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Profits with Purpose

Marc Freedman is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Evolved Profits. He is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and best-selling author who loves helping companies help people. He and his team have 40+ years of experience helping businesses free up cash so that it can be reinvested into helping employees, growing the business, and creating Social Impact. Profits With Purpose is hosted by Marc as well as Yanik Silver, author of Evolved Enterprise. In the show Marc and Yanik will speak with the decision makers at medium to large sized companies and explore their experiences in growing their company, what lessons they’ve learned that others could gain from, where their company has/could reduce expenses, as well as explore what corporate social responsibility initiatives they are involved in (or other types of societally positive initiatives). In this way the show will illuminate for other business minded people the ways that they can grow their business, reduce their expenses, and improve the way their company gives back to society. In that way the show will help businesses improve their Profits With Purpose.