As part of the C-Suite Radio Network, the Socially Supportive Podcast takes you behind the scenes with host Frankie Saucier and other experts designing leading edge strategy using the best tools in the business. Discover the cutting edge strategy being deployed by large brands delivering digital and social customer care around the globe and what's working best today. Hear the latest advancements in chatbots, artificial intelligence, SMS, chat, social media and support forums directly from software executives deploying the new technology. Listen as the leading authors of social customer care, customer experience and business principles share the top takeaways from their latest books, articles and videos.

The Socially Supportive podcast airs Monday through Friday. In less than twenty minutes per day, you'll receive detailed, specific and actionable tactics and strategy you can deploy today to take your digital customer care program from good to fantastic in no time. You'll be the first to know about the latest developments. All of this delivered straight to your headphones via the Socially Supportive podcast, part of the C-Suite Radio Network.

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Frankie Saucier



Frankie Saucier here, founder and host of Socially Supportive, where I take you behind the scenes with top executives running leading edge social media customer care strategy five days a week!

Socially Supportive was created for YOU. Delivering fantastic customer service in the digital space for large brands can feel lonely. You might be the only person in your company leading social customer care. If there are more, you're likely still the minority. People wonder what you do all day, why you have agents "playing on social media" rather than taking phone calls. And you're so busy, you're lucky to talk to someone outside your company once a year at a conference. Also, there are so many facets to customer support online, and those facets change and evolve almost daily sometimes.

I believe that sharing ideas is critical to achieving and maintaining scalable success in social care. You need a resource where you can get real answers from industry leaders so you can confidently and accurately answer questions from your leaders. And you need answers today before things change tomorrow, without spending hours digging for the information or re-inventing the wheel.

And that's what Socially Supportive is here to bring you - the leading tips, tricks and technology from the experts making it happen every day. So, welcome to the Social Pack. You'll feel right at home and get the help you need!

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