda04a41/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 51 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    When it comes to putting great people in touch with other great people, Lou Diamond is the master. He has over a quarter century of experience in sales, relationship management, business development and executive coaching.

    Lou is an energetic, humorous, and inspirational business development strategist and performance coach. He has consulted with and mentored leading performers from companies all over the world.

    Lou’s authenticity, energy and enthusiasm for what he does, along with his unwavering passion and desire for helping people overcome their fears and achieve their dreams, is unmatched.

    He is the author of Master the Art of Connecting, which at the time of this recording, has 31 reviews on Amazon, all 5-star reviews.

    If you’re trying to find the right way to make the connections essential to building your team to achieve your business or personal goals, Lou Diamond is the man to help you make the connections to make it happen.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a49f17e2-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b4bcda04a41/stripped_e77be3b717fdedd2c4d72dbc6b453db4.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2687136664.mp3 [size] => 77539787 [duration] => 3230.82 [uid] => CSN2687136664 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_051_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a49f17e2-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b4bcda04a41/id3/9686644ad405f1fc82c13afb9ae2f5ea.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465826 [parentId] => [guid] => 7fce6d1df2ae423c9e4c260b4a716e9d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • When it comes to putting great people in touch with...
  • Array ( [id] => a4c9979c-f66c-11e9-9f28-abcc48eba542 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:29.293-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:06:24.032-05:00 [title] => THE50: Celebrate Good Times Inside The Mind of Josh Cary [pubdate] => 2019-01-31T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a4c9979c-f66c-11e9-9f28-abcc48eba542/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 50 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    WooHoo, hello episode 50! We made it. And what an incredible (6 month) ride it's been so far.

    In this episode, I invite back the person who helped start it all. Our guest for the first episode of The Hidden Entrepreneur Show was Michael Marcial. Today, we talk shop and I share a lot more of my personal story.

    Michael has been (and continues to be) an influential role in my journey. He's been pivotal to the success I've enjoyed over the past year and remains a close friend.

    If you do not already, get to know Michael Marcial.

    Here's his official bio for reference:

    Michael Marcial is a world traveling entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor with a passion to help others to succeed online.

    In the last 14 years, Michael has utilized his expertise in social media and marketing strategy to help his clients bring in almost $21M in revenue. Michael’s gift of creating profitable online businesses has also lead him to create the #1 high-end digital community focused on impact and income: The 5-Figure Workweek.

    He credits his features in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and The Today Show to his unwavering desire to spread practical insights that will move you to action.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a4c9979c-f66c-11e9-9f28-abcc48eba542/stripped_0968dbaa0434cba6c33c928b5f678bf4.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8554128385.mp3 [size] => 79598027 [duration] => 3316.58 [uid] => CSN8554128385 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_050_FInal_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a4c9979c-f66c-11e9-9f28-abcc48eba542/id3/f446e0d40b59e9de2048bbcc0e8149b0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466294 [parentId] => [guid] => a751df4e1b444f25a798d274712cc6b6 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • WooHoo, hello episode 50! We made it. And what an incredible (6...
  • Array ( [id] => a4ed579a-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3af51bd35fb [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:29.527-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:06:12.973-05:00 [title] => THE49: Fall In Love With This "Filthy Rich" Money Motivated Entrepreneur Who Makes No Apologies [pubdate] => 2019-01-29T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a4ed579a-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3af51bd35fb/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 49 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Brianna Rooney is a fierce, passionate, money motivated entrepreneur. She owns Techees, a very successful recruiting firm for the last 8 1/2 years. She has helped grow many tech-focused companies in the Bay Area. Highly sought-after software engineers is her specialty.

    Prior to finding her now passion, she thought fashion was her calling. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles when she was 20 years old.

    Realizing you needed money to fulfill that dream of opening up a boutique, she went to bartending school. Partying and making quick cash seemed like a good step in the right direction.

    Two years later and too much of a good time. Brianna realized it was time to grow up and get a real job. One that didn’t require late night taxi rides home and a stop at Jack in the Box.

    Brianna knew sales was her only way to get real money real fast. She met up with her friend one night for some drinks and career advice. She was a recruiter for accounting. She said her personality was perfect for it.

    Little did she know the universe already had this plan in motion. Brianna got a call during dinner from someone that saw her resume on Monster.com. He was a recruiter and asked if she had heard of the industry.

    This was fate. She was sure of it. The next day she went into the interview and the owner went on and on about how she could make a ton of money placing software engineers. They worked with startup companies in the Bay Area. He asked her how much she wanted to make.

    Being a money hungry 22 year old she had nothing to lose so she said $300,000. A reasonable amount for a young person with no experience. He hired her right on the spot. That first year she made almost $90,000.

    Tune in to hear the full story and more details.



    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a4ed579a-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3af51bd35fb/stripped_16e801d366f88dae4b93245d4422f25d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1290934958.mp3 [size] => 75994383 [duration] => 3166.43 [uid] => CSN1290934958 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_049_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a4ed579a-f66c-11e9-9f28-d3af51bd35fb/id3/a2b6290e3cd72b92c63647fc1638b93d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467690 [parentId] => [guid] => 74e7f82bec9246b7a82c33b5d607b2be [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Brianna Rooney is a fierce, passionate, money motivated entrepreneur. She...
  • Array ( [id] => a53defd4-f66c-11e9-9f28-1bba6bbd6f77 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:30.055-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:06:05.076-05:00 [title] => THE48: How To Think Better To Get Better Results [pubdate] => 2019-01-27T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a53defd4-f66c-11e9-9f28-1bba6bbd6f77/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 48 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Scott Smith, Esq., Founder and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions, is a dynamic podcast guest who prides himself in successfully conveying the essentials in asset protection to audiences nationwide. Scott is no stranger to high stakes litigation and has spent his career deconstructing asset protection structures and developing strategies that serve both to protect what you own, as well as leverage your income and maximize your tax savings.

    With experience in entrepreneurship, starting several successful companies and owning real estate in 10 states, Scott will pull from his expertise as a lawyer to put a new and valuable perspective on business ownership for your audience. No one wants to get sued, but if you plan to start a company the question isn’t “if” you get sued, but “when” you get sued. Scott is the attorney who will have your back!

    He’s a smart, savvy, attorney, with a great sense of humor and a gift for simplifying the complex. Scott shares tools and tactics listeners can use today. Be prepared to discover new levels of insight into insider knowledge regarding umbrella policies, building and scaling a business, LLCs, trust funds and more.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a53defd4-f66c-11e9-9f28-1bba6bbd6f77/stripped_7c2481c2190032a4218c906ef6489baa.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2571545990.mp3 [size] => 70216515 [duration] => 2925.69 [uid] => CSN2571545990 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_048_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a53defd4-f66c-11e9-9f28-1bba6bbd6f77/id3/1bab4bfb7f06aafb44c6359f2864dbb1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466216 [parentId] => [guid] => 37d17e3a7e2e4523a8df543cc47b411b [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Scott Smith, Esq., Founder and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions,...
  • Array ( [id] => a5b23ca4-f66c-11e9-9f28-278ea5c9c88a [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:30.817-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:05:57.153-05:00 [title] => THE47: Here's Proof You are Impacting The World More Than You Think [pubdate] => 2019-01-24T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a5b23ca4-f66c-11e9-9f28-278ea5c9c88a/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 47 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Coloring outside the lines of entrepreneurship, technology, and social impact, our guest today is the CEO and Co-founder of Polar Notion, a creative agency that builds web and mobile experiences.

    He also serves as CTO of New Story, a fast growing startup positioned to end the global housing crisis with a recent claim to fame of launching the first 3D home printer in the US.

    In all things, he enjoys producing extraordinary results alongside unlikely people. Reversing traditional beliefs, he believes capitalism should serve humanity.

    Above his business pursuits, he is a father of two daughters and committed to finding harmony in work, life, and purpose filled work.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a5b23ca4-f66c-11e9-9f28-278ea5c9c88a/stripped_7118735c41bd3e7163521627796f1b37.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7102983388.mp3 [size] => 79398661 [duration] => 3308.28 [uid] => CSN7102983388 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_047_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a5b23ca4-f66c-11e9-9f28-278ea5c9c88a/id3/79deba4a7e789f7ebf9481b053753a78.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465288 [parentId] => [guid] => 3774ed761f3a46b590f7047bede1b435 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Coloring outside the lines of entrepreneurship, technology, and social impact,...
  • Array ( [id] => a5f336b4-f66c-11e9-9f28-2bc0eca74173 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:31.245-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:05:49.400-05:00 [title] => THE46: You Have Six Months To Live... Now What? [pubdate] => 2019-01-22T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a5f336b4-f66c-11e9-9f28-2bc0eca74173/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 46 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Cathy Anello is an Author, a Certified Healing Intuitive, Host of the Podcast “Making Each Day Matter” and Co-host of the popular Blog Talk Radio show "Best Life Cafe." Her passion for spirituality and emotional health evolved naturally through her career in fitness and mind-body instruction. Her experience in leading classes and motivating people to strengthen their bodies through movement, their minds with meditation and humor led to her current career in broadcasting and writing.

    Cathy spent 12 years working up to 50 hours each week in a highly stressful toxic work environment – In her last two years, job place harassment was at an all time high. This left her in a constant state of stress and anxiety. One twitter post proclaiming life had to change led to a journey of inner questions on how to live a more fulfilled life.

    When she suddenly lost her job after standing up to the harassment, she unsuspectingly suffered from PTSD in its wake. This inspired her to spend the next two years finding her true self and gaining the inner strength to allow her to live a better life. Shedding all of the normal conditioned ways of life, Cathy allowed her seeking spirit to guide her – tackling the little things that she never had time to experience. Then she noticed a strange feeling – ALIVENESS.

    An unavoidable passion for living life to its fullest. This sense of freedom permitted her to stop living a future life in her mind and discover the true meaning of living for today.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a5f336b4-f66c-11e9-9f28-2bc0eca74173/stripped_b375d62d87f96cd4444039a79b3b814f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5735837849.mp3 [size] => 90576979 [duration] => 3774.04 [uid] => CSN5735837849 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_046_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a5f336b4-f66c-11e9-9f28-2bc0eca74173/id3/b43362c439418430e869d00aeacf1048.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466882 [parentId] => [guid] => 2eaef668fb4247f8b9fb1c061b333956 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Cathy Anello is an Author, a Certified Healing Intuitive, Host...
  • Array ( [id] => a618873e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4332d78bde12 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:31.489-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:05:42.175-05:00 [title] => THE45: Follow Your Heart Like This Rare Female Coppersmith Does [pubdate] => 2019-01-20T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a618873e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4332d78bde12/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 45 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    As one of (if not the only) female coppersmith in America (or the world), Sara Dahmen has had a varied career, from her first job producing commercials for CITGO, to building a Silver Anvil award winning event coordination company. After selling the wedding planning business she built over ten years, now Sara works as a metalsmith of vintage and modern cookware and manufactures pure metal kitchenware in tin, copper, and iron in her garage. Her debut novel, Widow 1881 {SillanPaceBrown 2018}, won the Laramie Award grand prize for Western Historical Fiction, Fiction Book of the Year from Author’s Circle, featured as a Pulpwood Queen Book Club Book, and is in talks for media development.

    The historical research for her fiction inspired House Copper & Cookware. Sara’s American-made cookware created with pure and/or organic materials has been featured in national and international publications, from Cooking Light to Food + Wine, Veranda and Root+Bone and and many more. HCC copper wares are built by Sara with some help from local, American, family owned and operated companies. She has published over 100 articles as a contributing editor for trade magazines, and recently spoke at TEDx Rapid City. She is the co-founder of the upcoming American Pure Metals Guild, and is courting interest from production companies for unscripted television.

    Sara is also an apprentice to a master tinsmith in Wisconsin, where she works with tools from the 1700 and 1800’s to build vintage cookware or design custom work from scratch. She also is continually building her cookware line as well as her fiction series. When not writing or sewing authentic clothing for 1830’s fur trade reenactments, she can be found managing her household (not very well), hosting themed dinner parties, reading the Economist and reference books, brainstorming with her husband, John, of 12 years, or playing with her three young children (William, aged 7; Hannah, aged 5; Jack, aged 3). She is also extremely active in her Port Washington, Wisconsin community, sitting on boards and volunteer positions throughout the city. 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a618873e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4332d78bde12/stripped_9bb2c253d14dc3c44f9881e23ebf57fb.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8212975806.mp3 [size] => 67933831 [duration] => 2830.58 [uid] => CSN8212975806 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_045_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a618873e-f66c-11e9-9f28-4332d78bde12/id3/70cc86c50a00102e5d89f2c6760172ce.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468134 [parentId] => [guid] => 64f9506e8b884d589e4f6ae56a71f7ed [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • As one of (if not the only) female coppersmith in...
  • Array ( [id] => a6385c76-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab7b9a9527af [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:31.698-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:05:34.326-05:00 [title] => THE44: Achieving Personal Power Mastery Exactly Like The Top Achievers [pubdate] => 2019-01-17T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a6385c76-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab7b9a9527af/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 44 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Over the last two decades Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive first hand research into the lives of the worlds top achievers. He has the success strategies of top business leaders from Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, KFC, United Airlines, Microsoft, Disney and others to share with you. ABC television and FOX Business refer to him as the modern Day Napoleon Hill.

    He has authored 3 books in the Guerrilla marketing series and is creator of PERSONAL POWER MASTERY which is rated one of the top personal development programs in the world providing powerful tools to companies, individuals and students.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a6385c76-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab7b9a9527af/stripped_44eea0b7a3f88fdf3e53e838bf7c76a3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7680034062.mp3 [size] => 113739232 [duration] => 4739.13 [uid] => CSN7680034062 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Ep44_with_Doug_Vermeeren_0A_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a6385c76-f66c-11e9-9f28-ab7b9a9527af/id3/b24a2765cb474dfa77963ce6cd8053ac.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465158 [parentId] => [guid] => b06089bf56b14b5ab940f06bbd23dd75 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Over the last two decades Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive...
  • Array ( [id] => a65b76e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f9be742c0ec [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:31.928-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:05:26.296-05:00 [title] => THE43: The Curious Career of Two Musicians Who Fell in Love [pubdate] => 2019-01-15T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a65b76e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f9be742c0ec/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 43 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Meet The Apples! They have a curious career and a gypsy life…

    Traveling around in their Honda Element singing, making music, making friends and trying to “make it” in the kids music industry. This is a story of two struggling artists who had day jobs that changed their lives and made them fall in love.

    They are award winning leaders in the kid’s music field. By day, they teach Little Rockers, cool kids music classes for preschoolers and their families, along with 10 other Teaching Artists they have trained. At night they plan and scheme, trying to keep their small business on track and working on building an empire.

    It gets tough to work all day, everyday with your spouse. Just try it! Sparks inevitably fly, but the Apples are a team and have realized that they have big dreams that they can accomplish better together than apart.

    From the beginning Chris & Jessie were separately working on obtaining their dreams. Chris wanted to be a world famous rocker, traveling all over – and Jessie wanted to be a Broadway baby – winning Tonys and doing shows 8 days a week in NYC.

    As struggling artists, working on those dreams, they had day jobs (like every artist in the world) except theirs were slightly different from waiting tables or tending bar.

    They did children’s preschool music classes for another kid’s music company. This allowed them to still work on their craft and have some income. When Chris’ band was off tour and in town he would do a few kids classes.

    Jessie would do classes in the morning and then perform in Off-Broadway shows at night, most notably “Tony and Tina’s Wedding”. 

    This day job is where they met and fell in love.

    Tune in and hear all the details of this extraordinary musical (and loving) duo.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a65b76e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f9be742c0ec/stripped_16257570bba8844b149dd3fd72772165.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9005824751.mp3 [size] => 131654635 [duration] => 5485.61 [uid] => CSN9005824751 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Ep43_with_Chris_and_Jessie_Apple_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a65b76e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-9f9be742c0ec/id3/48318c1db987911e01c1d0f18fcb5169.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467478 [parentId] => [guid] => 553dd69ee3eb4053874f3065fee0f2b2 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Meet The Apples! They have a curious career and a...
  • Array ( [id] => a68cde90-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fd14cf51606 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:32.250-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:05:18.397-05:00 [title] => THE42: The Ultimate Self-Awareness Process To Pull Yourself From The Darkness [pubdate] => 2019-01-13T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a68cde90-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fd14cf51606/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 42 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Kenny Weiss wrote an important book for the person who is hungry for an answer. He knows that feeling. He was stuck in it for years and as a Coach and Speaker, and noticed there is a constant theme for us all.

    We have read all of the success books, we have gone to the seminars but when we go to execute their wonderful information a feeling comes up. We lay in bed and just don't "feel" like doing what they suggest even though we know it will make our life better.

    That "feeling" stops us from executing one or more steps they suggest we take to make our lives better. Kenny couldn't overcome that feeling either. Here he was an alcoholic, a sex addict, sugar addict, spending addict, tobacco addict, love addict, he had gone bankrupt, been through two horrific divorces, a child custody battle, and played two professional sports he never wanted to play and he contemplated suicide.

    None of the books showed him or explained where that feeling comes from, why we all get it and how to overcome it. Without that information, Kenny couldn't execute all of their wonderful suggestions. So he took all of that great information from all of those great success teachers, collated it and then added to it.

    Kenny candidly discusses where that feeling comes from, why we all get it and how to overcome it. His book bridges the gap. When you have this information, this skillset to overcome that "feeling" than you can put into place all of their incredible advice and have the personal and professional success we are all searching for.

    This episode explores Kenny's past, his story, and how you can powerfully move through it. Take a listen.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a68cde90-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fd14cf51606/stripped_0ab3cc769641e640230324e58131f614.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7126552708.mp3 [size] => 104599092 [duration] => 4358.3 [uid] => CSN7126552708 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Ep42_with_Kenny_Weiss_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a68cde90-f66c-11e9-9f28-0fd14cf51606/id3/cf4fcc9ba4717607f10e8b9a9bf39e5f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467264 [parentId] => [guid] => f47e206f65f04d15b9e1b17a7e93bc4f [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Kenny Weiss wrote an important book for the person who...
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    Lisa Princic has the tools, experience and confidence to help you develop a resilient business. She became a professional coach in 2008 and took Tara McMullin's Business Strategy training in 2015. Prior to launching her business in 2009, Lisa worked as a management consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility.

    She works with entrepreneurs who want to hit the next level including coaches, consultants, wellness pros and creatives.

    Using her own Soul Strategy approach along with the Quiet Power Strategy methodology and tools, she helps build a business model from the ground up that also gives you laser focus and confidence when selling your offering. Lisa always work at a high level but also have an eye for important details.

    She uses a combination of knowledge from the start-up world's most used business model tools: the Lean Startupmethodology and the Business Model Canvas. Both of these are proven to test your business offerings and help you create a flexible, scalable model that provide more freedom.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a6adbb1a-f66c-11e9-9f28-5ff7519d6a37/stripped_15c005e6a5513fafc1f73940d84bbece.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1128645218.mp3 [size] => 81219291 [duration] => 3384.14 [uid] => CSN1128645218 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_041_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a6adbb1a-f66c-11e9-9f28-5ff7519d6a37/id3/292bf290caa296a2540641f7be002a1b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465954 [parentId] => [guid] => b15980de27d04bd6a784a1ed8d5735b6 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Lisa Princic has the tools, experience and confidence to help you...
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    One business coach has forged his approach to helping entrepreneurs and business executives by using a monumental personal failure and eventual redemption to help get others where they need to go to find their personal success and fulfillment.

    At just 18 years old, Miha Matlievski, a Slovenian high school dropout, dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur. And he pursued it with a passion, putting in 12 years of hard work that resulted in four successful businesses and a personal net worth of $15M. 

    But in December 2009, an unexpected call from his bank, which had decided to foreclose on his real estate investments, brought his world crashing down around him. That one negative event instigated an avalanche of ruin for him and his businesses, resulting in his four, once-successful companies going bankrupt.

    The then 30-year-old Miha couldn’t believe that he was now responsible for a collective debt of $5M.

    “I was afraid to meet people, because I knew there were many whom I owed a lot of money,” he says of that time. “Some of them even sent me death threats.” 

    Such worries created a permanent state of anxiety that held Miha captive, he remembers. Though he says he did what he could to stay positive, nothing seemed to help.

    After a year of being stuck in such a state, Miha had reached his wit’s end, and suicidal thoughts began to creep into his mind. “I romanticized the thought of suicide so much,” he recalls, “that I was literally ready to throw myself over the balcony.” Still, he felt he couldn’t leave his mother saddled with such debt.

    Tune in to hear the full story!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a6dca6f0-f66c-11e9-9f28-db5e2b30d491/stripped_6772f3501b5133fb9a1d97b6b31027ff.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1933493039.mp3 [size] => 98132845 [duration] => 4088.87 [uid] => CSN1933493039 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_040_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a6dca6f0-f66c-11e9-9f28-db5e2b30d491/id3/6522e42abf91d6bb4532e387cc47ac9b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467184 [parentId] => [guid] => b708f326210a480caaa2b202afd00433 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • One business coach has forged his approach to helping entrepreneurs...
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    Mark Henson a lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of sparkspace -- a unique and exceptional business retreat center in Columbus, Ohio. Mark's Ordinary superpowers are exploring new ideas and spaces, simplifying things and sharing ideas through writing and speaking.

    In addition to leading his team at sparkspace, Mark writes books, conducts retreats, speaks at conferences and coaches people who want to get more fully engaged with life and work.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a704c702-f66c-11e9-9f28-d7d3de7188ae/stripped_6344c42651a4c15262dcf700ef121715.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6622960672.mp3 [size] => 99317133 [duration] => 4138.21 [uid] => CSN6622960672 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_039_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a704c702-f66c-11e9-9f28-d7d3de7188ae/id3/bd566b675f2a106ef4ac78c72a69cf1d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464852 [parentId] => [guid] => 4b77e7161ade445ba30cd84dec9140cc [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Mark Henson a lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of sparkspace...
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    Naresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing - a full service online and digital media and marketing business consultancy, agency and solutions provider, utilizing strategies to streamline sales and branding processes.

    He has worked with leading publishers, media firms and institutions such as CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf Association, Agora Publishing, and Stansberry Research. 

    Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Vissa played a lot of chess and basketball, a few instruments, and fought his way to a First Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

    He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University's Honors Program with degrees in broadcast journalism, finance and accounting. He earned a Master's Degree from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. 

    Vissa has been featured on USA Today, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week, MSN Money, Business Insider, India Today, Hindustan Times and other domestic and international media outlets.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a729d4e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-b3c09dff2893/stripped_d291460edd88163d294fe0823f55bc85.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5481892578.mp3 [size] => 91716127 [duration] => 3821.51 [uid] => CSN5481892578 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_038_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a729d4e8-f66c-11e9-9f28-b3c09dff2893/id3/a37010bdf17968bcff25b3c2e3f72537.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466120 [parentId] => [guid] => 3c5456195faf485fb4291350f64948e9 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Naresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media &...
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    Have you ever felt absolutely exhausted or unable to complete tasks? Do you feel completely drained from the busyness of life? This was Jarrod Warren, and this is where The Success 101 Podcast began.

    After running a full time financial planning practice for several years, coaching and developing other financial advisors, and still trying to find time for his wife and 3 kids at home, Jarrod hit an absolute wall of burnout and fatigue, both mentally and physically.

    He was no longer able to just "muscle it through" as life and business quickly came racing my way. He knew he wasn't living up to his full potential and wanted a new direction toward living his best each day.

    Jarrod also began noticing that others in life and business, who once had a life of energy and zest for their professions and families, were also burning out at very young ages.

    His goal for creating his podcast was centered on helping others find a way to live more optimal, through new concepts and ideas, and to prevent others from experiencing burnout, fatigue, and an unproductive mindset. Jarrod's hope is that the strategies discussed can help you to live a life of maximum potential, and allow you to crush your personal and professional goals like never before.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a74e6f1a-f66c-11e9-9f28-0f735294f23f/stripped_ca5e912918b02c746fd802fae8292ea8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7752266499.mp3 [size] => 88099944 [duration] => 3670.83 [uid] => CSN7752266499 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Ep_037_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a74e6f1a-f66c-11e9-9f28-0f735294f23f/id3/4aafc3dd9c5f707dc23eca9cf915f891.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466430 [parentId] => [guid] => 2f733e749f714bb082aad666436d5037 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Have you ever felt absolutely exhausted or unable to complete...
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    Jason Berkowitz is an SEO & Digital Marketing specialist based out of New York, NY. Since the need to learn how to effectively market online was key in Jason’s own business growth, Jason has become a search engine optimization expert, leading to the formation of his marketing agency.

    Since 2010, Jason Berkowitz & his SEO agency have been making moves in the NYC digital marketing scene by training local communities & taking on NYC businesses failing to get proper visibility online. aside from being featured in Inc.com, Marccx.com & Smarter Digital Marketing, Jason has been published in Social Media Today, Business.com, Career Builder & More.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a76b9892-f66c-11e9-9f28-271d65ac6dca/stripped_3cc14fa94a41862de10b05f6dc7d4922.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2441909749.mp3 [size] => 70850978 [duration] => 2952.12 [uid] => CSN2441909749 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_036_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a76b9892-f66c-11e9-9f28-271d65ac6dca/id3/519f7b4564ba801b408cfcfcbdc5849b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465238 [parentId] => [guid] => 2e050f2fe6be4255a1ab16b4ecd6779d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Jason Berkowitz is an SEO & Digital Marketing specialist based...
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    Kay Sanders, is a Intuitive Business Coach, Certified Akashic Record Consultant, Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and known as the Creator of Possibilities. She draws from her own experiences and struggles in life and in business to inspire others and to make a difference in their life, to help them see and create amazing possibilities for more success so they can make a big impact in the world and create more freedom in their life.

    Kay was born and raised in Germany and came to the U.S. with the desire of achieving great things in life. Her passion and dedication to fulfill her life purpose was helping her to overcome all the roadblocks that kept getting in her way, trying to keep her from accomplishing what she had set out to do.

    In the process, she found her passion for personal development, spirituality and success, she also discovered how to change her limiting beliefs, her mindset, and her actions which guided her and allowed her to become the great coach she is today.

    She has guided her clients to personal mastery and success. Through her teaching and coaching, her clients were able to make major positive changes – both professionally and personally. Kay’s goal is to make a difference in the world, one person at a time, by help people from around the globe who want to live a more fulfilling life by creating a successful and sustainable business and create a legacy.

    Kay brings a wide range of experience and education to the table which her clients can benefit from. She is a Certified Akashic Record Consultant,  Certified EFT Practitioner a Certified Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner, a international best-selling author of "Messages of Inspiration" and "The Coaching Business Blueprint", co-author of "The Change 5: Insights Into Self Empowerment", and creator of the Mindset Magic - Design Your Dream Life & Business and Manifest Your Desire Program.

    She has been interviewed on different Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts where she shared her knowledge and wisdom with the host and their audience. Kay has also been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and other media outlets.

    Kay truly beliefs that everyone, not only deserves, but also has the ability, to live a fulfilling life full of success and achievements.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a7b1f346-f66c-11e9-9f28-7710ccb6611c/stripped_bbb7308a16bf7e034207b76c86ee8e67.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7552439582.mp3 [size] => 84500062 [duration] => 3520.84 [uid] => CSN7552439582 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_035_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a7b1f346-f66c-11e9-9f28-7710ccb6611c/id3/7f5b3ec165c2fa1b8d0082bb9d033210.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468488 [parentId] => [guid] => b2b659aa137d41a9845e8dc949a751ef [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Kay Sanders, is a Intuitive Business Coach, Certified Akashic Record...
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    Sally Saint is a UK-based therapist, energy healer, artist, and the founder of Conscious Parenting, serving as a support worker for families whose children have learning difficulties and behavioral challenges.

    Sally’s life has taken her down many paths and has seen her walk through challenging terrain, but it was the creation and birth of her son Edward, that gave her the key to unlocking the door of transformation in a deep and profound way. The qualification, the spiritual work, the books she read, all slotted into place when her journey of motherhood began to unfold. Now, with her passion and expertise, she connects with others across the planet, to offer the wisdom she has unlocked on her own epic journey.

    Sally has over 16 years of experience in working with energy to facilitate healing for clients around the world, being a trained Reiki practitioner, reflexologist, and massage therapist, having a natural ability to read the energy of another (in person or via distance), then to actively work with the person’s energy to release any blockages and facilitate expansion. Her artwork, a constant friend and companion since childhood, is another example of how she is able to directly connect with her clients in a very deep and meaningful way to facilitate healing and release.

    Sally’s purpose is to hold the space for those parents who are navigating their own healing and parenting journeys, so they can remain in direct contact with their hearts. She has absolute faith in the transformation of self, from societal-led to heart-led lives.

    After working at her child’s school, an independent, Montessori-inspired school, which has a rehabilitation unit attached to it (the only one of its kind in the UK), Sally was able to see how the lives of children were turned around. She believes that children can shift from their trauma to become fully happy and vibrant beings, when given the right tools.

    Her passion for being the voice of this generation’s children is fueled by her own childhood, her relationship with her son, and the lessons she has learned and continues to learn. Sally has been given very clear messages about the importance of passing these messages on, messages straight from the children. The children who will be one day step out into the world that we are going to change on their behalf by healing ourselves.

    Sally has been a regular contributor for The Natural Parenting Magazine and has also been featured in Positive Kids Magazine.

    To learn more about Sally’s mission, for more information on Conscious Parenting, and to connect with Sally to schedule your very own Conscious Parenting sessions, please visit www.SallySaint.co.uk and connect with Sally on social media (Facebook: @SallySaintArtist, Instagram: Sally.Saint1972).

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a7e4be84-f66c-11e9-9f28-13f30396c497/stripped_44a549f86f41c9b57afa0a40e363a659.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6701134482.mp3 [size] => 78130364 [duration] => 3255.43 [uid] => CSN6701134482 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_034_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a7e4be84-f66c-11e9-9f28-13f30396c497/id3/43fc84fd963cf4f9bacde70a000e6cdb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 469532 [parentId] => [guid] => 90dd445257ff47b7a20e52a1cf1a47a0 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Sally Saint is a UK-based therapist, energy healer, artist, and...
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    Dr. Kathy Gruver is an internationally recognized speaker and motivational powerhouse. She will move you with her passionate storytelling, provide you with actionable tools, and leave you empowered to change your life. Gruver has written 7 books, which have earned 12 awards, and has presented on 4 continents, 3 cruise ships, and a handful of islands.

    Dr. Gruver speaks on topics such as transforming your corporate and organizational culture, enhancing communication, creating true leadership with practical presence, decreasing stress, personal and professional growth, and building a powerful team.

    Kathy helped develop a stress reduction program for the US military and has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard. Dr. Gruver is an award-winning author, health practitioner, PhD, and TEDx speaker, and is the host of the national TV series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet.

    Dr. Kathy Gruver has earned her PhD in Natural Health and is a Santa Barbara-based natural health practitioner with over two decades of experience in massage and hypnotherapy. She has penned countless articles, contributed as an expert to dozens more, and appears regularly as an expert on radio and TV.

    Kathy lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband and two cats. For her own fun and stress relief, Kathy does hip hop dance and flying trapeze (yeah, really).

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a7ffa2da-f66c-11e9-9f28-c32ad77ae57d/stripped_af95d7dddd9591670863b7c4b6fbd5f9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1179585145.mp3 [size] => 57605015 [duration] => 2400.21 [uid] => CSN1179585145 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_033_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a7ffa2da-f66c-11e9-9f28-c32ad77ae57d/id3/13e5f7970ac76336edc6f16472d95d65.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466764 [parentId] => [guid] => 7ea2985ee9bf4528b1b25a3d31b057b0 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Dr. Kathy Gruver is an internationally recognized speaker and motivational...
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    Brandon Broadwater is the Founder and CEO of Master Your Power Within, HealthFix, a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Company, as well as 10 other companies.

    Some of his accolades include:

    ~Award Winning Entrepreneur.

    ~CEO of 3 Multi-Million Dollar Companies.

    ~Honored International Public Speaker and Trainer.

    ~Transformational Expert.

    ~Highly sought after leadership authority and business strategist.

    ~Creator of “The Abundance Game” which teaches both financial and prosperity principles, now in 19 countries.

    ~Achieved Financial Freedom at the age of 28.

    ~Became a millionaire at the age of 30.

    ~In the top 1% of income producers in the world.

    ~Has invested in over 60 real estate properties.

    ~Is a dedicated husband, and a father of 5 energetic, bright children.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a8259670-f66c-11e9-9f28-ff8b4d194e70/stripped_5502698478e245a479d2fc4f160bf150.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3741844315.mp3 [size] => 97669538 [duration] => 4069.56 [uid] => CSN3741844315 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_032_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a8259670-f66c-11e9-9f28-ff8b4d194e70/id3/dd5790c373f8a6fa24f1d6c089dc4385.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465626 [parentId] => [guid] => 4dc45867606b4665be002286f62a2486 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Brandon Broadwater is the Founder and CEO of Master Your...
  • Array ( [id] => a849f56a-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b5d76388353 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T09:43:35.167-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:03:37.438-05:00 [title] => THE31: The Steps To Never Settling and Building The Life You Want [pubdate] => 2018-12-18T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a849f56a-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b5d76388353/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 31 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Samantha Ste Marie is a #1 Amazon bestselling ghostwriter, a digital content creator and a social entrepreneur.

    As a serial entrepreneur, Samantha loves to build. She loves to build her businesses and the businesses of others. Ultimately, she has a passion for helping people achieve their goals. Whether that's to hit a certain revenue number, a certain number of followers, or even just being their own boss.

    Her clients know her best for her tough questions, her ability to hold them accountable and keep them on track, and her no BS mindset of just getting stuff done! Life is short, there are only so many hours in the day, so let's make decisions, get things moving, and start crushing those goals. 

    Samantha works with established companies and their current content marketing team - or lack there of! She prides herself in being able to put together an effective content strategy, execute said strategy, and have her clients reap the rewards of their exposure. As a result of her efforts, her clients have published #1 Amazon Bestsellers, been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and been interviewed on more podcasts than she can count.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a849f56a-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b5d76388353/stripped_1714c4fc2d740ef2e07886d17736a006.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9255634327.mp3 [size] => 78341015 [duration] => 3264.21 [uid] => CSN9255634327 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_031_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a849f56a-f66c-11e9-9f28-4b5d76388353/id3/0695208934eca5e671f7ef9063b5393a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466298 [parentId] => [guid] => 9ca45ad0ae9c48fb8c5d6416fbc4de1f [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Samantha Ste Marie is a #1 Amazon bestselling ghostwriter, a...
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    Abhi Golhar is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and media figure, whose experience encompasses print, podcasting, radio, and television appearances.

    Abhi is the Chief Investment Officer in Atlanta investment firm Summit & Crowne.

    Abhi began his real estate investment career in 2002 in Kalamazoo, MI and continued growing and developing his knowledge base with investment projects throughout the Midwest.

    In 2007, he headed to Atlanta to found Summit & Crowne.

    As a much-sought-after voice in real estate investment, Abhi has written for a variety of publications including Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, and industry-specific magazines like Inman and Think Realty.

    In addition, he has been a popular blogger both at Real Estate Deal Talk and as a guest contributor on other investor and business blogs.

    Abhi’s gift for gab and talent for communicating with clients and colleagues led him to create a variety of content across multiple platforms, including The Abhi Golhar Show and vlog on Youtube.

    He honed his skill as a popular guest on dozens of podcasts in the entrepreneurship and investing space before launching his first Atlanta-based radio show on the Wall Street Business Network in 2016.

    Subsequently tapped as the host of Think Realty’s nationally-syndicated radio show, Think Realty Radio, Abhi can be heard daily on the Wall Street Business Network by 600,000+ listeners in 42+ major markets. In addition, his live show can be heard in Atlanta every weekday during the morning drive time on Biz 1190 WAFS and in an additional twelve markets with a total reach of 70,000 listeners per show.

    Abhi’s latest passion project is NPHub, a unique opportunity to force an industry to change for betterment of its students and the future of nurse practitioner education. NPHub's first major product launch is coming up in October 2018, offering an online platform to nurse practitioner students and preceptors throughout North America to streamline the clinical rotation process.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a88a7504-f66c-11e9-9f28-974fd7bbb520/stripped_6fae7fa2deab4f49d294ba00e58817d8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8245053816.mp3 [size] => 86032927 [duration] => 3584.71 [uid] => CSN8245053816 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_30_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/a88a7504-f66c-11e9-9f28-974fd7bbb520/id3/0bacfa9e65d21a173f9a153366e6d9d4.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468042 [parentId] => [guid] => 0dbcbbb774f94497a424ecedd8cb90d8 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Abhi Golhar is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and...
  • Array ( [id] => 059eed52-f699-11e9-9d1a-b390b8d55f2d [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:09.597-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:00:52.659-05:00 [title] => THE29: Are You Ready To Turn Crisis Into Transformation and Manifest the Life You Desire? [pubdate] => 2018-12-13T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/059eed52-f699-11e9-9d1a-b390b8d55f2d/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 29 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Betsy Pake is a master Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coach. NLP is a program designed to impact the 3 most influential components in the human experience: Neurology, communication, and programming. It’s basically understanding HOW you think!

    She is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is a certified hypnotherapist. She has her nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. Additionally, she holds a degree is a psychology from Castleton University.

    She's the author of several books and programs that help people make substantial changes in their lives and begin to live more full, happy lives. She has started, bought and sold brick & mortar, as well as online businesses, and worked with others to help them achieve their career goals.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/059eed52-f699-11e9-9d1a-b390b8d55f2d/stripped_d81b7fc741756f9f2538e013ebb4ae2f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7280365126.mp3 [size] => 82876917 [duration] => 3453.2 [uid] => CSN7280365126 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_029_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/059eed52-f699-11e9-9d1a-b390b8d55f2d/id3/fce6a84698ec21b3ca60a3fa8f7399e0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465510 [parentId] => [guid] => 630aa7f6ed264d25b68976bf555947bf [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Betsy Pake is a master Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coach. NLP...
  • Array ( [id] => 06062dbe-f699-11e9-9d1a-233ec1e0db7f [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:10.283-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:00:28.171-05:00 [title] => THE28: He Is A Professional Maestro And Brings A 30-Piece Orchestra Into Your Boardroom To Teach Leadership Skills [pubdate] => 2018-12-11T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/06062dbe-f699-11e9-9d1a-233ec1e0db7f/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 28 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Maestro Roger Nierenberg made his New York conducting debut at Avery Fisher with the Pro Arte Chorale and Orchestra. He was soon invited to conduct operas in two successive seasons at the Mostly Mozart Festival at New York’s Lincoln Center.

    Thereafter followed long, successful tenures as Music Director of both the Stamford Symphony in Connecticut and the Jacksonville Symphony in Florida. Guest conducting invitations came from the National Symphony, the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, the Detroit Symphony, the Saint Louis Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Indianapolis Symphony, the San Diego Symphony, and many other great American orchestras.

    Abroad he has recorded with the London Philharmonic and conducted at both the Prague Spring Festival and the Beijing Festival. He has collaborated with many of the most renowned solo artists and composers of our time.

    During his tenure with the Jacksonville Symphony, the seeds were planted that would lead Maestro Nierenberg to a startling departure from the conventional, through the unparalleled creation of The Music Paradigm.

    Through his experiences engaging with community businesses and civic leaders, he became curious about the challenges and opportunities faced by organizations in times of rapid change. He quickly realized how crucial issues of organizational development could be powerfully brought to life within an orchestra.

    Thus was born The Music Paradigm, which has taken Mr. Nierenberg to the podium of over ninety different orchestras, before hundreds of different organizations in twenty-three different countries. Many of the lessons learned on this journey are presented in his book Maestro: A Surprising Story About Leading by Listening which was honored in 2009 as the Best Leadership Book from 800-CEO-READ.

    Roger Nierenberg makes his home in New York City and has two children, a son who is a professional pilot and a daughter who is studying French horn.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06062dbe-f699-11e9-9d1a-233ec1e0db7f/stripped_1592170a31620b432295cae1193f6448.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6273469402.mp3 [size] => 79367314 [duration] => 3306.97 [uid] => CSN6273469402 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_028_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06062dbe-f699-11e9-9d1a-233ec1e0db7f/id3/2ada7760a17c9d34ae7c7ac9939e18aa.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467946 [parentId] => [guid] => 0cb78c01bcc3464e974c686b2793c8dd [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Maestro Roger Nierenberg made his New York conducting debut at...
  • Array ( [id] => 062dae5c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bf35f3eea3a8 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:10.550-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T14:00:19.749-05:00 [title] => THE27: She Hid Her Talent From The World As A Child ~ As An Adult, She's Winning Awards [pubdate] => 2018-12-09T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/062dae5c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bf35f3eea3a8/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 27 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Adriana Gavazzoni is a Brazilian author. She has won The Golden Book Award 2017- Readers Choice for her first novel Behind the Door, Book Excellence Award 2017 (Canada), honorable mention at Reader’s Favorite, and an honorable mention at Paris Book Festival 2017.

    Adriana is a lawyer, a former professor of law and a writer of novels and legal books, but she is also a voracious reader. She speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

    When she is not practicing law or writing, she enjoys many interests and is a very active person. She loves to dance (Tango) and workout. She loves to travel, loves good wine, and has been studying astrology for fifteen years. She paints and loves to cook. She has two poodles -Gaia and Juno -and loves all animals.

    She is an aunt of four nieces who enjoy to paint and cook alongside their aunt. She lives in Brazil and is in the process of writing her next novel.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/062dae5c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bf35f3eea3a8/stripped_a4ebcca34be8566a49f2d89c85cec65f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9275920284.mp3 [size] => 79703980 [duration] => 3321.0 [uid] => CSN9275920284 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_027_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/062dae5c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bf35f3eea3a8/id3/397eef211be2f5a37c43fd8c0d805825.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465824 [parentId] => [guid] => 32956084005c4b8687ad343f37689d2b [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Adriana Gavazzoni is a Brazilian author. She has won The...
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    We were put on this earth to achieve something wonderful. We were put here to have a beautiful chance to be whatever is waiting inside of you to emerge. Whatever your gift or true desire is, now is the time to be and live it. 

    Many of us, at our core, know that this is our truth, that we were not just put here to achieve nothing, to waste our time and die with regret. Life is a gift from above, one to not be wasted... 

    So what is holding people back? Especially from making their desires to be a successful entrepreneur, be of service to other people, and live a life of fulfillment, joy, and happiness? How can you make your desire your reality?

    Joining me today to share her thoughts is two-time international best selling author (with her newest release titled The Prison Effect), syndicated radio show host of 30 Minute Moments, and the founder of Savvy Sisterhood, Alena Chapman.

    Alena Chapman is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives.

    Alena has studied self-improvement for over 10 years. During this journey she has developed a strong understanding of why people stay stuck in lives they do not want to live. She has instructed at Right Relations Family Enrichment, teaching the same skills she shares in her new book, You Can’t Escape From A Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One.

    Through book writing, compiling her weekly email newsletters, and conducting on-line group coaching sessions, Alena joyfully pursues her passion of leading people to new lives in which they experience their highest levels of happiness, confidence, strength, and purpose.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0656436c-f699-11e9-9d1a-afbbde2fd589/stripped_3e1b30097d1cd078a6765634bba7ea2e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9817947714.mp3 [size] => 80618684 [duration] => 3359.11 [uid] => CSN9817947714 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_026_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0656436c-f699-11e9-9d1a-afbbde2fd589/id3/5bf306b8cbae8a2cc54d27770f1d4732.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467312 [parentId] => [guid] => 29ef2d2955fc484b83366920e5c6e678 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • We were put on this earth to achieve something wonderful. We were...
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    Beth Brownlee is a 13-year survivor of cancer.

    Before cancer, she was a senior-level sales and marketing professional with extensive experience in the Sporting Goods and Outdoor Recreation industries. Being diagnosed with cancer brought her to evaluate all that was important in her life! She rediscovered the world after suffering through her deepest darkest times fighting cancer.

    Her doctors here in Atlanta said she was the poster child for the harsh effects of chemotherapy; She was so sick even her fingernails fell off. At one point, she wasn’t sure she wanted to live!

    Then, she received a get-well gift in the mail inscribed with three simple words:  Trust Your Journey! That was it! Those words profoundly spoke to her and brought such comfort and peace.  Everything suddenly made sense.  She had to believe and trust this awful cancer would lead to good – someday, somehow.

    Beth fought through the treatments and returned to work to find out she no longer had a job! If cancer couldn’t take her down, she certainly wasn’t going to let corporate America kick me in the teeth!

    So, she started her own company called – Trust Your Journey. She was stunned when the Facebook page soared to 3 Million Followers just from posts that were inspiring, uplifting, encouraging others to rise above their challenges!

    She and her business partner developed products with Trust Your Journey themes and people bought them to share with others who also faced tough challenges.

    Then, she wrote the book: Trust Your Journey - 30 daily meditations for finding joy, peace and purpose in life’s challenges. No matter where the reader may be in their personal journey or how big or small their challenges are, this book will resonate with them, inspire and comfort them!

    After several years, she's decided her calling is to help people to overcome their negative self-talk and realize they can become their best selves. Becoming a Certified Life Coach led her right down that path. More recently, she's partnered with two professionally accomplished friends and Trilogy Performance Works Executive Coaching was born. Business leaders face challenges too, right?

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06856282-f699-11e9-9d1a-a7765d41545c/stripped_8d0429e4b6b052c0ea83f5e6d99305b3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3652315502.mp3 [size] => 73183190 [duration] => 3049.3 [uid] => CSN3652315502 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_025_Final_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06856282-f699-11e9-9d1a-a7765d41545c/id3/1a6f6eaf380b241f91c12b498868fbcb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468324 [parentId] => [guid] => 16ce8d79a5ba40b5b3a5525dff454c85 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Beth Brownlee is a 13-year survivor of cancer.Before cancer, she was a...
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    Donna Perillo, DC, MS, NMD, CNS, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition and a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. She has been practicing in New Jersey for over 25 years. She received her Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Bridgeport University.

    Dr. Perillo, DC is also a Fellow of The International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She is affiliated with numerous professional & civic organizations and leads seminars on various health-related issues. She has been featured in Self Magazine as one of “27 Curative Chiropractors.” She has been nationally published in the Journal of Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Contours Express, and Taste for Life. She has written an article, Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Productive Business Owners, in the book Big Bold Business Advice. She has also written and produced Arthriticise Relief from Arthritis of the Neck, Arthriticise Relief from Arthritis of the Lower Back, and Habits of Healing 21 Day program.

    Her other achievements include: team physician at Felician College, Educational Coordinator of the Red Cross’ Back Injury Prevention Program, PBA physician, instructor for The Coaches Certification Course on Injury Prevention and Treatment, and a committee member of the Bergen County Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Dr. Perillo, DC is the recipient of numerous civic awards including The County of Bergen Award for Community Service and Women of the Year by the Lodi Boys and Girls Club.

    She has successfully completed postgraduate work in numerous programs such as; Industrial Healthcare, Scoliosis Management, General Radiology, Non-Invasive Muscular Analysis, Sacro-occipital technique and Advanced Cranial and Temporomandibular Treatment. She is certified in Hospital Privileges and Protocols.

    Her purpose is to promote the physical, emotional and nutritional well-being of her patients by achieving an optimal state of health and harmony, through natural, drugless healthcare.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06acf8b0-f699-11e9-9d1a-8f370d7a9a4f/stripped_f36b184338ad3dcfb3b7bee389eaaeec.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3867755812.mp3 [size] => 78030053 [duration] => 3251.25 [uid] => CSN3867755812 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_024_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06acf8b0-f699-11e9-9d1a-8f370d7a9a4f/id3/586e244a850a1f0c63a70b6d13e4d649.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468338 [parentId] => [guid] => 1233b512d3504598844263f2ac67efc1 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Donna Perillo, DC, MS, NMD, CNS, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Diplomate...
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    Pat Obuchowski is the founder of inVisionaria, an executive, leadership and team coaching company. She is also the creator of Gutsy Women Win (GutsyWomenWin.com) which is dedicated to supporting and encouraging women leaders around the world.


    She is an author of the best selling books Gutsy Women Win: How to Get Gutsy and Get Going, Gutsy Leaders: 140 Bits of Wisdom to Build Great Teams with Vision and Compassion and Success Starts Today featuring Pat and Jack Canfield. Her vision: Through the connections you make, the support you receive and the inspiration you find in and give to others, you have the power to make your dreams a reality.

    In Gutsy Women Win, Pat describes The Bigger Game, a model for success, which helps you identify your passions for leadership and life and then empowers you to pursue them. She introduces you to the nine elements that help you define and take action in your life to achieve your goals and make a difference. 

    As Chief Empowerment Officer of inVisionaria, she guides clients in honing their leadership, interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. Invoking her “unorthodox rational optimistic” style, Pat demonstrates to individuals how to realize their own unique power and bring their deepest professional and personal vision to life.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06e0ce24-f699-11e9-9d1a-73b0e5635895/stripped_c6df98caf078dd77bcfc969ab641f76e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8025688233.mp3 [size] => 68429740 [duration] => 2851.24 [uid] => CSN8025688233 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_023_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/06e0ce24-f699-11e9-9d1a-73b0e5635895/id3/1100c4b8051c841ff56b78a27feb5393.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466582 [parentId] => [guid] => 16b19a1ab8734a8c9407df786c7c7e66 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Pat Obuchowski is the founder of inVisionaria, an executive, leadership...
  • Array ( [id] => 070ac832-f699-11e9-9d1a-93c46826953f [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:11.997-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:59:39.721-05:00 [title] => THE22: If A Recovering Perfectionist Can Ignite Her Passion, So Can You [pubdate] => 2018-11-21T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/070ac832-f699-11e9-9d1a-93c46826953f/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 22 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Rachel Karu went from being an imprisoned perfectionist to an empowered coach, speaker, and performer. She can do this for you too!

    Rachel’s first passion was to self-express through song. She followed that passion by graduating high school a semester early and becoming the youngest student to attend the renowned American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

    Rachel’s dream ended abruptly when she was rejected to the Academy’s second year program. Rachel was a full-fledged perfectionist at that time and assumed that she had failed and possessed no talent. At that point Rachel took the world more frequently traveled and:

    • Achieved her BS in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources Management
    • Became a wife and a mom of two wonderful kids
    • Became an Human resources professional
    • Earned her MS in Counseling for Business, Industry and Government

    From the outside it appeared that Rachel was “living the dream” and was a great success by most standard definitions. Yet, something was missing for Rachel. Rachel had completely disconnected from performing and she was miserable. She would attend concerts and musical theater crying as she imagined herself on stage. She was the Human Resources Manager of EMI Music Distribution representing 10 record labels, yet nobody had a clue that she sang. Rachel’s dream to perform was buried alive at the tender age of 18.

    Rachel’s perfectionism paralyzed her from pursuing her passion for singing for over 20 years until a car accident changed everything.

    This series of events led Rachel back into performing, publishing her autobiographical self-help book – Stepping Into More – Lessons from a Recovering Perfectionist, and producing her CD of songs – Stepping Into More. 

    Rachel was finally ready to Step into More and is now a self-proclaimed “Recovering Perfectionist.”

    Rachel Karu’s purpose and passion for inspiring reflection and results led her to create Stepping into More – A personal development company dedicated to supporting clients with their quest to unleash their Purpose and Passion in order to lead a Fulfilling and Empowered Life!

    Rachel primarily works with successful people who supposedly have it all and yet are feeling empty and burnt out. This is usually because they have spent many years supporting others either as a professional, spouse, parent, and /or child and have lost connection with their purpose and passion.

    Described by her clients as “a gifted coach, speaker, and facilitator who is both intuitive and pragmatic,” Rachel energizes her clients and creates an affirming environment for personal transformation.

    She achieved her Coaching Credential through the International Coaching Federation and is a Certified Strengths Coach with the Marcus Buckingham Company.

    Clients include: Facebook, Intel, Cisco, EMC, Raytheon, United States Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Allergan, Philips, Braille Institute, Mattel, Viacom, and Disney/ABC Media.

    Rachel is happily married and has two amazing children who continue to be her best teachers on a daily basis.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/070ac832-f699-11e9-9d1a-93c46826953f/stripped_3e4275c3110e9cbde435323e9a7b7557.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5525803838.mp3 [size] => 80366654 [duration] => 3348.61 [uid] => CSN5525803838 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_022_FInal_MIx_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/070ac832-f699-11e9-9d1a-93c46826953f/id3/e81f6841ee65e3523765bb5d39c08a47.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 470196 [parentId] => [guid] => b47f18a4deea465f97f3da166a73a825 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Rachel Karu went from being an imprisoned perfectionist to an...
  • Array ( [id] => 0763164a-f699-11e9-9d1a-6bc9f0c38c23 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:12.577-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:59:30.665-05:00 [title] => THE21: Listen to The Blind Blogger and Never Make Another Excuse [pubdate] => 2018-11-14T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0763164a-f699-11e9-9d1a-6bc9f0c38c23/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 21 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Born into a family of carnival owners in Texas, USA, Maxwell Ivey lost his sight at age 12. Having a natural gusto for life, Max graduated college and became heavily involved in the Eagle Scouts. He also worked in the family business alongside brothers until his father succumbed to lung cancer.

    Faced with his own mortality, Max made some life-altering changes. He underwent gastric surgery and lost over 250 pounds. He started his own business, buying and selling amusement rides, and learned how to blog using software for visually-impaired people. Overcoming many obstacles, Max made a name for himself online and now shares his experiences on The Blind Blogger.

    Max’s favorite things entail teaching and helping others achieve their goals and so he began another business: personal coaching.

    With the companionship of his crazy Dalmation-mix, Penny, Max now spends his days singing, reading, blogging, writing, creating videos, and coaching. He’d like to travel the world one day and meet in person his many online friends and clients . . . and a special lady to share his life with, but Penny might have something to say about that!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0763164a-f699-11e9-9d1a-6bc9f0c38c23/stripped_2b79f6695847ea4d5605cd11e0fb6368.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4244395628.mp3 [size] => 86599053 [duration] => 3608.29 [uid] => CSN4244395628 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_021_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0763164a-f699-11e9-9d1a-6bc9f0c38c23/id3/94c6cc62e2ac6202c48252b8328aa6d3.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466216 [parentId] => [guid] => 7c96ea581377455483fe51f2d1f0954d [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Born into a family of carnival owners in Texas, USA,...
  • Array ( [id] => 079b9056-f699-11e9-9d1a-07951eaf0085 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:12.944-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:59:23.090-05:00 [title] => THE20: The Power of Becoming Likable Through Communication and Trust [pubdate] => 2018-11-07T06:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/079b9056-f699-11e9-9d1a-07951eaf0085/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 20 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Where do I begin with today's show... how about in 2013... I've been lucky enough, blessed really, to be connected with our guest today for over 5 years. He was incredibly gracious and generous to keynote my live event 3 years in a row.

    He is 1 of 20 "Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss" according to Forbes. A "Web Marketing Guru" says the New York Times. Marcus has also been featured in Inc., The Globe and Mail, Forbes, and more.

    A highly sought-after international speaker, Marcus is known for his unique ability to excite, engage and motivate audiences. Event professionals and attendees around the world have experienced his high-energy style and interactive presentation approach. Marcus’ ability to clearly and concisely deliver his message ensures that audiences can quickly absorb his teaching and immediately begin to apply it in their businesses.

    The universal applicability of his message means that diverse audiences can receive tremendous benefit from attending his talks. Within his speaking company, Marcus Sheridan International, Inc.,

    Marcus gives over 70 global keynotes annually where he inspires audiences in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, and communication. Keynote topics include: The Digital Consumer; We're All Media Companies; The Future of Sales and Marketing; The Business of Trust; Letting Go of "The Way It Has Always Been Done."

    Mashable rated his book, "They Ask, You Answer," the "#1 Marketing Book" to read in 2017. Forbes listed it as one of "11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read." Read more about it, or better yet, purchase the book and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about!

    As founder and president of The Sales Lion, which recently merged with IMPACT in 2018, Sheridan has established one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country.

    For years, I've analyzed his every move, I’ve quietly observed him as mentor, and I call him a friend. You will quickly agree and see what I mean... Welcome Marcus Sheridan.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/079b9056-f699-11e9-9d1a-07951eaf0085/stripped_d6902f7ec874315289a13c9853abe5f9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3844270498.mp3 [size] => 80043154 [duration] => 3335.13 [uid] => CSN3844270498 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_020_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/079b9056-f699-11e9-9d1a-07951eaf0085/id3/93957b71fccbf5d054ce20d927d8b729.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468004 [parentId] => [guid] => 21be81faf9064dd9a81ea82e6e83cb7a [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Where do I begin with today's show... how about in...
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    Dr. Robert N. Lussier has been the Publish Don’t Perish expert for more than 20 years based on his bestselling books and being a prolific author of 444+ publicationsincluding ET&P, JSBM, FBR, JSBED, JME, JSBS, and several other journals.

    Over one million people globally have used his 12 publication, entrepreneur, business leadership and team building books, earning him an unsurpassed national and international reputation as an author and keynote speaker.

    He has helped hundreds of institutions and individuals in over 75 countries get published. Presentation highlights include numerous universities, professional associations and conferences including USASBE, NAMS, NEBAA, EAM and SBI (awarded highest honor of Small Business Institute® Fellow).

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/07ce70de-f699-11e9-9d1a-1364e02f15ec/stripped_aa9a329d6dc2f4159ea117471b6476ba.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4013029615.mp3 [size] => 81149074 [duration] => 3381.21 [uid] => CSN4013029615 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_019_Final_mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/07ce70de-f699-11e9-9d1a-1364e02f15ec/id3/2a8b4619b3e9aa30e8b18ab6dcb9d824.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465484 [parentId] => [guid] => 131a20c41b1d46b89e63ce2ea0272713 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Dr. Robert N. Lussier has been the Publish Don’t Perish expert for...
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    Do you consider yourself a leader? How about an effective leader? Whether you are running your own show as an entrepreneur, or working with your family to create a positive and productive environment, you need to lead.

    Eric Reid has created his own Success Coaching System and works with clients all across the land to help them lead better and be better. He’s also a leadership development coach with The John Maxwell Team.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/07fc0c60-f699-11e9-9d1a-3f0445095019/stripped_69938df8e394f29b54d40f2fc0034fa9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3188102872.mp3 [size] => 70421524 [duration] => 2934.23 [uid] => CSN3188102872 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_018_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/07fc0c60-f699-11e9-9d1a-3f0445095019/id3/c2bfffca7942e184495503dd5413e01a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464736 [parentId] => [guid] => f5dde49dea5549bc8816f169551786d2 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Do you consider yourself a leader? How about an effective leader?...
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    Just out of college, Laurie didn’t waste any time starting her career. Her first job was working as a production assistant at Paramount Pictures. It was at Paramount that she got her first agent, which led to her first role in the Elvis Presley movie, “Tickle Me.”

    It was her love of acting and the skills it required that led her to the business world. Laurie Burton Training was born, and as a result she has received international recognition as one of the innovators in redefining the way people present themselves, blending the art of expressive communication with business.

    We all love to “use” the words communication skills and support them with words like authentic, empowered, and genuine, but do we live them? I have used them myself. We do a lot of selling with these words, but we tend to overlook are the actual skills that one must possess to be a great communicator.

    Do you know how you’re perceived? What kind of energy do you project? Can you change it in an instant? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Don’t laugh, it’s at the core of a solid communicator. When you speak are the meaning of the words expressed in your face and body? The ultimate challenge for any great communicator is how to cause people to feel something, to have an experience. A confident, inspired and creative communicator will find success rooted in their ability to express their life force, conveying thoughts, feelings and emotions so that others are moved by them.

    She has worked extensively with thousands of individuals in her seminars and with dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Mattel Toys, Merrill Lynch, ITT, Bank of America and, most recently, Twentieth Century Fox. She has helped people at all levels break through corporate communication barriers to establish a fresh and revolutionary way to train people. Her breakthrough techniques teach the art of expressive communication in an enjoyable and accessible way.

    Laurie was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts from 1985-2008, where she taught filmmakers and directors in both graduate and undergraduate programs how to work with actors and to develop their communication skills to improve their directing and acting abilities in film and television.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/082c69be-f699-11e9-9d1a-c397209c9ca6/stripped_251453e30f0d29687ad3fbfb1edf1ea0.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2357068218.mp3 [size] => 77788055 [duration] => 3241.17 [uid] => CSN2357068218 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Ep_017_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/082c69be-f699-11e9-9d1a-c397209c9ca6/id3/b1916aba1536fdb2d29eadffdf6164a9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468488 [parentId] => [guid] => 5a3bae90a31343a7a55236c39e10f97a [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Just out of college, Laurie didn’t waste any time starting...
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    Christopher Stafford is one of the top producing real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay area. He is a 25+ year listing broker with an approximate $2,000,000 average sales price, an author of two books, “Massive Abundance, How to Create Passion, Purpose and Prosperity in Your Life” and “Creating Your Unstoppable Dream Business”

    Christopher is a speaker, motivator, recovering C.P.A with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and a self-proclaimed "slightly warped"raconteur.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08614922-f699-11e9-9d1a-2b8bd9e2165d/stripped_7b5c3fdd64f25d66fbd566c4d15261e8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5296891839.mp3 [size] => 71710511 [duration] => 2987.94 [uid] => CSN5296891839 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Ep_016_FInal_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08614922-f699-11e9-9d1a-2b8bd9e2165d/id3/cf43b69a145db8b065ff37353d23094e.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 464866 [parentId] => [guid] => cc3bf4abb0a04be7ae70580bc9c030bd [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Christopher Stafford is one of the top producing real estate...
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    Stephanie Staidle is a licensed art therapist and business coach who helps individuals and companies bring their visions alive into the world through businesses they love that make a difference. Her mission is to transform the world of business from one that relies solely on logic, language, and numbers to one that values creativity, risk-taking, play and innovation.

    The Right Brain Entrepreneur is the result of the frustration with a society that encourages ‘playing it safe’ with all work and no play, suppressing our fullest, innate potential for success. Most of the education system does not set up the foundation for world changing entrepreneurs and happy companies.

    With an extensive background in psychology (BA from Georgetown University) and the arts (SNSImages), Stephanie has over eight years experience as a counselor, art therapist and personal development coach. She is a licensed creative art therapist in the state of New York (LCAT), and nationally board certified (ATR-BC). Prior to receiving her Masters in Art Therapy at New York University, she spent many years working for large corporations doing marketing and advertising for clients such as American Express and Clear Channel.

    Stephanie was one of six coaches selected for the Leadership Corps of PRO U, a premiere business and entrepreneurial education community. As a part of this department, she offered mindset training and leadership mentorship to budding entrepreneurs in the PRO community.

    Now, as the founder of The Right Brain Entrepreneur, she provides on-site workshops and coaching to business professionals worldwide, educating them on the science behind achieving results in business by using ‘right brain thinking’, offering outside-the-box solutions to improve team building, problem-solving, and employee satisfaction.

    Stephanie has worked with educators, Google executives, lawyers and non-profits. She led the creation of the largest Vision Board on record at TedxFidiWomen 2013 in San Francisco. She led a sold out workshop, ‘Finding Your Why’ at SXSW 2014 in Austin, TX as well as JUMP START for Startups as 2015 SXSW V2V and was featured as an expert on NBC and EVOX Television Networks.

    As an international speaker, Stephanie has spoken for large organizations such as Morgan Stanley, Volunteer Match and the American Business Women’s Association.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08952486-f699-11e9-9d1a-07b83b704934/stripped_80ab81da93d6f22518ba427cbcb4ce96.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1864867844.mp3 [size] => 75784359 [duration] => 3157.68 [uid] => CSN1864867844 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_15_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08952486-f699-11e9-9d1a-07b83b704934/id3/113a267318831a089b200966f25dc06d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 468698 [parentId] => [guid] => 161f73c7b23a4cceb1816157ee83378e [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Stephanie Staidle is a licensed art therapist and business coach...
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    Lorraine Reguly was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. By age 4, Lorraine was reading, and by age 6, writing in cursive.

    She has always had a high IQ, and graduated Grade 8 as valedictorian. High school, however, was more challenging for Lorraine, as she was raped at the age of 14.

    She was still a virgin at the time, and was completely devastated. She used drugs as a coping mechanism, quit school, and became promiscuous.

    After becoming a single mother at age 18, she went back to school and graduated with honors, winning several scholarships and awards.

    While Lorraine completed her high school credits, she also sought counselling, finally telling someone about what had happened to her. She became a certified high school Mathematics and English teacher in 1999, and taught for several years. In 2005, she was in an accident in which she nearly lost her right leg.

    Throughout her life, Lorraine has had her share of problems. She has done drugs, earned money through prostitution, suffered discrimination as a result of being the single mom of a half-Spanish son, and has had suicidal thoughts for years. She attempted suicide once, and has been the victim of depression, too.

    A major turning point in her life occurred when Lorraine’s appendix burst and she nearly died. She re-connected with her son and began blogging a few months later, in January 2013. She then began a freelance writing and editing business and started to take her writing seriously.

    Lorraine won the only short story contest she ever entered and became a contributor to a memoir anthology. She is also a contributing author to a short story anthology. In 2014, Lorraine self-published her first book of short stories, Risky Issues, and has plans for many more books, including an autobiographical memoir and a collection of letters she wrote to her son.

    She also plans to write and publish different works of fiction, including a suspense novel and an erotica novella series.

    Lorraine blogs at Wording Well (which offers writing, freelancing, and blogging tips) and Laying It Out There (where she shares personal stories on True Tales Tuesdays and features book reviews, author interviews, and other things – such as information related to self-publishing – on Featured Fridays). Lorraine also writes poetry, which she shares on Poetry Perfected.

    Lorraine loves reading murder mysteries, playing cards, spending time with her family, and shooting billiards. She likes cats – even though she’s allergic to them – and dislikes snow and cold weather. One day, she hopes to live near a beach so she can go swimming every day when she’s not relaxing in a hammock!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08c652a4-f699-11e9-9d1a-e7f5c8143359/stripped_6a9244326d44d490ee8fa3349b8315db.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1578408340.mp3 [size] => 83590373 [duration] => 3482.93 [uid] => CSN1578408340 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Hidden_Entrepreneur_Show_014_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08c652a4-f699-11e9-9d1a-e7f5c8143359/id3/4295a0d6d8fc3b62e7d9243aa4965e14.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 469362 [parentId] => [guid] => 6d56c8b946b44fbc99e2874ccbc5a0be [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Lorraine Reguly was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario,...
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    If you had a very secure and cushion-y job, would a change in company values be enough get you to leave that behind and look elsewhere?

    That’s the question our guest had to ask of himself when he was in his early 20s. He’s only 27 years old today but do not let the age fool you.

    You’ll quickly see why I call him the ‘Smartest guy in the Room.’ Yes, he’s got the credentials to back that up, but even more so, he’s smart because he knows who he is, where he’s heading, and what drives him.

    He’s got so much figured out that clients twice his age work with him to help them redirect their goals and determine what’s important to them.

    I could listen to our guest all day. Enjoy my dialogue with Ross Wehner.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08feb14e-f699-11e9-9d1a-1372abea9eda/stripped_13f9d23721159b85f5b3021e3a7e99c1.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9847033801.mp3 [size] => 84115121 [duration] => 3504.8 [uid] => CSN9847033801 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_013_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/08feb14e-f699-11e9-9d1a-1372abea9eda/id3/a0be80091203d1e57a8bf01dd41cbfce.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465410 [parentId] => [guid] => 5755ac93f39b4b4893332d6f461e1597 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • If you had a very secure and cushion-y job, would...
  • Array ( [id] => 092d2862-f699-11e9-9d1a-ab412bf17ffc [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:15.569-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:58:02.852-05:00 [title] => THE12: Remove the Layers of Guilt and Shame to Live Your Best Life [pubdate] => 2018-09-12T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/092d2862-f699-11e9-9d1a-ab412bf17ffc/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 12 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    My guest is my new hero. Seriously. Here’s why. We’ve all been through a variety of struggles and adversity throughout childhood and our teenage years.

    When things happen, it’s common as a child or young adult to keep it to themselves. It’s often difficult to process or make sense of why things are happening to you the way they are. And so you begin to think it’s your fault or you must have done something wrong to provoke or cause atrocious behavior. Those were the thoughts of our guest today.

    Meet Charlene Feathers. Today, Charlene is a brilliant and successful coach, speaker and author who helps so many find the peace and success they are seeking.

    She’s my hero because, as you’ll hear from her story, she spent years covering up and feeling guilt and shame for the tremendous abuse she endured in her life.

    This was everything from physical abuse multiple times at a young age, living in foster care and not understanding why, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

    Charlene was able to finally peel off the layers of guilt and shame to become the very person she was all along.

    It’s a story you don’t want to miss. And one that you’ll agree couldn’t have a completely different ending. Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/092d2862-f699-11e9-9d1a-ab412bf17ffc/stripped_c52f00d5a2ef3f7a35ea518c63c84320.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3697067458.mp3 [size] => 71402684 [duration] => 2975.11 [uid] => CSN3697067458 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_012_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/092d2862-f699-11e9-9d1a-ab412bf17ffc/id3/da44c9b6d60c40623837739e833692b6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466538 [parentId] => [guid] => 7408af391ad7436aa0179ef8a75aad8e [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • My guest is my new hero. Seriously. Here’s why. We’ve all...
  • Array ( [id] => 0958909c-f699-11e9-9d1a-f71ff9dbba69 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:15.857-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:57:43.401-05:00 [title] => THE11: You Can Use These Same Traits That All Leaders Have To Improve Your Life [pubdate] => 2018-09-05T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0958909c-f699-11e9-9d1a-f71ff9dbba69/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 11 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    When you hear the word leader, what comes to mind? Perhaps the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the General of a big army?

    That used to be my visual until I realized every one of us are leaders in a variety of ways throughout our day to day lives.

    You are the leader of your household, for example. Meaning you are the one responsible for making sure all the tasks get done. You, as leader, need to determine WHAT needs to get accomplished, everything from laundry, bills, dinner, shopping, clothing for the kids, toys for the kids, driving to and from their activities, and a hundred other things that fall in your lap as the leader of your world.

    Leadership is a skill that can (and should) be learned by you, no matter where you apply it your life.

    My guest today is a smart man. It’s Ron Carucci. He and his company is your first phone call when you’re a CEO and senior executive of a big corporation and things aren’t going as planned.

    It’s no secret that not all “leadership” is created equal. Ron and his consulting firm led a ten-year study which included over 2700 leadership interviews to help fully understand the big and small pictures.

    This study revealed the consistent display of mastery across four highly-correlated dimensions, that he details in our talk. It’s fascinating. And it’s something that anyone can implement at any point in their careers.

    In fact, I also ask him directly if this type of leadership can be applied to my role as a father, parenting my two amazing children.

    Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and appears in many different places in our lives, in and out of the office.

    Ron’s personal life, like most everyone’s, isn’t without early heartache and loss, but the way he got himself through it over the years is inspiring.

    I’m sure you’ll hang on Ron’s every word like I did. Here we go…

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0958909c-f699-11e9-9d1a-f71ff9dbba69/stripped_6a53fa6667e5f3bc3d9ab6a24c71f065.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6896384152.mp3 [size] => 67671771 [duration] => 2819.66 [uid] => CSN6896384152 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_011_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0958909c-f699-11e9-9d1a-f71ff9dbba69/id3/0ba5ad9e01195e5275151d49b5fc64f6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467756 [parentId] => [guid] => a1389d8d70c14efaac503aa6a524fef7 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • When you hear the word leader, what comes to mind? Perhaps...
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    Self Discipline… We all want an ideal life for ourselves… so how do we actually get that? How do we make that happen?

    You ask anyone want they want, and they are going to paint this beautiful grand vision for themselves. But too often we never come close to that reality.

    And honestly, as the saying goes from Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”

    So where do we fall short with those extraordinary dreams we have for ourselves. Well, as you know, to achieve anything, it takes action, right? You can make progress by simply thinking about something or visualizing your path.

    While that’s an important step in the process, it’s only part of the process. The other big piece of the puzzle is action.

    Without consistent action, nothing gets accomplished… And nobody likes to do something they don’t like to do… Sometimes you do something because you HAVE to, and sometimes you do something because you LIKE to.

    I think that’s really where self discipline comes into the mix. Do I like to get up at 6am every day and work out… Not usually… but on the other hand, I’m excited to do it because of the OUTCOME that provides me.

    Focus on the reason behind your actions… focus on the OUTCOME it will provide.

    I know this dialogue with Anmol Singh will help. Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/098614fe-f699-11e9-9d1a-7f70dcc63dcf/stripped_d55f1154d3601f5ca8ac040f5010a540.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3507149978.mp3 [size] => 71404564 [duration] => 2975.19 [uid] => CSN3507149978 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_010_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/098614fe-f699-11e9-9d1a-7f70dcc63dcf/id3/6d2aa6620cc2492cdf1d3425f312c86b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466604 [parentId] => [guid] => ad3db73158de41ff98c53810b4bd8c43 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Self Discipline… We all want an ideal life for ourselves…...
  • Array ( [id] => 09d1f43c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bbc52a683165 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:16.650-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:57:21.274-05:00 [title] => THE09: Bringing Fun and Play into Your Success [pubdate] => 2018-08-22T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/09d1f43c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bbc52a683165/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 9 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    How much is FUN a part of your day to day business? How much is FUN a part of your day to day life? Perhaps more to the point, how important is PLAY, EXPLORATION and BONDING to everything you do?

    My guest found the sweet spot between creating a business that supports him financially with a business that is not only fun and exciting for him, but one that literally adds that dimension to corporations.

    Meet Dr. Clue, aka Dave Blum, who creates puzzle-based treasure hunts in and around cities all across the land for corporations to use as their team building events and outings for their employees.

    So much good comes out of that for all involved. But what’s even more fascinating is that Dave was able to merge all of his passions, skills and abilities into this career when, at 32 years old, he was at a job working under a CEO with a “volcanic temper” all the while making $11.75 an hour.

    He’s certainly a case study for following your bliss and making a desired change at any time in your life.

    Let’s listen in to the Treasure Hunt Master himself… Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/09d1f43c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bbc52a683165/stripped_706e2a874021a54a87ac30768a3fbeac.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6581389031.mp3 [size] => 78183026 [duration] => 3257.63 [uid] => CSN6581389031 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/jcary_Episode_009_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/09d1f43c-f699-11e9-9d1a-bbc52a683165/id3/a7401cce69508ca5561631b20b4f2541.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466062 [parentId] => [guid] => 1cd669113fba4ee3ae34e651ba5515cd [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How much is FUN a part of your day to...
  • Array ( [id] => 09fa6d90-f699-11e9-9d1a-d3464281398a [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:16.910-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:57:12.165-05:00 [title] => THE08: Sully Plane Crash Survivor on Appreciation of Life [pubdate] => 2018-08-15T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/09fa6d90-f699-11e9-9d1a-d3464281398a/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 8 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Probably to no surprise, this episode is profound in many ways and personally helped me approach the smaller moments in my day to day life in a different way.

    What do I mean? Our guest is Dave Sanderson. Dave was one of 155 passengers and crew to all survive “The Miracle on the Hudson”, United Flight 1549 as it crashed into the Hudson River back in 2009. As you know, the details of the extraordinary event were made into the Hollywood movie, Sully.

    Our guest became the last passenger off of the plane and from take off to crash landing was only 6 minutes. Dave details what he was going through mentally and emotionally 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds prior to hitting the water, literally seeing his life flash before his eyes, having to accept the worst case scenario.

    This conversation allowed me to consider what I would do, in any tragic circumstance, if I knew my life was coming to an end in the next few minutes.

    Would I be comfortable with my life choices? Would I be comfortable with how all relationships are left? Would I be comfortable with the person I have been?

    Asking myself these questions has allowed me to deliberately and consciously live in the present in every small moment.

    You know life is precious. Tragedy occurs at any time and often without warning. Life can change in a split second. It did that day for Dave. He’s been given a second chance.

    Ask yourself those difficult questions about your own actions, your own choices, and your own relationships. If tragedy struck and it all was coming to an in the next few minutes, could you right now make peace with that? It’s never too late to change old habits or patterns that no longer serve you.

    I hope this discussion with Dave helps you make the better choices like it did for me. Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/09fa6d90-f699-11e9-9d1a-d3464281398a/stripped_3cfbdf0421b26fd9a22afdc334597980.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7112801115.mp3 [size] => 87209691 [duration] => 3633.74 [uid] => CSN7112801115 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_008_Final_Mix_mixdown3.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/09fa6d90-f699-11e9-9d1a-d3464281398a/id3/0e75c4dfd7b05ec6141f8d706375819f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 467550 [parentId] => [guid] => 39846ed7c0f74b32bc98b2e022b2c41a [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Probably to no surprise, this episode is profound in many...
  • Array ( [id] => 0a24e458-f699-11e9-9d1a-fb2a8fcf1f92 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:17.195-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:57:04.743-05:00 [title] => THE07: PRIMILITY. The Results of Properly Inserting Pride and Humility into All You Do [pubdate] => 2018-08-08T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0a24e458-f699-11e9-9d1a-fb2a8fcf1f92/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 7 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Our Guest is Jerod Morris.  

    I could easily title this episode "Two Dads Talking" because as it turned out, my guest is also a fairly new father. He has a two year old daughter. And while we compare some notes about the trials and tribulations of fatherhood, we go deeper in one specific direction that still completely impresses me.

    Our guest is Jerod Morris and over ten years ago he coined the word PRIMILITY. As he details in our chat, primility is a combination of the words PRIDE and HUMILITY.

    The more we get into the basis of primility, the more you realize how deep those two words connect with everything we do and permeate so much of our daily existence.

    I’ve know Jerod for almost 5 years now, had the absolute pleasure of having him speak in person at one of my live events and you’ll quickly see that Jerod is one of the most down to earth, likable people you’ll ever come across.

    I’ve already listened to this episode multiple times and am sure you’re going to enjoy "Two Dads Talking"... here we go.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0a24e458-f699-11e9-9d1a-fb2a8fcf1f92/stripped_28b0ffed8193c1ef440356b46f608d57.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5757772482.mp3 [size] => 86731964 [duration] => 3613.83 [uid] => CSN5757772482 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_007_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0a24e458-f699-11e9-9d1a-fb2a8fcf1f92/id3/5efd48993f14d5ecd6b8622acf3f2ebc.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466038 [parentId] => [guid] => daa6dd55245e4d7ab682e071b178327a [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Our Guest is Jerod Morris.  I could easily title this episode...
  • Array ( [id] => 0a6551f0-f699-11e9-9d1a-3b4dc9ad7731 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:17.618-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:56:54.858-05:00 [title] => THE06: Learn How To Be Calm and Remove Anxiety From Your World [pubdate] => 2018-08-01T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0a6551f0-f699-11e9-9d1a-3b4dc9ad7731/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 6 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    This episode with guest Nicola Taggart is impactful for one main reason; it’s about learning how to be calm. And this is something I’ve struggled with for so much of my life.

    Being calm is simply about being intentional with the energy you bring into the world and into your experience. Another way of saying that is to consider your reaction (or response) to things.

    Your reaction is simply based on your interpretation of things or an event around you. Or, the meaning you give to a situation or thing around you.

    How you interpret that thing ~ the meaning you give it ~ will absolutely dictate how you respond, how you react, and what energy you then put out into the world.

    All that can quickly have you feeling out of control and full of anxiety. Certainly that was the case for me for quite a long time.

    Personally, I was able to make small, consistent adjustments to my thought pattern, my well being, my eating and sleeping habits, I’ve begun meditating which has been game changing… until slowly but surely my anxiety reduces to a level that I am in full control of.

    I call my guest today “the Queen of Calm” not only because she is the creator of the Calm the Chaos Journal, but because she has mastered the ways you can calm the chaos of your internal world and your external world.

    I hope this episode has as much positively calming impact on your day to day life as it’s had on mine. Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0a6551f0-f699-11e9-9d1a-3b4dc9ad7731/stripped_5d3bab22b1b9b2b955c09f3b1c13bf9a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9115844743.mp3 [size] => 73202625 [duration] => 3050.11 [uid] => CSN9115844743 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_006_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0a6551f0-f699-11e9-9d1a-3b4dc9ad7731/id3/2d20c4841d6765e3e4ff8b390a155f9a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466804 [parentId] => [guid] => 767f7a5ff27b4f19b48123ac81d11473 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • This episode with guest Nicola Taggart is impactful for one...
  • Array ( [id] => 0ad11354-f699-11e9-9d1a-eb450a79f155 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:18.318-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:56:45.223-05:00 [title] => THE05: How An Attitude of Giving Leads to Your Success [pubdate] => 2018-07-25T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0ad11354-f699-11e9-9d1a-eb450a79f155/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 5 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    I’ve known and have been connected online with Bob Burg for a handful of years now. Anyone who follows him, or personally knows him, quickly feels a sense of connection.

    What’s most impressive about Bob is not his list of extraordinary accomplishments (that includes over three quarters of a million copies sold of his classic and iconic book The Go-Giver), but rather it’s how down to Earth and simply relatable he is.

    His teachings and methods for living a wildly successful life through a business you adore are shockingly simple.

    For example, The Go Giver book is broken down into the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and The First Law, The Law of Value, simply says "your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment."

    As you’ll hear through our dialogue, you immediately feel a sense of warmth and a genuine desire to be present and helpful with whoever is in his presence.

    Bob was recently inducted into the National Speaker Association Hall of Fame (after 30 years as a professional speaker, and still going strong) and I am honored to welcome him to our show.

    I know you’ll enjoy every minute with Bob Burg. Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0ad11354-f699-11e9-9d1a-eb450a79f155/stripped_63f205447aae8711ab1ed6d335d433d7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4464166142.mp3 [size] => 63693218 [duration] => 2653.88 [uid] => CSN4464166142 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_005_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0ad11354-f699-11e9-9d1a-eb450a79f155/id3/4634ae7825a0559d4145b7475c68b0af.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466300 [parentId] => [guid] => ea5c665fb46e49ada2b91693a42695e2 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • I’ve known and have been connected online with Bob Burg...
  • Array ( [id] => 0afb727a-f699-11e9-9d1a-7b997aadce95 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:18.603-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:56:36.084-05:00 [title] => THE04: Serve Those Directly in Front of You by Following Your Heart [pubdate] => 2018-07-18T06:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0afb727a-f699-11e9-9d1a-7b997aadce95/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 4 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Nicholas Beyerle is the founder of The Billion Dollar Body, a lifestyle brand for high performing men to achieve health and wealth. But please don’t be fooled. Most everything we discuss is fully applicable to the women in our audience too. I promise you that.

    There is so much fascination with Nicholas, his brand and his story (least of which is that he’s only 26 years old and has already accomplished amazing things…)

    But one of the most eye opening parts of our discussion is when I asked him to define in his own words what exactly is a billion dollar body.

    What I loved is that it’s not so much about six pack abs and chiseled arms, but rather, as with most things on this journey it’s about your mindset, your outlook on things.

    In other words, if you today, right now, begin to TREAT your body as if it’s worth a billion dollars (and really, how could you put a price tag on it’s value) you will inadvertently and quite deliberately TREAT it that way in every regard.

    Think about it. You will consider more intentionally what you put into your body, how you fuel your body, how you rest your body. Right?

    That alone was so impactful for me to begin embracing. It’s nothing more than a shift in how you view and care for your body.

    And this my friends is only minute one of our dialogue. Believe me when I say Nicholas is genuine, accomplished, and has a story that will give you the chills. Here we go…

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0afb727a-f699-11e9-9d1a-7b997aadce95/stripped_f4253a1eeb5a344c8cdd119af9887a8c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8141606447.mp3 [size] => 94600672 [duration] => 3941.69 [uid] => CSN8141606447 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/Jcary_Episode_004_Final_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0afb727a-f699-11e9-9d1a-7b997aadce95/id3/ea19f6ad54fb5c98d1633ac2f82b04fa.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466816 [parentId] => [guid] => 207c37408bce4d4ea926ca903d1801cc [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Nicholas Beyerle is the founder of The Billion Dollar Body,...
  • Array ( [id] => 0b2d99f8-f699-11e9-9d1a-17a211cfb54d [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:18.926-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:56:27.251-05:00 [title] => THE03: Taking The Chance to Do More, Give More, and Be More [pubdate] => 2018-07-09T09:17:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0b2d99f8-f699-11e9-9d1a-17a211cfb54d/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 3 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    My exceptional guest today is Shelagh Cummins, who came to this show by recommendation from a friend. She said, go reach out to Shelagh, I think she’s perfect for you.

    And perfect she is. Shelagh spent 15 years in the classroom teaching and for at least 5 of those years was longing for something else. (Relatable much!?)

    While at the top of her pay scale and a deep burning desire to do more, be more and give more, she finally found a way out. Knowing she still had a family counting on her support, she set a goal and made a promise to at least match the income she was earning as a teacher through whatever her next career path would look like.

    It certainly has not been an easy success story right out of the gate, but through plenty of self-reflection, self-awareness, and the desire to continue to teach, Shelagh is in every way living her dream today.

    She truly has so much good, so much wisdom, and so much insight to share, I am already in love with this episode. I’m sure you will be too. Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0b2d99f8-f699-11e9-9d1a-17a211cfb54d/stripped_bfef4bd2d5cd0d5fbef37a9fbe52c1df.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4655578963.mp3 [size] => 79070772 [duration] => 3294.62 [uid] => CSN4655578963 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_003_Final_2_Mix_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0b2d99f8-f699-11e9-9d1a-17a211cfb54d/id3/c93eb623a94be9dbd481c56575234082.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465968 [parentId] => [guid] => 355c582c77e5495c91be73706d5d3a49 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • My exceptional guest today is Shelagh Cummins, who came to...
  • Array ( [id] => 0b5c220a-f699-11e9-9d1a-a799c909dfaf [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:19.241-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:56:17.698-05:00 [title] => THE02: You Have Full Control Over Your Life, No Matter Your Upbringing [pubdate] => 2018-07-09T08:47:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0b5c220a-f699-11e9-9d1a-a799c909dfaf/image/podcast-cover-art-official-1800.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 2 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    My guest today is Calvin Wayman. He is one of those guys that you feel like you just want to hang out with. You're not sure why but whether you find him online via social media, his website, his incredible YouTube channel, his book… you immediately feel a connection to this normal regular guy.

    And that’s what’s so refreshing about Calvin. He is normal and he is regular (by his own admission). But he’s also so wildly engaging, fascinating and successful.

    He’s arrived at his happy place from a very unconventional past. If you think that your upbringing, your family life, or your childhood is any excuse for not achieving your goals or for not finding yourself on the exact path you deep down inside so desperately want to be on, just wait until you hear how Calvin grew up!

    The point is always you today right now have full control of your life. You can at any moment make a different choice, no matter how big or how small to adjust the direction of your life or the outcome of any situation.

    And personally, it took me decades to believe that fact, embrace that idea, and put it into daily practice.

    I hope hearing Calvin’s story and his journey helps you to uncover more of the extraordinary that is currently living inside you. Here we go...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0b5c220a-f699-11e9-9d1a-a799c909dfaf/stripped_2f9b80dd7b1b3272ce1020cb821fc51e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3105421397.mp3 [size] => 71613335 [duration] => 2983.89 [uid] => CSN3105421397 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/JCARY_Episode_002_Final_MIx_2_mixdown.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0b5c220a-f699-11e9-9d1a-a799c909dfaf/id3/4c8b3419464f2f1d658e9d18134453c5.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 466476 [parentId] => [guid] => 81610dc733d44823b77bc34d81630dd2 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • My guest today is Calvin Wayman. He is one of those...
  • Array ( [id] => 0bc2ace6-f699-11e9-9d1a-bb389f59bb86 [createdAt] => 2019-10-24T15:01:19.906-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-25T13:56:07.850-05:00 [title] => THE01: How Taking Accountability for Your Past Creates Your Best Future [pubdate] => 2018-07-03T15:01:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0bc2ace6-f699-11e9-9d1a-bb389f59bb86/image/Episode-Cover-ep01-Michael-Marcial.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => 1 [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Michael Marcial almost inadvertently discovered an interesting and life changing concept at one of the lowest points in his life.

    Having left behind the corporate consulting world early in his career, he felt he was also leaving behind his identity. The very things that became who he was and how he defined himself were no longer part of his life.

    Spiraling down into a 6-month long state of depression left him without a place to live, a failed marriage, and a one year old daughter to still parent.

    The life changing concept came to Michael once he embraced accountability and responsibility. He maturely thought that if he was the one who created all of the depressing circumstances he found himself surrounded with, then surely he can also be the one to create a magnificent and positive future.

    Amazing concept, right?

    Let’s connect the dots and listen in on my discussion with Michael Marcial...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0bc2ace6-f699-11e9-9d1a-bb389f59bb86/stripped_2b01164443eb80a693a8ab9680c78628.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2872249484.mp3 [size] => 89010259 [duration] => 3708.76 [uid] => CSN2872249484 [originalUrl] => http://traffic.libsyn.com/joshcary/THE01-Michael-Marcial-Episode.mp3?dest-id=745912 [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f [preCount] => 0 [postCount] => 0 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/97086a02-f66c-11e9-b26d-bfe7d236206f/episodes/0bc2ace6-f699-11e9-9d1a-bb389f59bb86/id3/19557c99e8e02236f54c0f3855dbb892.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 465782 [parentId] => [guid] => d8d269218bed41aa925ce4d14ebd4e45 [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Michael Marcial almost inadvertently discovered an interesting and life changing...

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Josh Cary spent 40 years in hiding. That's right! He was hiding every part of himself in every situation, showing up in personal, social, and business trying to be the person he believed others expected of him. After feeling utterly exhausted from wearing that mask, and knowing deep down he is cut out for much more in this life, Josh ripped off the mask and is now on a mission to help other business-savvy professionals 'unmask' themselves too. Hear honest stories from successful entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners who were also once in the darkest of hiding places so you may rediscover your world, connect beautifully with others, and excel in all you set out to do. Hiding Sucks. Are you ready for the new score? Fear: Zero. You: Won.

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