Organization who don’t innovate, slowly wither away and die. They become irrelevant, customers move on, and soon they are out of business or filing for bankruptcy. While creativity and innovation are desirable, there is often confusion about how to get there. In the Deliberate Creative podcast, Dr. Amy Climer talks to C-suite leaders and explains the research, demystifies the creative process, and gives practical advice and strategies to help you build an innovative team.

Through interviews with C-suite execs, thought leaders, and creative practitioners, Deliberate Creative podcast will help you learn about leading creative teams, deliberate innovation, and the creative problem solving process. Move past the myths and get real about innovation and creativity.

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Dr. Amy Climer



Dr. Amy Climer teaches teams to be creative and innovative. She is a speaker, trainer, and coach in creativity, innovation, and team development. Through her company Climer Consulting she teaches research-based practices, tools, and techniques teams can use to innovate on demand. Amy holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. She is trained or certified in Creative Problem Solving, Immunity to Change, and the FourSight Thinking System. She developed the Deliberate Creative™ Teams Scale to help teams understand how to increase their creativity. Amy is the host of The Deliberate Creative™, a podcast and blog designed to teach others how to facilitate innovation in teams. She is the designer of Climer Cards, a creativity and teambuilding tool used by thousands to deepen team conversations and generate ideas. In 2016, she won the Karl Rhonke Creativity Award from the Association for Experiential Education. Learn more about Amy and her work at

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